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    Heat vs Magic (1)

    Pete sighed and headed toward the restrooms. The crowd at the basketball game was getting too loud for his ears. He expected some quiet back here but was soon proven wrong by a shirtless young man.


    “No shirt guys, there’s a Miami Heat Wave right now!” shouted the jock as he flexed his massive biceps. “Better than these magic faggots!”

    The blonde boy moved his phone toward Pete who groaned and covered his face with his arms.

    “Hey man, don’t film me!” ordered Pete.

    The young man giggled and shoved his phone at Pete. The latter grunted and smacked the phone hard against the floor.

    “You bastard!” The jock yanked Pete by the collar. “I’m gonna beat your faggy ass up for that!”

    Peter rolled his eye. His whole body turned into smoke and flew into the blonde boy’s open mouth. The jock choked as the fog muffled his shouts. Once it filled his whole body, he stumbled and growled.

    “Aaugh…” He closed his eyes and trembled. “Get… Get out…”

    The young man tripped against the sink and held himself up with it. He gasped for air before he wandered his eyes around.

    “Oh my head,” Pete’s voice came out of the young man. 

    The jock tapped his neck and grimaced his lips around.

    “No shirt guys-” He gulped. “N- no shirt guys,” he said with a voice closer to his. “No shirt guys…” He smiled. “Perfect.”

    The blonde boy stretched his body before he caught a glimpse of himself a nearby mirror.

    “Cute face.” He handled his chin. “Strong jaw, boyish looks, shiny blonde hair.” His muscles contracted. “And a killer bod.” Pete smirked. “Yeah I’m gonna have fun with you, boy.”

    Heat vs Magic (2)

    Pete was admiring his new body in the mirror when he suddenly heard flashes on the other side of the room. He turned at the corner of the restroom and noticed a sweaty brown-haired young man. Just like his vessel, he was taking pictures of himself. The latter noticed Pete and removed his air pods.

    “Hey Mike, you okay?” asked his friend. “I heard some noises.”

    Pete nodded. “Yeah… J- John.”

    The possessed Mike licked his lips as he observed his friend’s glistening abs.

    “Damn dude, I’m jealous of your six-pack,” said Pete through Mike.

    John shrugged. “Thanks, the girls notice guns first though. And you got pythons for arms.”

    The blonde boy flexed. “Wanna touch them?”

    “Sure.” John chuckled and fondled his friend’s biceps. “Fuck man, you could make me Queer.”

    Mike bear-hugged John and kissed him. The brown-haired jock smirked as he slipped his tongue in. Their toned chests rubbed against each other as their nipples tickled together. 

    John pulled down his pants. “Fuck me, I wanna know how Amy feels when I do that to her.”

    Mike let out his seven-inch schlong and thrust it inside his friend’s boypussy. 

    “Aaah! Fuck!” moaned John. “Bet you dreamt of doing this to me.”

    The blonde stud seized tight at John’s buttcheeks.

    “Scream for me, whore,” barked Mike.

    “AARGGHH!” screamed John. “I’m gonna-” 

    “No, you’re mine!”

    Smokes flew out of Mike’s mouth and went inside John’s. The latter did not even fight and smiled as the fog penetrated him. His cock slid out of his waistband as he shot cums all over his friend’s meaty chest. Mike groaned while he absentmindly climaxed inside John’s ass.

    “Hmm, yes,” hissed Pete, now inside John.

    The brown-haired kissed Mike who returned it to him.

    “Damn, what’s going on John?” asked Mike.

    “You fucked me, big boy,” purred John.

    Mike bit Pete’s left ear. “I did? Wish I could remember.”

    “It’s maybe because I was possessing you,” Pete left John’s lips.

    The blonde stud jumped back. “The fuck?! Bu- but how?” He squinted. “Wait, you’re that magic faggot?”

    “In the flesh.” John patted his athetic stomach. “Your butt-buddy got nice abs and quite the perverted mind. I’ll enjoy being him.”

    “Get out of John!” threatened Mike.

    “Tss tss. My wife just cheated on me with the neighbor’s kid. I’m not in the mood for any shit from you.” John glared at his friend. “You’re gonna play nice, or I’ll use your bodies to make you criminals.”

    “You’re crazy,” said Mike.

    “Totally, and I plan on having as much fun as I can with your hot young bodies.”

    The rest of Mike’s friends bust in.

    “Yo, are you two done fucking?” one of them asked.

    “We are,” replied John. “Right, Mikie-boy?”

    Mike sighed. “Yes.”

    Pete chuckled as he checked out all the potiential bodies in front of him. All his life, he never used his power, but today will be his big day.

    Heat vs Magic (3)

    Mike drove the car with worried eyes. In the backseat, John was chatting with a black-haired boy.

    “C’mon Dylan, you never wanted to kiss another guy before?” inquired John.

    Dylan shook his head. “Dude, my parents would kill me.”

    John rolled his eyes. “Fine.”

    In the passenger seat, a muscular young man yawned.

    “Fuck, I’m tired,” he said before he fell asleep.

    John winked to Mike before a black fog burst out of his mouth.

    “Dude, what the hell?!” shouted Dylan.

    The fog dove right down Dylan’s throat while Mike witnessed it. The car started to ride all over the road. The blonde jock grabbed the steering wheel and watched Dylan shivering before he opened his eyes.

    The friend in the passenger seat woke up. “Huh, what happened?”

    “Nothing Shawn, you can go back sleeping,” lied a possessed Dylan.

    “Ugh, my head,” groaned John.

    “You drank too much, honey,” said Dylan as he unbutonned his shirt. “There!” He threw his top away. “I knew I was packing some hard muscles under that shirt!”

    John giggled. “Fuck, we’re all drunk.”

    Mike parked Dylan’s car in front of their beach house. Everyone stepped out of the vehicle while Dylan let out a virile laugh.

    “Hahaha! Is that how rich people laugh?”

    John elbowed Mike. “What’s gotten into him?”

    Mike eyed at his friend. “You might not wanna know.”

    Dylan ran to John and kissed him. “Since you did Mike, how about me now?”

    John rose an eyebrow. “I thought doing it with another guy grossed you out?”

    “What? You don’t want to fuck this?” Dylan bounced his pecs.

    John smiled and ran upstairs.

    “Catch you around, hunk,” Dylan told Mike.

    Dylan strolled up the stairs as the bushes under his arms tickled him. The black-haired boy raised his arms and whistled at how hairy his pits were.

    “Nice.” He sniffed them. “Smell like expensive deo and money sweat.”

    Dylan headed inside his room and found John naked on the bed.

    “Already naked? I like that.” The possessed Dylan showed his fuzzy armpits. “Lick my pits, Queer boy.”

    John charged at Dylan and swung his tongue at the forest under his arms. The brown-haired boy then groped at Dylan’s balls.

    “UNNGG! Fuck yeah…”

    Dylan gripped John by the cheeks and smashed his lips on his. They french-kissed each other before they crashed on the bed. John caressed Dylan’s veiny arms while he rubbed his cock against his. 

    “Wanna do a 69?” asked Dylan. 

    John nodded furiously and Dylan crawled around. He then thrust his cock inside the brown-haired boy’s mouth while he sucked his. Dylan pressed his strong thighs against John’s head while he fondled his abs. They grunted as they sweated all over each other. Suddenly, jizz sprayed from left and right before Dylan rolled to the side.

    “Yours taste sugary,” said Dylan.

    John panted. “Yours salty.”

    “That’s how a real man’s cum taste like.”

    John forced himself next to Dylan and hugged him.

    “I’m exhausted,” said John before he napped.

    Peter smirked through Dylan. “Three possessed, one to go.”

    Heat vs Magic (4)

    Smoke left Dylan’s mouth who passed out. Peter floated downstairs where he found Mike playing games with his most muscular friend. 

    “C’mon dude, you’re not focused!” yelled Shawn.

    “I’m tryin- Shawn! Watch out!”

    Peter threw his foggy form at Shawn’s gaping mouth. Mike tried to slap him away, but his hands phased through. Shawn fell against the couch and groaned.

    “GAAh! G- get that thing out of me!”

    Mike did the Heimlich manoeuvre on him while the latter thrashed around.


    Shawn relaxed and cracked his neck.

    “Hey, hunk,” Pete spoke through Shawn.

    Mike stepped back while the possessed Shawn walked toward a full-body mirror.

    “Hmmm, that’s a big boy right here,” purred Shawn as he rubbed his cock through the jeans.

    “Wait! Don’t do that to Shawn!” yelled Mike. “He’s on a NoFap diet!”

    Shawn tore his shirt open and revealed a bodybuilded body.

    “I can tell, the boy’s hungry.” He pinched his perky nipples. “Oooh! He has never touched himself in his life? With a body this powerful?! A shame…”

    Mike punched Pete. “I’m done with you! Leave me and my friends alone!”

    Shawn smirked and caressed his left cheek. “Not bad, kid… You know, I planned on just messing with you four just for the day, but guess I’ll do it all Summer.”

    The muscular stud put down his pants and seized his eigh-inch meat.

    “Fuuuck! That’s some horsecock right here!”

    Shawn bit his lower lip as he stroked his dick with both hands.

    “Stop!” Mike grabbed Shawn by the wrists.

    “Shawn’s a good kid, do you want him to wake in jail?” asked Pete through Shawn. “Your choice, Mikie-boy.”

    Mike sighed and sat down on the couch. Meanwhile, Shawn jerked himself up and rocketted semen all over the mirror. He then crouched and licked it off.


    “What are you gonna do now?” questioned Mike.

    “Go back home,” replied Pete.

    Mike smiled. “Really?”

    Shawn smirked mischievously. “Got’cha!”

    Smoke came out of Shawn and flew into Mike.

    “NO!” groaned Mike. “NOT AGAIN!”

    The blonde hunk collapsed on the carpet and convulsed.


    Suddenly, he stopped and opened his blue eyes.

    “Hmm, you might be my favorite, Mikie-boy.”

    Life Finds a Way

    Because of the expansion of cities and other kinds of human development, a lot of species became endangered. One of them included the Emerald Dragonfly. However, with each generation and the impending destruction of their destruction, the dragonflies started to understand human behavior and develop an intense goal for survival. Additionally, some strange radioactive chemicals were thrown in the local stream, mutating even more the insect. 

    One of them flew around the forest frenetically until it found a group of humans.

    It landed on a branch and studied a male specimen that had been left behind by the others. He was large and imposing. The insect concluded that his face was extremly handsome, which was reinforced by his muscular body and the intense amount testosterone he contained. A strong and viable sexual partner was everything it was seeking. The dragonfly waited as the virile man lied on the roof of the car and slumbered. He started to snore and the insect darted inside his open mouth. The male thrashed around and fell off the car.

    “NNGG! UUNNGGG!” he groaned.

    The insect soon crawled up to his brain and melded into it.


    The man growled and writhed on the ground. He then snapped his neck around and scanned his surroundings. Some grunts left his mouth as he checked his reflection in the side mirrror.

    “Ah- A- I… I’m… Dave,” he said. “I’m Dave.”

    Dave smirked before he practiced other faces. He quickly realized that he was still attractive, no matter how much he winced. The man then caressed his beard and his hairy chest.

