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literally only here to rb posts about current obsessions, films, soft indie music & existential horror podcasts & also mcr & homestuck & retro games & shit i should've left behind when i stopped being 14 but here we are, in 2021, blogging about a dead fucking webcomic & whatnot, like a fool.

anyway, send me music recommendations or ur current fave show or cartoon or anime or something!

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2021-04-22 01:37:32

    ^ From a therapist-friend, in case any in-therapy-friends ever worry about this. 


    And this is because it would be really shit of them to open up your entire brain into hysterical Upset and then boot you out without helping you find equilibrium, but there is probably someone right after you. Just to fully articulate.


    Yeah exactly. When I do therapy I always keep an eye on the clock so I know when I have enough time to keep opening up big issues, vs. when I have to work on getting them back to stable so they don’t leave my office and walk straight into a wall.


    Thank fucking God holy shit


    Pro tip to therapists btw? Put a clock behind where your client sits so that they can’t tell that you’re doing this. The best therapist I ever had had me in and out exactly on time every time, and I didn’t notice him every watching the time even though he obviously had to be for that to work. Tbh I didn’t even notice the clock until the last session.

    Honestly, people generally don't want much... They want to eat their favorite food. They want to go to the seaside and smell the fresh air. They want to nap on the grass and listen to music. They want to hold their loved ones in their arms, and be held in return. They want warm clothes, be occupied with a profession/a hobby that does not smother them. They want to feel safe and unafraid. Mostly, they want to live without being ridiculed, manipulated or being forced. And this is why capitalism/modern life overall is so upsetting, depressing and even destructive. Because thinking about how small and simple things you yearn for & how hard it is to even be able to have them really wears you off

    I promise this isn't a post where I'm fishing for anything, but does anyone else have that thing where they think that they're PRETTY RAD ACTUALLY and yet also just... entirely unfanciable...? Like, I have no issues with myself at all; there's no part of my appearance that I'm unhappy with, and I like that I'm Quite Funny and Know Things and so on and so forth, but I very genuinely cannot fathom anyone ever being like "yes, let us date and do romance." I sort of view myself as entirely undesirable in a romantic sense, but not in a tortured, poetic, self-hating way at all. Is this a common thing?? I don't have low self esteem, or do I??? Is it just because we're not capable of fancying ourselves, so we don't see how others could feel that way about us???? I'm articulating this so badly but I guess what I mean is: is it a common thing to think of yourself as likeable but not necessarily Likeable? Things I ponder at 11pm on a Thursday when I'm putting off Duolingo.