    “Very manly, perfect for reproduction.” He flexed his biceps and bounced his pecs. “Powerful body, it’ll be easy to restrain people.” He looked down at his sturdy legs. “Great host for running too… This is just excellent.”

    A bump grew against his shorts. Dave rubbed it and groaned.

    “Nng! Mustn’t waste seed until I’ve reproduced.”

    “Talking about reproduction, hunk?” called a distant voice.

    A youthful athletic male showed his muscles on a rock. According to human knowledge, he would be a twunk.

    “Hey Tarzan, looking for your John?” shouted the twunk.

    The young man jumped from the rock and landed just in front of Dave. In the human species, males acting loud and wild was to prove their virility, so the possessed Dave felt seduced and aroused.

    “I thought you were gone with Devin,” said the host.

    “I told him I had some things to pick up in the car,” answered John before he made out with Dave.

    Quickly assimilating his vessel’s knowledge and muscle memory, Dave french-kissed John and moved his beefy body against his toned frame. Since John was apparently married to another man, the two were currently having an affair, which was immoral, but also considered as highly erotic among humans.

    “Fuck, you’re just brutal today, I like that,” praised John.

    Dave bit his neck. “The only thing on my mind’s today is to bred that sweet ass of yours.”

    “John?!” A leaner blonde twunk yelled at them before he was stormed off.

    “You wanna deal with him?” asked Dave.

    John licked Dave’s nipples. “Lemme suck you off first.”

    “You virtueless whore,” taunted Dave.

    “You sounds like Shakespeare,” mocked John.

    The twunk put down the hunk’s shorts and cooed. The infestation had increased Dave’s sexual organ into a nine-inch long penis. John nimbled at the side of Dave’s cock while his tongue lapped at his balls. The beefcake moaned as he fondled his meaty chest. The young man jacked the hunk’s tool before he sucked him off with his soft lips.

    The he-man gripped at John’s hair and thrusted his head closer to him. The twunk giggled until Dave started to shoot parasitic semen in his mouth. John trembled as his eyes rolled at the back of his head. His screams were muffled by the cum in his throat. John then grinned as he licked the jizz off Dave’s dick.

    Dave smirked. “Go find your husband, we’ll infect him too.”

    “Sounds great,” replied John.


    Devin leant against a palm tree and sighed at the beach. All of a sudden, his husband appeared with tears in his eyes.

    “Devin, please, I can explain…”

    “Cut the acting, I knwo what I saw,” interrupted Devin.

    John brushed his hair against Devin’s back.

    “I’ll deserve it if you left me. But could you at least give me a goodbye kiss?” asked John with a pout.

    Devin rolled his eyes. “Fine.”

    The two kissed and John smiled. Something else tickled Devin’s lips with his lover’s tongue. He tried to jerk back, but John grabbed him closer. A creature crawled out of John’s mouth and dove right into Devin’s. The latter elbowed John away before he dropped to his knees.

    “Gaah! What did you do to me?!” questioned Devin.

    “He added you to our family,” responded Dave.

    The hunk bear-hugged Devin.

    “Stop fighting, it’s useless,” whispered Dave as he pecked Devin’s left cheek. “You got that cute boy next door look, you’ll be useful to get rich old men.”

    Devin grunted. “The fuck you’re talking about?!”

    “Shh, you’ll understand soon enough.”

    Devin cringed. “AARgggghh!!!”

    He wrestled against Dave and arched his back, only to relax and smile. John joined them and they caressed each other.

    “I think we can take a break from reproduction,” suggested Dave. “Let’s enjoy these human bodies first…”

    The Bully with a Ripped Body

    OG version of the story is from:https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/1813117-Body-Possession-Powers/map/13533

    You wanted to get revenge on Nick for accidentally turning you into a slime monster. You saw him going home after bullying your best friend, Damian. You slithered, squeezed into his home, and followed him to his room then his bathroom. Then, you witnessed Nick getting ready to shower.


    He flexed his massive bicep and took selfies of himself. “Fuck! Nick the Killer Whale! All the chicks and fags in school want my meat!”

    You suddenly morphed to yourself. Just enough to get his attention.

    “Hiya Nick!” you called.

    Nick turned around. “You? I thought you were dead!”

    “I am! I saw what you did to Damian and it was you who made me like this!” you screamed.

    Nick shrugged. “So? I don’t care!”

    You glared at him. “This is enough, now I have you right where I want you. It’s time for you to be my host body.” You smiled maliciously. “You’re such a handsome young man and you been messing with the wrong guy!”

    You fell and morphed to your slime form you crawled up to Nick’s leg.

    Nick thrashed around. “NO IM NOT LETTING YOU USING MY BODY!” he shouted.

    Nick kicked but he couldn’t hurt you. Your melted form dove into Nick’s penis.

    “This is your last day as a bully. Let’s see how it feels like being the most popular guy and the bully in school!” echoed your voice.

    Nick tried to stop you but you continued getting into his body. He went into the tub and turned on the water to wash you off but you crawled in and Nick froze. You fought him inside and filled his body. Later, Nick’s eyes turned red to hazel green, just like yours. You took off Nick’s shorts and felt his herculean body.

    “Damn Nick, you’re built like a tank.” You used your swollen arms to explore your meaty chest and defined abs. “It’s too late to confess and apologize Nick” you thought. You stroke Nick’s penis and moaned. “It’s time for you to make up for Damian!” You taunted Nick with his voice. 

    Then, you showered in Nick’s body and jacked off his huge cock. The veins of your muscular arms popped out at each stroke.  “Your body feels so good and you are so handsome! Too bad you’re not yourself anymore.” You laughed in Nick’s voice and loved being him. You then went to get new clothes and saw something that was like your style. “Perfect!” You then wore the clothes and put on Nick’s diamond studs.

    You walked straight through the door. Once outside, you took a deep breath of fresh air and felt your new powerful lungs working under your imposing pecs.

    “Time to go to my real home but first…” You saw Damian sitting in front of your house.


    “Nick?” Damian asked.

    Nick smirked. “Nope It’s me!”

    “Cody? But how?” he wondered.

    “He was about to hurt me but I needed a fresh new body” you said.

    “Wow I like the new Nick!” replied Damian.

    “But between us, call me Cody! Nick is gone!” Nick smiled and Damian laughed.

    “Cody, this is so great!” Damian laughed and patted Nick’s back. 

    Suddenly you felt pain and yelled.

    “Cody??” Damian ran up to you. 

    Purple goo was coughed up out of your mouth and jumped toward Damian.

    “The fu- Aaaccchhh!”

    The goo dove inside his open mouth and choked him.

    “Damian? Get help!” You held your friend’s tummy and watched him.

    Damian grinned “You like my strength and you want me to be nicer, right?” He laughed. “Your best friend is not so bad!” “Oh, hell no!” you said. “ Get out of him!”

    “I may not be like you inside my body, but my power is stronger than you,” the possessed Damian yelled.

    “Nick, no one likes you! Get out of him!” you bear-hugged Damian. You used your body’s bodybuilded physique to successfully get Nick out of Damian.

    Damian limped and blinked. “Woah, I feel weird what happened?” Damian asked.

    “Nick tried to use your body since I’m in his!” you responded.

    “Damn right, I did! And I’m not finished with you!” slime-Nick declared.

    You caught him with an empty water bottle but Nick sprung out of it. You tried to trap him again but failed. 

    Damian was stunned by fear. “Cody, don’t let hi- Hrrrk!”

    He possessed Damian again and smirks. “This body is amazing.” He said, flexing. 

    “Stop!” you shouted. 

    “Nope.” He laughed. 

    You got an errection in Nick’s body. He looked at you and smiled. 

    “I guess I’m not the only one who likes this body.” mocked Nick. 

    “Just leave already.” You said, blushing. 

    “I will soon. I just want to explore for a bit.”

    You knew Nick wouldn’t go out of Damian before he had his chance to explore him. 

    "Alright.” you said. “Promise me you’ll leave him as soon as you’re done." 

    "Hah. Deal.” Damian (Nick) agreed. “Didn’t think you’d give in so easily.”

    The two of you entered your house and headed to your room. As soon as you closed the door and turned around, a completely naked Damian stood in front of you with a dirty smile. 

    Damian gestured at your pants “I see you’re liking this." 

    You covered your borrowed crotch. "No way, you keep me out of this!" 

    Damian (Nick) laughed and walked over to the mirror and started jerking off. You did not want to look, but at the same time did not want to leave Nick alone with Damian’s body. Your bully caressed his lean tanned framed.

    “Fuck, all this time working outside made me forget how hot a good tan is,” said Nick through Damian.

     Damian (Nick) suddenly started to moan. He came and the mirror was covered with purple slime as Nick was shot out of Damian’s body.

    When all of Nick’s slime had left Damian, you said, "Alright Nick, time to leave.”

    But as soon as those words have left Nick’s your mouth, the purple slime started to slither back to Damian. 

    “Hey!” you screamed. 

    “Oh my head, wh- what! No not again!”

    Nick began to enter Damian’s body again. He pushed his slime into Damian’s dick. You ran over to your friend and tried to stop Nick from possessing him one more time. With your strong hands, you attempted to grab Nick’s slime and pulled it out of Damian. When that doesn’t work, you grab your friends cock and started jerking it off, hoping Nick will not be able to enter further.

    “You’re too late Cody. I’m already in,” cut off the possessed Damian. “But please, don’t stop.”

    Nick was already far enough in Damian to control his voice. Yet, not all of his slime had entered yet. You glared at him. "I’m not letting you do this.” Damian winked. “Try to stop me.”

    “Please Nick, leave Damian alone!!!!” You cried.

    Your anger becomes too much and you bend down with your head first at Nick’s slime. You closed your eyes and started to suck the slime into your (Nick’s) body. But Nick was too strong and kept penetrating Damian. 

    “Oooh fuck! I got an amazing mouth, and your friend is so damn senstive!” moaned Damian.

    Seeing the lack of positive results, you pulled your mouth away and stood up.

    Damian pouted. “Already over.” He put his fingers on your mouth. “C’mon daddy, I know you wanna to fuck my slut-boy’s hole.”

    “The hell is wrong with you?!” you questioned.

    “I told you, I can be a lot nicer.” He purred. “I can be a good submissive boy. It’s tiring to be an alpha male, now I can be a faggy twunk.” Damian kissed you. “What do you think Cody? Pretty nice, huh?”

    You glanced down at your colossal body and then at Damian’s slimmer yet athletic frame.

    “Alright, but once we’re done, you leave Damian,” you ordered.

    Damian wrapped his legs around your waist. “Then, let’s fuck forever.”

    You put down your pants and your possessed friend pushed his ass on your engorged dick. The two of you fucked for ours and you started to forget about the plan of getting your bully out of Damian… 

    Skins Device

    OG version of the Story:https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/1888025-Skins/map/1

    You were heading towards your room when the doorbell suddenly rang. You walked towards the door and open it up. Nobody was to be seen, you took a step outside and looked around after someone… still nobody around. Suddenly something on the ground caught your eyes, a little brown package is standing on he ground right in front of you. 

    “Weird,” you mumbled to yourself and took it with you inside.

    You sit down in front of your desk and started to open the package. You saw a little strange looking wooden box inside. You picked up the wooden box and notice some carved words on the top. You read the words to yourself: Costume set. Under the word it seemed to be some kind of initials but they are too unclear to read.

    "What the fuck is this?” you said to yourself. 

    You opened up the box and inside you could see an odd-looking black pen with some strange inscriptions on it and a little note on the side. 
    You then laid down the pen and picked up the little note to take a glance at the writing:

    “Costume device 1”
    This Device will turn any person into the perfect disguise.
    - Aim the device on the person of your choice.
    - Enjoy.
    - Remember that the person will not remember anything about the event
    or the time as a “costume”
    - To remove “costume”, simply think about leaving in and you will be able
    to make a opening.
    - To restore the person, zip u
    p the opening

    You held the first device in your hand, thinking about the whole thing for a minute before you decided to test it out right away.

    You pushed a bit your door and took a peek down the hall, you could hear your parents downstairs with your little sister, and loud music still coming from your older sister at the end of the hall. Figuring out you dont want any witnesses if this thing would actually work you decided to go to your brothers room next to yours, since everybody is downstairs and your oldest sibling was occupied.

    You moved out of your door and walked to your brother’s silently, you noticed the door ajar so you leaned over to the opening and took a glimpse inside.

    Your brother was sitting on a cough and his eyes focused on a computer. You quietly moved trough his door opening with the device pointing at your oldr brother, Nick.

    Well, here goes nothing” you thought as you pressed the button.

    You heard a small buzzing sound and you saw that Nick instantly froze for about 2 seconds before he kind of crumpled against the chair.

    “Holy!” you told yourself before you turned around and locked the door.

    Turning around again, you saw your brother sitting lifeless in the chair. You could see his head dangling over the back of the couch, looking like an empty skin or a disguise just like in the Cocoon movie. You slowly moved towards Nick while loudly whispering his name, making sure he was not conscious.

    “Oh my god, it really worked” You think to yourself. “This is crazy”

    Moving all the way up to Nick you saw his empty skin and at his emotionless face with empty eye sockets and with the mouth wide open. As you took a closer look to the open mouth, you could see everything was empty inside, nothing, just air.

    Your head exploded with different thoughts about this, how crazy it is, how unbelievable. There was the guilt over doing this to your brother, but also the spice of immorality. Then again, he used to bully you, so you could not help but being amazed and curious about it though. You simply must explore this further.

    You lifted up Nick’s skin high with both hands holding his shoulders, he was now just a lifeless skin with clothes barely hanging on. You laid the skin on Nick’s bed, still just looking at it, pondering about how it will act as a disguise as the note said. You bent over the skin and dragged off the t-shirt he was wearing. As you did this, you noticed a large opening on his back. You turned the skin around and saw a big zipper starting at the back of his head and all the way down to right above the bum.

    “So this is where I enter” you said to yourself feeling the excitement grow a bit inside you.

    With no more hesitation your stripped him of all his clothes before you striped out of yours aswell. Holding the skin in front of you with the back facing, you took a deep breath before you started putting your right foot inside the skin. As you placed your foot into Nick’s skin you felt the skin tighten around your foot as you slid it longer and longer inside before getting it in place. You struggled a bit but managed to fit your toes into the skin’s toes in the end. As you did so, you could feel the skin tighten more and suddenly your right foot was now looking exactly like your brother’s, it even felt just like it was your own. You touched the leg with your hands and you could feel them sliding up and down the leg, just as it did when touching your own.

    Getting more excited you quickly put your other foot into the skin and felt the exact same feeling.

    You continued working the rest of your body into the skin. You started to maneuver both of your arms into the skin. Soon, you were almost done, the only thing missing was the head now dangling on your chest. You placed your hands on each side of the head and slowly moved it over yours. As you felt the head fit, you moved your right hand down to the nub and zipped up the skin.

    As the skin sealed you feel a tingle run trough your body for about 2-3 seconds. Eagerly you walked towards the mirror in the room. You could not do anything but gasp as you saw Nick’s reflection looking back at you.

    “No way, this is impossible… ” you said to yourself, shocked by hearing your own brothers sexy tenor coming from your borrowed mouth. 

    You moved closer to the mirror, taking a closer look at your face. You opened up your mouth and stuck your tongue out. “Unbelievable, thats even Nick’s tongue…. and teeth!” you thought to yourself.

    You turned around and saw no visible seam on your back. 

    “Woah, this really is the perfect disguise” you told yourself with a amazed look on your face.

    You took a peek down on your crotch, seeing your own brother’s penis hanging between your legs. It was much bigger than yours. You looked up again, seeing the whole body you knew had you inside.

    Your brother was somewhat of a hunk, every girl you know said so. It kinda crept you out looking at your brother naked like this, but he- no you were so sexy. You moved your hands up and down the body, pinching your cheeks a bit, cupping your pecs, fondling your biceps, still amazed and excited about the whole situation.

    You then started to flex your borrowed bodies muscles and a grin formed on your new face.

    “Well, this might be interesting.”

    Your brother had a huge car interest and has a awesome cadillac standing in the garage, he used a lot of his time working on it and never let you go near it.

    You look down at your body’s hands. “You can’t keep me away now Nick, now that I am you” you taunted yourself with a devilish grin on your face. As soon as the thought hit you, you took a hand down in your brother’s pocket and felt the keys inside.


    You put some shorts and a pair of shoes on before you ran downstaris “Im heading out mom” you told your mother as you rushed for the front door and out to the garage.

    Opening the garage you saw the car standing there, new polished and shiny as usual. You wasted no time and entered the car. Sitting in the car you realize that you have never even been inside it. You put the key in the ignition and heard the loud engine roar sound.

    “This… is… Awesome!” you exclaimed.

    You grabbed the steering wheel and drove out of the garage and out on the road. You drive around the neighborhood and testing the speed on the highway, just enjoying the feeling of finally getting to drive the car. The feeling of the wind on your wild brown hair and your scuplted torso. You noticed sunglasses on the passenger seat and put them on, being empowered by your brother’s charisma and machismo.

    Suddenly you felt your brother’s phone vibrate in your borrowed pants. You picked up the phone and see that Kenny, one of your brother’s friends. Unlike the others, he was nice and even helped with mathematics. He was honestly more of a brother than Nick.

    “Might as well” you said to yourself and drove to the side of the road.

    You cleared your throat a bit before answering the phone.

    “Sup?” you said with Nick’s sensual and casual tone. “Hi, are you busy?” you heard Kenny asked on the other end. “Uh.. no, I’m not.” you answered. “Great!” he said with glee in his voice. “I’m throwing a party at my house. Come on over,” he said with a slightly more seductively voice. “Ooh.. I mean.. Sure thing! I’ll be right over!” you answered thrilled by the idea of being part of the bros for once. “I cant wait!… See you soon… Sexy” he said and hung up. “This is to awesome!” you thought to yourself. 

    Not only do you get to drive your brother’s car, now you get to hang out with his friends as well. This device was the greatest thing ever, with it, you can do whatever you like. Luckily you knew where he lived as you have seen him his house was just a block away from your friend Jimmy. Wasting no more time you started to drive towards his house. It took you about 4 minutes to get to Kenny’s house, you parked your car and rushed to the front door and rung the bell. Seconds later you saw the door opened and could not help but gasp at the sight of Kenny in the doorway. He was smoking hot! A complete Italian stallion with a straight nose, jawline for days - he seemed the picture of perfection. He wore a tight kaki short with a metal pendant reflecting the sun on his pecs. You stared at him and his perfect V-line figure and down at his perfect shaped legs before looking up at his perfect wide smile. Suddenly he started to chuckle. “Looks like someone like what they see.” “Uh.. ye.. yeah” you stammered. “You look smoking hot babe!” you then exclaimed, straightening up a bit, trying to act more like your brother.

    Kenny rose an eyebrow. “Babe? So now I’m not the fag you fuck after Kimberly broke up with you?”

    “Well, um…”

    “Get in here.” he said and dragged you inside holding a tight grip on your wrist.

    You stood by his pool and while everyone was busy, you admired your body. Loving how manly and strong you now were. You stuck your tongue again, feeing power even in it. Kenny came back to you and copied you.

    “Is that how douchebags talk?” mocked Kenny.

    You grabbed your new friend by his broad shoulders and french-kissed him. Kenny widdened his eyes before he led you trough the hall and finally into his bedroom. Once there, he calmly pushed you on his bed. You laid on your back and saw him dive on you before he started pecking your neck.

    He then seductively ran his fingers down your borrowed body’s six pack.

    “Mmmm, I like this,” he purred. “Now how about that treat.” He says as she gave you a sexy look.

    His fingers pulled at your shorts and then dragged them off as well. You coud see your rock hard cock made the boxer look like a tent.

    “Someone is happy to see me” he cooed while looking at your penis.

    He grabbed a good hold on your erected dick, and began rubbing it while he stared at you straight in the eyes, giving you a sexy smirk before licking the tip of your hard one. You leaned back and close your eyes as you started to moan by the feeling of his luscious lips and tongue working up and down your shaft.

    This is the BEST day ever,” you thought to yourself. 

    Getting sucked by this gorgeous man who actually think you are your brother, the man he had a secret affair with. The whole impersonating another person without anyone having the slightest idea aroused you almost as much as what Kenny is doing to you right now. And the revenge against your bully brother was the cherry on top! “Mmmmm” you heard from Kimberly as he continued sucking you off. 

    Suddenly you felt him stop and sit up. 

    “You can’t have all the fun, can you?” he then lay down on his stomach and strutted his perfectly shaped butt towards you. 

    “C'mon tiger, do me!” he said with the most horny voice.

    You wasted no time and trust your dick into his boypussy and started doing him doggy style. Kenny screamed with pleasure, which only made you more excited, you grabbed him tighter with your brother’s strong arms and continue to bang him as fast and hard as you could. You could almost not believe how deep you could go with your brother’s bigger equipment. Suddenly you felt your borrowed cock just explode and you emptied yourself into him as he reached climax. Both of you fell back on your backs in the bed and breath heavily.

    “Oh.. Nick, that was amazing!” Kenny exclaimed and lay his head on your burly chest.

    “You weren’t so bad yourself” you say still panting and thinking how awesome this whole situation was. Minutes of cuddling with Kenny, as awesome as it was you decided it was time to leave. You slowly and carefully pulled your arm away from under Kenny’s sleeping body. You got out of the bed and put on your clothes as sneakily as you possible could. Smiling from ear to ear you left the house, got into the car again and drove home.

    You walked upstairs and into Nick’s room. You laughed a little to yourself, thinking about how awesome this was and about what you had done in your borrowed body.

    “Well, this was fun Nick” you sayid to yourself while watching Nick’s handsome reflection in the mirror. “Time to leave you for a while, hope you don’t mind me borrowing your body in the future though.” With that said you took off your shorts and started to focus on leaving the skin. You moved your hands to the back of your head and feel a little opening form. You widened the opening big enough so you could press your head out of the suit before it continued to widen the opening until it was as big as it was when you put it on. You worked your arms out of the suit and then took a seat down and pulled your feet out as well. Finally, you laid the lifeless skin on the bed with the back facing you. A nob appeared on the end of the opening, you grabbed it and led it up towards the head, working just like a zipper. As you finished zipping it all the way up to the back of the head the nob disappears and you noticed the body started to change, almost like pumping air. Within about 5-6 seconds, Nick’s body seemed to be normal again but unconscious.

    You walked out to the hall, meeting Nick who just got out of his room, looking all thoughtful and confused. “Sup?” you ask him while a grin formed on your face.

    “Mmr.. nothing” he mumbleb back.

    Your brother scratched his crotch, wondering why he was covered in cum. Meanwhile, you stretched your grin, knowing Nick and Kenny would see each other more from now on. Or, you and Kenny.

    Break his Will

    Inspiration for story:https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/1813117-Body-Possession-Power

    That morning had been tiresome for you Cody; your body ached in pain. You failed the science experiment in trying to make a concoction that could be used as a clean source of energy for cars. Thus, you showered to relax and as the water poured against your body, the chemicals stained from the experiment reacted and began to melt your body into a red goo. 

    As you slithered in the locker rooms, a voice boomed.

    “Come on, you need to work harder! After all, the next game is soon, so we need as much practice as possible!” Coach Davis yelled at the soccer team. 

    Davis had greying hair that is still shades of brown. He was also kind of old as well, but he was still pretty muscular.


    You slithered through the grass and then saw him take a quick sip of his water bottle. You slunk up the bench he had placed it on and into the bottle. He yelled at the team for a while before grabbing the bottle again and taking another sip, not even bothering to see what was inside of it. Instantly, you crawled right into him. He nearly dropped his bottle and shook as you spread all over his body, taking him over. Luckily, no one noticed. While they were still busy, you flexed your massive left bicep and smirked. “All right you sissies, practice is over! Go to the showers!” you yelled with the coach’s manly voice, laughing at the back of his head that you could just order around these big guys.

    The team left for the showers while you chuckled and began to walk towards Davis’ house, luckily he lived very nearby. A grin appeared on your face as you went inside and began to undress. He had a short-sleeved grey shirt and a pair of white shorts. You took off his shirt and went into the mirror, admiring your new body.

    Coach Davis had a very muscular body. You moved his hands over your legs and felt the hairs on them. You felt muscles everywere. Drunk with the coach’s machismo energy, you got down on the floor, doing some push ups. Somehow it just felt like he needed to do them. It was just easy with this powerful body.  You did clap push ups, then with one arm, and the Spiderman version, but it was still a walk of the park for the burly coach.

    After doing them, you got up, all sweaty, and took off his white shorts. In front of the mirror, you posed, grabbed your giant dick, and rubbed it before playing with it. Feeling amazing in this body you didnt know what to do next. Then, you realized that Coach Davis has a son in your grade! His name was Jeff! 


    He was a huge jackass to you through middle school and also highschool. He always taunted you and bullied you because he had always been the handsome jock and the guy that every girl wanted to date. Now was your time to get back at him! You realized that he’s probably still at football practice because he was the captain, he usually stayed longer to finish his workout. You figured you could wait about 30 minutes and he can be all yours. So you walked around the house, shaved your beard, and took a shower.

    After waiting for an hour, you heard a car pulling up the driveway. Bingo! Jeff was finally home! You saw he had a sleek almost brand new pick up truck, a truck that his dad, or now you, paid for. But in a little while it will be your truck, you grin to yourself. The front door opens as you walk down the stairs. 

    Jeff said, “Hey dad! 

    “How you doing, champ?” you replied.

    You noticed Jeff was still wearing his football gear and he looked pretty sweaty. His tighter yet firmer build had a nice slab of abs, defined smooth pecs. You admired his slim and chiseled face He sat on the stair, took off his Nike high tops and unlaced them. 

    “Yo dad, I’m gonna hop in the shower,” he told you. 

    He went upstairs and leapt above the stairs with his strong tanned thighs. The door slammed and you knew it was your perfect chance to have your revenge. Coach Davis fell in front of the bathroom as you left him. You crept under the door and slid across the tiles until you reached his big feet. Once there, you climbed up his athletic legs dusted with hair. It slightly tickled Jeff, who thought it was just shampoo. His boyish laugh motivated you, knowing you will soon have his seductive voice. Without further ado, you pounced at his thick cock and crawled inside it. 

    Jeff groaned. “The fuck?”

    His meat stiffened as he stroked himself. You tried to move, but his precum blocked your way. He jacked off faster and you were soon shot all over the wall with semen covering you.

    “Damn, had this load inside me all day,” said Jeff with a chuckle.

    If you still had eyes, you would glare at him. Fortunately, that dumb stud did not even notice you. So, you went up the shower arm and then dove inside his open mouth. Jeff widdened his eyes and choked on you. His bull neck constricted you as he gargled. You shook, but your former bully easilly spit you out.

    “Argh, must’ve swallowed some hair gel…”

    You cursed and stormed out of the room. Coach Davis was waking up, but you charged at his face and forced your way inside his mouth. Like his son, the old man fought you, but you overpowered him. You flexed his stout body and giggled.

    “You bred a kid with a bitch of a strong will, old man,” you taunted your host. “Guess I’ll have to break it.”

    You dug inside your vessel’s brain and discovered he used to be a pro-athlete.

    Your host looked damn sexy, and still does. However, he had to stop his career to take care of his son and become a single dad. Coach Davis was proud of his son, but also ressented him for having the youth he once had. Knowing how much Jeff looked up to his father, you knew you had what it took to weaken your bully. Assimilating Coach Davis’s bossy and paternal attitude, you slammed the bathroom open and found Jeff taking pictures of himself.

    “Dad?! Why are you naked?!” screamed his… your son.

    You snatched his phone and threw it in the bin.

    “Shut up!” you shouted with your deep voice. “You see this body? This is what the peak of masculinity looks like! Do me some push-ups until I tell you to stop!”

    Jeff rolled his eyes and obeyed you. He must have inherited your sporty genes, because he had no pain in doing your task.

    You put your left foot against his back and barked, “Harder! Faster!”

    When your son finally started to sweat, you smiled. You sprinted to Jeff’s room and came back with two weights.

    “Now lift!” You dropped them in the hallway.

    Jeff sighed and picked up the weights before he curled them. 

    “What’s gotten into you today?” he asked.

    You leered. “Cody. The kid you used to bully in high school.”

    The jock huffed. “So what? He called you to punish you, c’mon, he was a loser.”

    You seized him by the wrists. “No, he possessed me.”

    Coach Davis’s eyes turned red and Jeff let go of the weights.

    “Cody?! The hell? What are you doing inside my dad?” questioned your bully.

    “Don’t worry, I won’t stay inside your daddy forever.” You walked closer to him. “I want you.”

    Jeff shot daggers at you. “Go fuck yourself.”

    “Oh I will. Once I’m inside you, I’m gonna fuck myself a lot,” you replied.

    “Get the fuck out of my dad or I’ll beat you out!” threatened Jeff.

    “Ah!” You pushed your son against a wall. “Your daddy’s mind might be weaker, but his body is bigger and stronger! You have no choice, either let me inside or I’ll ruin your daddy’s life!”

    Jeff lowered his head. “Fine.”

    He opened his mouth and you smiled.

    “Here comes the airplane.”

    Coach Davis opened his mouth as you shot your slime form out of him and at Jeff’s face. The jock stood still as you spread his lips crawled inside him. Then, you climbed up his throat and headed to his brain.

    “Got’cha!” exclamed Jeff.

    Once again, you got stuck as his brain pushed you in a corner of his head.

    “You think you’re the first loser trying to possess me?” asked Jeff. “I’ll spit you inside a box and threw you in a fire like the others.”

    Shit, he had outsmarted you!

    “Jeff?” His father grunted. “What happened?

    “Don’t worry, dad, I’m about to throw the garbage out,” answered his son.

    “Sorry, son, that won’t happen.”

    Your vision went black again before it suddenly split in two. Your eyelids blinked and you now saw another point of view, Coach Davis’s. He was chokeholding his son, or you rather were.

    Jeff wrestled you. “Dad?! What the fuck?!” 

    “Looks like a part of me was still inside your daddy,” you said through his father.

    “You can’t split?! How?!” 

    “It doesn’t matter.” You held Jeff tighter. “Another part of me is inside you, give up or your precious daddy will pay!”

    Jeff elbowed you. “Fuck you!”

    “Fine, then let’s ask what Daddy think?” 

    You released your Coach Davis’s brain but still controlled his body. Then, you loaded his mind with your memories.

    “Son?!” Davis tried to move but could not. “Why am I doing this to you?”

    “It’s okay, dad, I’ll fix this!” yelled Jeff.

    His father cringed. “J- Jeff, why did you bully that kid? That’s not how I raised you!”

    “Cody! You faggot, stop!” ordered the jock.

    “He’s inside me! I can feel all his hatred against you! Please, Jeff, get him out of me!” urged his father.

    Jeff shook his head. “Fine! You won! Go ahead, possess me!”

    Coach Davis smiled. “With pleasure.”

    You spat the rest of your slime at Jeff and crawled inside his open mouth. Instantly, your bully jumped up and rushed to the kitchen.

    “UUnng! I’m stronger than you!” He winced. “I’ll get you out of me!”

    He grabbed a tupperware and stretched his lips over it. But your gathered your slime inside his head and latched onto his brain. Jeff winced and stumbled against the cooking table.


    The jock fell on his back and held his head.


    Jeff fought you but you had assimilated some of his father’s resentment against him. You unleashed them all over his mind, weakening his willpower.

    “NNNGG! The fuck you’re doing to me?! IT’S MY BODY! LEAVE!”

    “Shut up, will you,” said Jeff’s voice.


    You stood up and checked your new tannd and toned body. You flexed your veiny biceps and bounced your pecs. Then, you caressed your six-pack with a delicious treasure trail.

    Why am I doing this?!”

    “You still don’t understand? You lost, asshole,” you told him.

    Your strong hands slid down your sweatpants and revealed an engorged dick.

    “Damn! It’s begging for release!” you shouted as you fondled his fuckstick. “Shiiit! That feels even better than with you dad!”

    Fuck you!”

    “Oh I will!” You cupped his meaty chest. “Your gorgeous body is only asking for fuck all day!”

    Your other hand pressed the thumb against your large penis while your other fingers rubbed your ballsack. Meanwhile, you pinched your perky nipples.

    “Aaah! Aren’t you the sensitive slut?” you taunted Jeff.

    I’ll kick your ass once it’s done!” answered his consciousness.

    “I don’t think.” You jacked him off harder. “I do think your teammates will. From what I can tell, you got some faggots in your team?” you wondered as precum leaked out of you. “I’m sure they love to fuck with a stallion like you.”

    You raised your other arm and spotted some tufts of hair under your sweaty armpit. You sniffed yourself and welcomed a virile and strong scent. Your arm flexed as you did so, which you nibbled and chewed.

    “You taste so good, Jeffie-boy!”


    Your washboard abs tensed as you exploded manjuice all over the kitchen floor. 

    “UUNNNnngggg!” you roared.

    You dropped on all fours and breathed heavilly like a lion. Your knees bent as you leant forward to lick your semen.

    “Yum! The savor of pure testerone!”

    I’ll make you pay!”

    “I think that’s enough freedom for you today, Jeff,” you said. “Don’t worry, I’ll call you back everytime I want to mess with you or to show you how I’ve fooled your dad and your friends.” You smirked. “You’ll do nothing as I live your life and fuck whoever I want with your hunky body!”

    You can’t! I’ll-”

    “See you soon, Jeff.”

    Body Snatcher Remote

    OG Story:https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/1919752-The-body-snatcher-remote/map/

    You lived in a place called “Love Field”, which was pretty ironic. You have not been able to set your love straight with anyone yet. You did have someone you had a close relationship with, but the levels of interest are dropping lower every day. You thought your relationship was breaking apart and could not seem to find the cause. Maybe you just had bad luck in your love life.

     As you passed a car; a truck made a weird turn and lost a luggage. Whatever goods it was transporting, one of them fell right through your window and hit your forehead. You began searching your car, only to find a strange small remote. You have never seen the likes of it. It seemed to be somewhat round shaped, had two points at the top and some kind of rod in between. Somehow that reminded you of a taser. There was only a single clear button on it. When you pressed it to see what it does, you noticed this weird green laser firing to your car’s ceiling. 

    Suddenly you got shot with a vision; one of you firing the laser at someone and then suddenly you felt as if you were switching positions. Instantly, you looked through that person’s eyes who saw your body turning into a beautiful silver statue. Somehow you felt extremely erotically exited by it too. Now curious, the remote did not seem so scary, instead you wanted to try it.

    The next day, you drove out of your dorm to see some potential targets. You saw one of them jogging by. Thus, you parked your car at the edge of the road. His name was Matt, he was from the swimmer team, and had a pretty buff body. 

    He was not your close friend per se, you did not see him often, but you did text with him a lot, especially when he asked you to help him study. So yeah, that kind of “friend.” He got his own circle of friends, some of them do not particularly like you, so you stayed away from them. 

    Matt was a good kid with a good body too. You could feel your hand shook a little, the remote glowed slightly. This guy was popular, touching him felt almost illegal, particularly from a nobody like you. It just felt like you were two citizens from two worlds that were never meant to collide. Hell, even your soon-to-be ex-girlfriend ranted about how much you should be more like Matt, but that it was impossible. Maybe… maybe you could try it on him.

    You ducked under your car window, hoping that he had not seen you yet. Then, you aimed the device on him. Symbols started to form on the device with Matt’s name beside them, and you pushed the button.

    It was jarring, at the very least. A sudden blip of unconsciousness, and you were now staring at the road ahead of your car. You lifted up your hands and inspected them, feeling that they were different, slightly bigger. The device was gripped on your right hand. You looked down, you were wearing a gray sleeveless hoodie, black track pants, and a pair of blue running shoes. You rubbed your hands on your chest, feeling the fabric and a hard amount of hard muscles beneath, your toes curled inside the shoes. 

    It… It worked! You were in Matt’s body! 

    You were so excited that this thing actually worked! So excited that you started to notice a tent in your… Matt’s… your pants. You wonder if this was the device’s doing. You would deal with it later…

    You turned back to see your car still parked at the edge of the road. You slowly walked towards it, getting used to Matt’s height difference. You opened the door, only to see your body, covered in shiny silver coating, and not moving. You poked at it. It felt more like a statue. Hopefully, this meant that your original body would be stuck in one place, which you could hide more easily.

    You decided you would go to Matt’s dorm, wanting to explore this body more and also looking a place to hide your original body for a while. You hopped on the driver seat of your car and started the engine, feeling wild and strong


    You looked left and right in the hallway, hoping that no one would notice you carrying a silver statue. The statue itself was surprisingly light, probably because of your host’s strength.You opened Matt’s door and was surprised to find that the room was clean. No books and papers on the floor, no leftover food trash in sight, and his bed was set tidily. You quickly closed and locked the door, setting the statue and the device just beside the bed. You took off your shoes and walked to the full body mirror. “Mmm… quite a body you have, Matt.” You smiled, rubbing his face, his chest and his… “Wow, I never thought yours could be this sensitive.” You rubbed your hands in front of the tent on your pants before slipping it free. The bulge was even more visible under the speedos. Without further thought, your hands dove under it and started to fondle Matt’s dick. It was somewhat more pleasurable than when you did it in your body. It was even more arousing with the fact that you could see your friend’s face filled with lust in the mirror, copying your exact moves. Then, you raised your left arm and flexed your massive bicep with a groan. Matt’s innocent face twisted into a douchey expression excited you so much.

    “Fuck Matt! You’re a naughty boy inside, aren’t you?”

    Before long, you spurted loads of cum into your speedos, some dripping off your legs. You were so into it that you did not notice the remote blinking green light before turning off. “Ngh… gotta clean this up soon.” *** You stepped out of the shower, naked with only towel on your waist. You winked at your reflection again and posed. After that, you made sure that you had cleaned the floor and the speedo from the mess. Eventually, you decided to wear a black hoodie, some jeans, and white Nike shoes. You walked to the mirror again, fixing your hair, and winked at yourself. “I think I’m gonna enjoy being you for a while, Romeo.”

    You were getting a hard on again just by imagining how it was like to live someone else’s life for a day. Especially Matt, the perfect golden boy. But, you realized something. You did not have Matt’s memories. Even if you two are close, you could not impersonate Matt fully without his memories and his abilities. As on cue, the device’s button started to glow, as if telling you to press it. As you did so, a cable sprouted from the back of the device and latched onto the back of your right hand. Suddenly, you felt electric shock and numbness all over your body. It spasmed a little and you experienced a mild headache before it suddenly cleared. You were in awe, because now you got all of Matt’s memories. It was more like if your brain was a computer, then you have added all of Matt’s memories as a separate folder that you could look into easily. Hence, you realized that Matt never saw you as a friend, but as someone he could use for good grades. He even was fucking your girlfriend from time to time! Soon, it became obvious that Matt loved to manipulate other people.

    “You fake ass,” you glared at your reflection. “Can’t be mad at you, though. With a body like this, I would fuck anything that moves too.”


    You attended all of Matt’s class without anyone suspecting anything. All have gone smoothly and everyone bought your nice guy persona. It probably helped that acting was a part of Matt already. After your last class, one of Matt’s friend, Trent, was calling you in the hallway.

    “Yo! Matt!” he shouted.

    You flashed a perfect smile. “Hey.”

    “You doing anythin tonight?” asked Trent.

    “No, not necessarily. Why?” you wondered.

    Trent tapped your back “I got some nice booze. Want to try it out tonight, but don’t want to make it a party, too messy. Figured I could drag you in, since you’re one of my best bros.” You thought about it, this could be the opportunity to have your revenge on Matt.

    “Yeah, sure.”

    “Good. 7 p.m. at my place.”

    *** “Glad you could come.” greeted your friend. Trent opened the door to his room, welcoming you in. Trent’s room was like the typical jock’s room, pretty messy, a clear contrast to Matt’s. “So, where is the booze?” you questioned.

    “One sec.”

    Trent’s back was facing you. You aimed the device at him and pressed the button. A jolt, then you were seeing a different view. You chuckled, turning back to see Matt’s body transformed into a statue. You press the remote again, the cable sprouted out, and your body spasmed a bit. You now had all of Trent’s memories.

    Walking to the mirror, you were surprised at what you find while sifting through Trent’s memories.

    “Oh… Oh damn…”

    Trent actually had a kink for leathers, and when you tried to look at his biker gears at the corner of the room, you were feeling aroused. In truth, Trent was not interested in motorcycling, only its leather gear. He decided to go motorcycling just to cover his kink. He just needed a justification as for why he bought the leathers. You immediately took off your clothes, your dick straightenes up, fueled by the desire of getting into the suit. You put on one of the leather suits, sliding your toned legs and arms into it, and zipping it all up. You take some pair of socks from the closet and put it on before pulling on the Sidi boots. You put the helmet on and slid your fingers into the gloves. You were now fully suited.

    Walking back to the mirror, you saw yourself in full leather gear. Trent’s libido was making your dick hard inside, so you pull off the special zipper on your crotch to let your dick free. It was a bit bigger than Matt’s. One hand started to rub it, the other was exploring your muscular body, feeling the leather against your firm skin. You clicked the toes of your boots, feeling its treads gripping to the floor and the tightness of it gripping your feet. The experience, combined with Trent’s libido was too much for you so you came straight to the mirror. 

    “… Man… *pant* that sure is something…”

    You looked back at Matt’s statue and found out that Trent was gay and attracted to the latter. An evil smirk crossed your lips as you removed your helmet and picked up the remote. A laser shot at Matt’s statue and his body turned back to normal.

    “Ugh… What happened?” asked Matt as he held his head. “Dude?! Why are you dressed like that?”

    The jock stared at your hanging dick dripping with cum. 

    “A man has needs.” You shrugged. “And don’t act all prude, aren’t you the guy who fuck his friend’s girlfriend?”

    Matt raised an eyebrow. “Huh? Did someone lie to you?”

    You shot daggers at him. “Cut the shit, bro. I’ve been inside your gorgeous body and now I’m inside your best friend.”

    “Dude, you drank too much,” mocked Matt.

    “You prolly don’t remember my name, but I’m the kid who helped you for your exams,” you said through Trent. “Remember that time when you accidentally send me a bondage pic?”

    Matt jumped back. “What?! Trent, h- how do you know that?!”

    “Because I’m not Trent, dumbass!” you yelled. “But it doesn’t matter, Trent is not the one I have a revenge against, it’s you.”

    You aimed the remote at Matt who put his hands up.

    “Wait! Wait! I got a lot of friends that you could like!” begged Matt. “Do you like old dudes? You can have my dad! Hell even my grandfather!”

    “You really are an asshole,” you said before you pressed the button.

    “Please! NO-”

    A flash of light blinded you. When your vision came back, Trent’s statue was in front of you. You looked down and caressed your hunky frame.

    “It’s great to be back inside you, motherfucker,” you taunted your host.

    You shot Trent with the remote and he came back to life. 

    “Aargh!” He gasped and noticed his sex suit. “Fuck! Matt, it’s not-”

    “Shh.” You put your index finger on Matt’s lips. “I think you’re hella hot dressed like this.”

    “Huh? I thought you were straight,” said Trent.

    You removed your hoodie and bounced your pecs. “People change.”

    Trent smiled and pulled down your jeans before he rammed his dick inside you. You moaned with Matt’s boyish voice and wrapped your sturdy legs around your friend’s waist. You bent your arms behind your head and flexed your chiseled torso. Meanwhile, Trent thrust inside you and licked your hairy armpits. 

    “I’ve wanted your tight ass for so long,” groaned Trent.

    “It’s all yours,” you purred.

    You chewed at your biceps while Trent bit your beefy pecs and pounded your ass. A mischievous smile sliced on your lips as you caught your reflection thanks to Trent’s helmet. Seeing Matt, the golden boy, the casanova, moaning and getting fucked lik a slut was putting you over the moon.

    “GAAHHH!” roared Trent as he splashed your hole with jizz.

    You squirmed and yelped before you leaned forward and kissed your friend.

    “We should do it more,” mumbled Trent.


    Tom's Slimey Experience

    OG story here:https://www.cyoc.net/interactives/chapter_147018/branch_147018.html

    Today is the first day of your holidays which you start by having a good sleep until late in the morning.  You remained home with your older brother Jacob, who is 19 years old.

     After finishing your breakfast you walk up the stairs back to your room.  You continue your walk up the stairs but fail to notice the loose piece of paper laying on the place you’re about to place your foot. You lose your balance and fall with your face fist onto the stairs.

    “What the hell?!“ 

    You are now seeing the stairs from a totally different perspective. You are as flat as the stairsteps themselves.

    “What is this?…" 

    You try to move your hand, but all you can see are waves moving in a pool of, what seems to be… green slime?

     "How did I end up like this?“ 

    You try to move further up the stairs and find it to be rather easy in your new form.

    "Hmmm… I could have some fun with this…”

    You decide to take a ‘walk’ through your house on your new form to see if anything weird will happen.

    Then suddenly your brother Jacob comes walking out of the kitchen. Shocked you quickly slither underneath the kitchen table. You climb up on the table to have a better vision of the room. From your new perspective you can see pretty much everywhere around you. On the table is glass, filled half with green pear juice.

    "Hmmm… I wouldn’t mind a sip.”

    You climb into the glass and disappear into the juice.  

     "Whoa… What’s this?“

    Without further warning, you and the juice fall out of the glass. The last thing you see is yourself and the juice on the inside of Jacobs mouth. Everything goes black as you fall down the throat. Then, Jacob walks over to the sink, cleans the glass a bit and puts it away in the dishwasher.

    He walks back up the stairs into his room and closes the door. He sits down in his couch and continues the game he was playing. "Ugh… There must’ve been a bad pear in that.” Jacob says as he grabs his stomach. “Unggg….”

    Jacob lays into his back on the bed. He closes his eyes in pain and groans. Then he faints. You slowly start to feel your limbs again. You open your eyes and recognize the ceiling.

    “Hey, that’s not…” you say in your new voice. “What…”

    You look around further and see that you’re in your brother Jacob’s room. “How did I get here?” Something feels very different to you, but you can’t seem to find what it is. You look down to the ground and recognize the pajama pants you’re wearing to be Jacob’s. You run to the bathroom and look into the mirror.

    “Holy cow!” Jacob yells at you.

    You carefully feel your new face and your muscular arms.

    “I. Am. Jacob…” you whisper while starting to smile. 

    You feel your new body up, grab your brother’s ass and squeeze it a bit before moving to your front side. You slide your hand into the pajama pants and further down into your underpants. As soon as you feel your borrowed, naked member you stroke it a bit.

    “Yeah…. Hmmm…”

    You quickly pull back your hand as you see your brother smirk in a horny way in the mirror.

    “That’s gonna take some getting used to.” You walk back into Jacob’s room. While looking at everything in the room you think, “That’s all mine now.”

    You smile and jump onto your new bed. On the bedside table you see your brother’s phone. You pick it up and unlock it by using your Jacob’s muscle memory. 

    The moment you see the home screen, you receive a message. Its Jacob’s friend Matt asking you to come over. You think… You could go see one of your brother’s friends. Or, you could enjoy your time as Jacob in a different way.  

     You think for a minute and then reply to Matt’s message. “Can’t come now, another time." 

    You put away the phone and feel your borrowed body up. Jacob and you don’t spend that much time together. You mostly spend your time in your room, gaming with friends you’ve met online, while Jacob goes out a lot and hangs with his friends. So, even though you’ve become your big brother, you might as well have possessed a stranger. You get up out of the bed and walk over to the mirror in Jacob’s room. There you look at your new self, revealing Jacob’s quite muscular chest and arms. Then, as you start to pull down your pants, you seem to experience some resistance from the growing bulge in your underpants. You pull down your pajama pants and throw them aside. Looking at Jacob’s body in the mirror makes you smile. You flex a little with your new muscles, grab your crotch and squeeze it a bit.

    One of your hand moves slowly into the underpants. A wave of pleasure overflows you as you gently stroke your brother’s dick. Looking into the mirror you see Jacob, staring at you with a horny face, asking for you to continue what you’re doing. By increasing your speed, your pleasure also greatly increases, causing you to bend your knees and close your eyes. The longer you pump, the more natural it starts to feel. It feels like you’re no longer just Tom inside Jacob, but like you are Jacob. You take off Jacob’s final layer of defense and throw the underpants onto the floor. "Unggg…..” The moment of truth is closing in and you let yourself fall onto your knees. You can feel the warm cum running through your dick under great pressure. As the cum reaches the head of your dick you are filled with pleasure and moan out loud.

    “Ungggg…” you moan as green slime starts to drip from Jacob’s cock. 

    Then the big wave follows, knocking you out and speaking your slime out of your brother’s dick onto the mirror. 

    “That was so good.” you say to your slimey self. 

    Jacob collapses onto the floor, unconscious. You slither away from him heading for the hallway. You look back at Jacob laying naked and vulnerable on the floor. You really want to.., no.., you need to be him one more time. The great feeling of being Jacob is too much for you to withstand. You move to Jacob’s helpless body and climb onto his belly. You jump and flow into his bend over cock. Jacob’s body makes a little jump, surprised by the sudden invasion. You open your eyes while the last bit of slime enters your cock. 

    “Ahhh… It’s just so good being you.” you moan in Jacob’s voice as you feel your body up. 

    You roll over the floor, touching every spot of your host.  

    “Just a little longer.” you say, looking into the mirror at your sexy body.  

    What are you going to wear today?

    My roommate Jake called out to me. His door was open and he was going thru his clean laundry standing there showing off his beautiful jock body. We don’t have class till next weeks. What do you want to do today and what are you going to wear. He asked.

    He did not know I was standing behind him in the doorway into his room stepping out of my underwear. I wish I looked that good.  I been wanting to do something with him for some time. and I mean him, I mean his body. Look at him, Tall nice build, Handsome and that ass in shorts. it stops guy in their tracks. I step up behind him. I put the needle up to his bubble of a butt and said, “I’m going to wear you”. An I ejected him. Down he went.  Blank look on his face as he fell onto of his laundry. 

    Dragging his naked body onto the floor. Clearing items away. My dick was already rock hard just thinking about it and the drugs I took so I could merge with his body might have helped.

    I climbed on top of his body. he was so much bigger then me. I stuck my dick in to his bubble of a fine ass and started pumping in and out. then I just started to get pulled in. My body started to break down and I let out every breath as more and more of me was being pulled inside him. I could feel my body spreading out inside him. I could feel my legs going inside his legs. stretching to match his inseam and size 8  feet going into his size 12. My upper body being pulled to align with his chest size 46 chest and arms and soon I was see outside his eye. His beautiful blue eye.. Then our bodied started to merge even more our minds combining all our knowledge. I knew everything about him  and everything he knows. I now had the skill to play football. but with me inside him his IQ started to go up too,

    It was not all about him. good parts of me start to surface. The best of both of us came to be. right then and there. The blending of us made the prefect guy in my book. Handsome and smart. Amazing body. I was the new and improve Jake. 

    I had to checking myself out in the mirror. OMG I was beautiful if you might ask. I had to just jump into the shower again and pop the load  just looking at us.

    Funny thing, I got dressed in his clothes and went out. everyone was calling me Jake. Not a word about me his roommate like I never was.. But I was, I was part of Jake. His friends and my friends all talked to me. Being one and the same. come Tuesday the long weekend was over. I was going to get out of him and become myself again. But I did not want to. . Come Tuesday morning I got up early. I think I pass the limed  to change us back had passed I had no choice to stay who I was.   Jake was still there and so was i. My room was empty. nothing saying I ever was even there. Hanging out with all the jocks and having pizza I forgot the time limited was coming to the end. 

    I still see myself as myself but making a better Jake in the long run.


    Envy by Erick Stratton


    Joe lived alone, and he was a lonely man. He was 44 and divorced, fat and balding. He lived in a one-bedroom apartment in a neighborhood which had perhaps 30 or 40 years ago been a flashy new development, but which was now looking awfully run-down and out-of-date. He had no pets, and no plants. He never had friends over (he never had friends), and he rarely went out besides to work – which is where this story really begins.

    Joe worked at the local high school as a janitor. He’d worked in a bank once, but that was before the divorce. Now, he spent his days pushing through crowds of noisy, rude high school students who never even gave him a second glance. He hated it and, truthfully, grew more resentful of his position in life every day. It took a while for him to get to the point where he actually wanted to do something about it – but once he got to that point, there was no stopping him.

    There was one thing in particular that Joe hated. He hated how these kids walked around in the prime of their lives, and took every moment of it for granted. None of them gave a second thought to how fortunate they were or to how easy they really had it – and the most ungrateful of them all, at least the way Joe saw it, was Matt Wendland.


    Matt was a jock, and the school worshiped him – not only the students, but all of the faculty as well. He could do no wrong, as long as he kept winning games for the football team and triumphing in wrestling matches – and as long as his parents kept donating loads of cash to the athletics department. He was beautiful, in an overtly masculine way, with a perfectly and carefully-sculpted body that no 18-year-old should rightfully have. He drove some hot new car that his parents bought for him after he had wrecked the previous one. He sported a new wardrobe every time that Hollister and Abercrombie updated their lines for the season. He had the best parties at his house, he had the best Spring Break stories to tell, he had the best girl in school in his bedroom whenever he damn well pleased. He had the best of everything, but he treated Joe like shit. Matt would blatantly toss emptied-out energy drink bottles so that they just missed the trash can – especially if he knew that Joe was watching. “Dude, just leave it,” he would say to his jock friends, “That’s what we’ve got Joe the Janitor for.” And then they would leave down the hallway chuckling and grinning and patting each other on the back. Matt would go out of his way to “accidentally” shoulder check Joe as he demonstrated the play that had won the game last weekend. Matt would carelessly lead his throngs of friends through a lobby that Joe had just mopped. Matt would tip over the trash cans in the locker room, Matt would leave cruel things written on whiteboards that he knew Joe would be coming in to clean; and Matt didn’t give a fuck about how it made Joe feel. To Matt, it was funny. Some of his friends might have known otherwise, but they would never question Matt’s authority. So they laughed along, hoping to gain (or maintain) acceptance from their idol. At first, it was enough for Joe to simply grumble things under his breath whenever Matt disrespected him. But it eventually started to wear on him, letting some 18-year-old stud humiliate him like that. And eventually it wore on him so much that he started seeing things in a very different way. Sometimes, he would imagine being on the other side of Matt’s tormenting. He would imagine being the high schooler who had no idea what it was like to see real failure in life, and who had so many good things around him that he didn’t have any need at all to respect the people and things that were below him. It would be nice to be like that, Joe thought, It would be nice to be Matt Wendland. After Joe realized that he envied Matt’s life, it took only a very short time before he was flat-out obsessed with it. At night, he would think about what Matt was doing at that particular moment. He would hear about a party that Matt was having and imagine all of the girls that were hanging off of him as he drunkenly flexed his biceps. Joe wanted to know everything that there was about Matt, so that his fantasies could be more complete; and the more he learned, the more obsessed he became. Soon, he looked forward to seeing Matt at school. He looked forward to any encounter that he would have with the jock, and departed from his scheduled duties specifically because he wanted to follow Matt around. I want to be Matt Wendland, he thought to himself. At home, Joe would clip out any newspaper article that mentioned Matt, and from this he learned things about Matt that he wouldn’t have learned from simply observing him in the hallways. He was able to piece together somewhat of a biography of Matt from mentions in the articles about his family and his history as a football player and wrestler. There was an article in one of the papers where Matt discussed what he wanted to do after high school. “A couple of schools have already offered me the chance to play on their teams, but I’m still looking forward to some more schools scouting me later in the season,” Matt was quoted. To go to college for free, thought Joe, And all I’d have to do is be on their team. After he read that article, Joe began to ferociously study the sport of football. He watched more games, checked more websites for scores and statistics, read more magazines than even the most die-hard football fans would consider to be necessary. But Joe wanted to know everything – and in fact, he did become quite knowledgeable about it. He only wished he would actually get to play, and many of his fantasies about Matt became about being on the field, scoring the winning touchdown, fucking the head cheerleader afterwards as he released into her any tension and aggressiveness that hadn’t been taken care of during the game. It was unhealthy the time that Joe spent fantasizing about things like that, it really was. But Joe hoped that it would pay off, and convinced himself that one day he really would get to be Matt Wendland. The school year was coming to a close, and the thought of Matt leaving for college was absolutely awful for Joe. He knew that if he was going to do something, he had to do it soon. He followed Matt more intently than ever, even parking across the street of Matt’s house and peering through the windows with a pair of binoculars. This way, he could see the way that Matt interacted with his family and the way that he moved around his own house. It was on one of these “observation trips” (as Joe liked to call them) that he finally figured out how he was going to do it. He noticed that Matt left his car unlocked. It was a careless thing to do, but if it got stolen his parents would probably just buy him a new one. So why would Matt care about locking it? Joe couldn’t wait to have that care-free, cocky, I-can-have-anything-I-want attitude. And so, the car had been left unlocked, and Matt had gone inside the house. Joe had to take the opportunity. He had to. He grabbed the things that he needed from his own car, and crossed the street as stealthily as he could. Ducking into the Wendland’s driveway and behind Matt’s car, he felt for the door handle while keeping his eyes on the house. The sound of the back passenger-side door opening seemed terribly loud to Joe, but his action was quick. Into the back seat he went, softly closing the door behind him. And there he waited, pressed as low to the floor as he could be. He didn’t wait long, or maybe he did. The time passed quickly because his mind was racing with the anticipation of finally having that one thing that he had envied for so long. When he heard the front driver-side door open, his heart stopped. But it was promptly closed again, and then there was Matt in the same car with Joe. It was so close now. The engine roared up, Matt pumped up his music and backed out of the driveway without any idea of what was coming. Joe let him drive for a bit. They were driving out to one of Matt’s friends’ house, which was just a little bit out of town in one of those new developments that pop up along what used to be a quiet country road. Joe knew exactly where they were going, of course. He had pretended to be mopping the locker room earlier when he heard Matt talking about the party on his cell phone. Joe lifted his head up a bit every now and again, and he knew that when he started seeing less lights and neon signs flying by, that they were getting farther and farther out of town. A few more minutes, he thought, and he smiled at hearing Matt singing along with the music, because he knew that he would have that voice soon. There were no street lights now, no headlights passing in the other direction, and Matt was cruising steadily along. This was the time, and Joe knew it. He pushed himself up from the floor of the car, slowly rising so that he was kneeling directly behind Matt. He stayed there for a moment, sniffing in the cologne that Matt was wearing. His smile became bigger, his intentions became more difficult to prolong. It was then that Matt chanced to look into his rearview mirror, and upon seeing Joe’s unkempt, scraggly, sunken face reflected there, he swerved sharply into the shoulder of the road. “Fuck!” he said, flailing his muscular arm around the back of the seat in an instinctual attempt to fight off Joe, “What the fuck are you doing! You fucking creep!” Matt kept one hand on the wheel, but the car was swerving all over the country road as he fought against Joe. The lights from the housing development came up on the horizon. “Stay calm,” Joe said. His voice was strange, loaded with both madness and joy at the same time, “You’re going to pull over. I need you to pull over.” “Fuck no!” Matt fumbled for his cell phone, “Fuckin’, there’s all kinds of fuckin’ houses up here! Somebody will see what you’re doing! You fucking creep!” “I know there are houses up there,” Joe said, “And your friend Lincoln’s house is up there, and he’s having a party, and I’m going to look great when I show up to it in your body.” “What the fuck are you talking about?! You fucking creep!” the cell phone slipped out of Matt’s hands. He swirved sharply again as he reached down to retrieve it. The phone slid out of his reach. “I need you to pull over,” Joe repeated. “I’m not fucking pulling over!” Matt returned to trying to physically attack Joe. Joe loved Matt’s arrogance, thinking that he could get out of this. From the floor of the car, Joe slowly and deliberately brought up a knife. It caught a flash of moonlight as he brought it up to the the jock’s neck and held it there. “I need you to pull over,” Joe said. And finally, Matt gave in. Matt Wendland, the super stud who didn’t appear to be afraid of anything, had fear in his eyes. Maybe he did appreciate his life after all, Joe thought. The car slowed down. Matt was shaking as he guided it to the side of the road and parked it. He left the key in the ignition. His thick chest heaved up and down a few times. It was quiet – but only for a moment before Matt courageously, if not stupidly, threw his elbow into Joe’s face with a thud. The threat of the knife instantly removed, Matt pushed the driver-side door open and, still incredibly shaken up, stumbled out of the car. Joe, of course, had anticipated something like this, and was right behind Matt without any delay. This would be the first time where all of that endless studying of football plays would come into use. Joe quickly and almost effortlessly chased Matt for ten feet or so before tackling the football player to the ground. “What the fuck do you want from me, dude?” Matt asked helplessly, choking up the gravelly dirt from the side of the road, “I’ll fucking give you whatever you want.” “Oh really?” said Joe, as he pinned the jock down and began to remove his own clothes. He was careful so that as he removed each article of clothing, he still had a firm hold on Matt. Matt continued to struggle, but Joe was a big guy. He could hold his own, and he had prepared for this. Finally he was completely nude. He was naked and on top of Matt Wendland, who was face-down in the dirt. He laughed, and it was a laugh of victory as he pushed his hand into Matt’s back. He felt no resistance. His fat hand simply slid in through the tight polo that Matt was wearing, through Matt’s skin even, and through his thick muscles. Matt screamed at the feeling of having his body so sickeningly violated – no, not violated – occupied. He was being occupied. Joe continued to push into Matt’s body, positioning his arms into Matt’s one at a time, and then slipping his legs beneath the surface. He felt his tiny cock become absorbed into Matt’s huge member. He finally pressed his torso fully into Matt’s. Matt screamed even more helplessly. “Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” he shouted out as tears streamed down his face, “Get out of me! Get the fuck out of me!” Joe took one final big breath, feeling the air come in through his own mouth but inflating Matt’s athletic lungs. And then, he closed his eyes and and pressed his face right into the back of Matt’s head. He gasped, and he tasted dirt in his mouth; and he knew instantly that it had worked. He laughed. He could do nothing else but laugh. He heard Matt’s voice coming out of his throat, and it only made him laugh more. He leaped up, feeling so strong and quick, and he stretched himself out in the moonlight. He looked down at his arms, and couldn’t wait to use them to powerfully send a football sailing through the air. He looked down at the way his pecs stretched the fabric of his tight polo – although, a change of clothing would be necessary before he went up to the party. Thinking about the party, he knew he had to get there soon, or else people would start to wonder. He made his way back to the car, feeling his strong legs underneath him as he imitated Matt’s swagger. He had tried imitating it before, but it felt so much better now that he actually had all of Matt’s body parts under his control. Joe had brought along some of Matt’s clothes – things that Matt had left laying around the locker room throughout the school year. It wasn’t going to be a particularly flashy outfit, but at least it was something that didn’t have dirt and blood all over it. Joe shamelessly stripped off Matt’s shirt. His chest was glistening with sweat. His muscles were pumped up from the struggle. He slid on the shirt that he had brought along. Next came the pants, and they fit perfectly. They were tight, but Joe liked that. He liked the feeling of having his muscles pushing the limits of his clothing. It made him feel hot. But then, he was hot now. The hottest. He tossed the dirty clothes in the trunk, and then went around to take his seat in the front of the car. Joe looked into the rearview mirror and realized that Joe the Janitor was gone. He was Matt now. Matt Wendland, the guy that everybody envied. He smiled, and Matt smiled back. He thought about the nice cold beers he was going to have at the party, and the hot chicks that were going to be all over him all night. He thought about stumbling home drunk at the end of the night and trying to avoid his father, he though about the hangover the next morning, the crunch to get all of his homework done before school on Monday; and he thought about everything that was to come after that. And he laughed. He could do nothing else but laugh. He turned the keys, which were still in the ignition, flipped on the headlights, and pulled out once again onto the quiet country road, knowing that he had nothing to envy any more.

    Take, take, take


    I read the text and threw the mobile across the room. “Damn-it.”

    A quiet life, that’s all I wanted, but everywhere I stopped people took it away. It had been three months, long enough that I thought I’d be safe. But the text had told me that they were on the way. Someone had tipped them off, and I had a good idea who was responsible. I’d been on the run; across the country. Each time I’d tried to make a home I’d get the call, giving me minutes to escape and run–again. Even if I kept to myself, people would rat me out call the AGENCY. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, was it my colour? The way I dressed–I plucked at the yellow shirt I was wearing. Maybe they were just plain scared of me–I wasn’t small, I looked after myself. The mobile bleated again, and I retrieved it from the floor. “Fuck.” I’d only had it for a few weeks, and now it was worthless. Whatever text came through was unreadable on the cracked screen. Who, who rang the AGENCY? It didn’t take long to figure it out. That jerk across the corridor in 304 had his thumb stuck up his ass so far he walked with a limp–DICK! Fucker! I had no idea how much longer I had before they’d be bursting through the door. I shuddered, remembering the cold white rooms and the sterile smell of the labs. Flinching at the memory–what was left of it–I felt a pain etch it way through my mind. They’d ripped the memories from my mind *to protect me* they told me. They had made me like this; a super soldier with a gift for espionage. I went AWOL after my last mission swearing that I wouldn’t use the gifted power again. Running, I was so tired of running, it was time for a change. I left the apartment and crossed corridor–to 304–and knocked on the door. I was going to waste this guy, make him sweat in his own skin. As the door opened, I tensed, ready to take him down. But it wasn’t who I was expecting. Instead, it was a smartly dressed teenager. He looked nervous as his eyes slowly looked up to my face. “Is your dad in?” I asked quietly.

    He nodded, and as he turned to call out, so I grabbed him. Spinning him around and placed my hand on his mouth and an arm around his torso. “Keep quiet, and relax. I’m not here to hurt you.” He nodded slowly. I could feel him shaking in my arms, and I tried to calm him down. “You’re dressed up nice, what’s the occasion.” I loosened my grip on his mouth. “It’s my birthday,” he stammered. “I’m eighteen.” “Let go of my son,” a voice growled. It was the jerk that called the AGENCY. “You called them, admit it.” “I admit nothing, we don’t want your kind around here.” I tightened my grip on the kid–just enough for him to squirm. “Ok, yes I called them. Leave my boy, just don’t hurt him. I’ll tell them you left–this morning.” “I have no intention of hurting him–for the moment,” I told him, that was not who I was now–I’d long since put that kind of work behind me. “You’ve taken away the one thing I want the most– I swallowed hard. "I just want to be left alone, I want a peaceful life.” I looked at the teenager in my arms. “Don’t be scared,” I whispered in his ear. “I promise I won’t ever hurt you, no matter what you hear me say.” “Let him go,” the jerk cried, taking a step towards me. “He’s all I’ve got left.” “BACK AWAY! "This may pinch a little,” I whispered into the kid’s ear. Once again, I called upon my training from years past–something I swore I’d never do again–but I was tired, oh so tired of running. My body started to shift; twist and bend. My broad shoulders narrowed, my thick biceps withered. My whole physique was changing, as my height reduced I watched the father’s eyes widen as I transformed into a body double of his son–barring my bronzed skin. Now a perfect replica of the kid, I pushed forward into his body–he let out a little whimper. I forced my way in, filling his entire frame. I felt his slight frame convulse as it relinquished control. I gulped for air as his memories washed over me–Kyle’s memories. I heard voices, distant. “Kyle, Kyle, are you OK?” Steadying my breathing, I looked up at his father from under hooded eyes. “You forced my hand,” I told Kyle’s father and pushed him away. “Your son is asleep,” I lied, “I’m in control of his mind and body now.” “Please stop, take me instead.” There was a knock at the door. “It’s the AGENCY, play it, cool dad. Don’t try and tell them what just happened–otherwise you’ll regret it.” I let Kyle’s persona envelop me, and my demeanour instantly softened. “I’ll be in the kitchen when you’re done talking with them–dad.” In the kitchen, I looked at myself, eighteen again. Slight, but good looking. I peered into the mirrors reflection. “I have no intention of harming you, I just need somewhere to hide. You’re shy, I know that. I’ll help you, make you stronger for when I leave,” I told Kyle’s reflection, and opened the back door. A few minutes later Kyle’s father walked in. “They’re gone. I told them I saw you leave this morning. Now please release my son.” He looked over at the back door swinging slowly in the wind. I looked up at him, and slowly patted myself down. “He’s gone dad, I saw he leave.” Relieved he wrapped his arms around me and squeezed. “Oh, I thought he was going to hurt you.” “I’m OK dad, he said he didn’t want to hurt me,” I told him, he hugged me tighter. “Just forget about him.” I Pulled myself from his grasp and smiled. “It’s my birthday today, I want to have some fun.” He looked relieved and left the room. “Yeah, this is going to work,” I told myself and snapped a picture in the mirror. “You and me Kyle, we’re going rock this world–together.”

    Get Off My Lawn!


    “Dude, you don’t think it’s weird how Jenkins won’t let anyone walk on his lawn?” asked Dustin.

    His friend Dave shrugged. “Any old guy is like that.”

    “Yeah but Jenkins used to be a cool biology teacher and then he locked himself in his house,” replied Dustin.

    “His birthday must have been last month,” suggested Dave.

    “You’re a dumbass, I’m gonna go talk to him,” said Dustin.

    Dave walked away. “Whatever, I’ll be at my crib if you look for me.”

    The young man observed Jenkins’ s house. The elderly man had put security gates in front of his lawn and tall stone walls to the sides. Dustin used to be friends with Jenkins, so he was worried for him. After he noticed a ladder nearby, Dustin put it against the stones and climbed it. He then vaulted over the wall and landed on the lawn. Cameras turned toward him while the electrical gates opened. Jenkins ran out of his house with a shotgun and pointed it at Dustin.

    “Get off my lawn!” he shouted.

    Dustin put his hands up. “Jenkins, I know you won’t hurt me, I’m your friend.”

    Jenkins trembled. “Dustin, please, go away!”

    “Why? Wh- Hey!”

    Dustin tried to get closer but his legs were bounded. He looked down and noticed vines wrapped around his feet. The young man tried to tear away the plant, but it soon slithered all around his arms. It constricted harder which made him scream. The plant opened its flower head and revealed a green ooze inside. It soon forced its flower onto Dustin’s open mouth and pumped substance inside him. Dustin choked and wrestled the vine grip, but it did not release him.

    The old man sprinted to the young man and let go of his shotgun. Once he arrived, the vine dried and collapsed. Dustin fell between Jenkins’s arms and squirmed.

    “UUnng! Mr. Jenkins, I don’t feel so good,” he moaned.

    “You gonna be okay, kiddo, just lemm-”

    “AAARGH!” Dustin winced. “Something’s inside me! It’s- It’s!”

    The young man passed out.

    Jenkins frowned. “Dustin?”

    Dustin opened his eyes again, but they were now glowing green.

    He smiled. “Hello, father.”

    “No…” The old man flinched and jumped back.

    Dustin stood up and admired his body. 

    “Damn dad, look at this host.” He caressed his pecs. “He got these handsome genes… Unlike me.”

    “Son, please, leave Dustin out of this.”

    Dustin glared at him. “Why? Because you love him more than me?! You created me, I’m your only son!” The young man flexed his left arm. “Fuck, I already love Dustin more than you love him.”

    Jenkins grabbed Dustin by the hands. “Son, if you let him go, I’ll promise I’ll never leave the house ever agan.”

    “I trust you father.” Dustin giggled. “But I love having a human body too much, I’m tired of being grass.” Dustin rubbed his abs. “I have all his memories. A goody-two-shoes jock, wasting his gorgeous body on kindness and niceness.” He smirked. “But not with me inside. All that pent-up sexuality and anger. I’ll make him a naughty boy.”

    “Bu- but son, don’t you want to make your father proud?”

    Dustin stared at him. “You’re my father, you have to be proud of me no matter what I do, right?”

    Jenkins looked down. “Yes.”

    “Good, I’ll test this amazing body around town. When I come back you better cook something tasty for me.” Dustin licked his biceps. “I want to feel food too.”

    Dustin rubbed his crotch as he strolled out of the lawn. The son was overwhelmed with joy, he had just took over the body of his rival, and now he had all of his father’s love and a seductive appearance. He clenched his fists and grinned as veins popped out. He could tell the past Dustin would feel ashamed about this, he was even shy about being shirtless, and only did it because it was too hot. But the new and improved Dustin was ashamed of nothing. He flexed his guns for a couple passing by, and both the husband and wife eye-fucked him. The jock chuckled, he felt like he could take over the world.

    The young man jogged back to his house and smashed his chest as he groaned. He loved the feeling of finally having legs, and solid athletic legs on top of that. Once at his porch, he used the key in his pocket to open the door. He was all sweaty and loved it.

    “So this is where you live Dustin? Clean and proper, fucking teacher’s pet.” 

    The shirtless boy flipped upside down a table and threw pillows out of a couch. He then grabbed an apple from the kitchen and put it against his arm. He flexed his biceps until the apple got crushed and spurted juice all over his glistening muscle.

    “NNg! Yeah, I’m a sexy beast!”

    Dustin jumped all over the couch and giggled. 

    “I’m free to do whatever I want now! I’m a grown-ass man with a powerful body, I bet father is scared of me!”

    The young man ran upstairs and sprung inside the bathroom. At soon as he saw his reflection, he glared at it.

    “I finally see you Dustin.” He touched his face. “You’re fucking beautiful. I bet you wanted to used this sweet persona and beauty of yours to steal my father away from me.” Dustin slid his face against the mirror. “A boy as gorgeous as you can only be a man-whore. Your love wasn’t as pure as mine, I would never have sex with my father, unlike you.” 

    A burning feeling suddenly grew in his crotch. The young man noticed it and leered.

    “The slut’s inside you is waking up.” 

    Dustin put down his pants with his briefs and revealed an eight-inch-long cock. He then grabbed it and stroked it.


    He used his other hand to hold himself against the sink.

    “So this is how it feels?! Gaaah!”

    Dustin jack himself up and moaned. His wide open mouth twisted into a grin as he watched his perverted self.

    “You tease, fucking bitch! You wanted to steal my father, and instead I stole your body, I stole your life!” Dustin fondled his chiseled torso. “I hate you so much! You had a girlfriend and wanted her kids just so you could become a father too and hang out with my dad!”

    The jock beat his meat and tickled his balls with the thumb. 

    “UUng! You’ll never have kids! I’ll make sure you’ll never impregnate any woman!” Dustin winked at himself. “Yeah, men with love this toned body, full of vitality and testosterone…”

    Dustin bounced his pecs as he contracted his left gun. His dick tensed as it filled with semen.

    “NNnng! Aaah! I fucking hate you Dustin! I HATE YOU!”

    The young man shot ropes of cum on the mirror as he punched his reflection. Dustin laughed as he admired his new self in the broken mirror covered in jizz.

    “I’ll make the whole town see who you really are, Dustin.” He kissed his biceps. “Yeah, it’s gonna be fun.” 

    Like Russian Dolls

    Dimitri had probably one of the strongest powers in his school, but he decided to play the long game. He faked in front of the instruction of the Super School that he could only phase through walls, but the truth is that he had ghost powers. He could float, become intangible, and of course possess people. Dimitri hide this from the school staff because he had no desire into becoming a superhero, he just wanted a nice body to start a life with. So there he was, punished for fighting with Alexei, the school main bully.

    The two of them have been sentenced to cleaning the gym, which was perfect for Dimitri. Alexei was an arrogant stupid jock, but his body was chiseled like a Greek statue. It makes sense that his powers were super-strength and super-speed, he was built for it. Of course, they were forbidden from using their powers to clean faster. One of the teachers watched over them, Mr. Chuvstva. But Dimitri had a plan.

    While Chuvstva was looking away, Dimitri became invisible. 

    “Hey! Sir, that shithead has run away!” shouted Alexei.

    The teacher squinted. “My third eye can’t see him, he must be somewhere else in the school. Wait for me, I’m coming back.”

    Mr. Chuvstva sprinted out of the room while Alexei cursed.

    “That faggot! I knew he would use his powers!”

    “Who you callin’ a faggot?” Dimitri’s voice echoed. “Aren’t you the guy who sucked off his teammates?”

    “How you know that?!” questioned the jock.

    Dimitri appeared in front of the blonde young man.

    “Wassup Alexei?” He grinned. “You see, I can phase through surfaces, but I can also phase inside people, and you’re gonna be my next victim!”

    The jock used his super speed to race to the other side of the gym and grab a metal rod. 

    “Not if I beat your ass first!” taunted Alexei.

    “Wanna play?” Dimitri disappeared.

    Alexei rushed all over the place until he lost his breath.

    “Where…” He gasped. “Is that motherfucker?”


    Dimitri materialized behind the jock and lunged from behind. His smaller frame slipped into Alexei’s beefier physique.

    “Aaargh!” groaned Alexei as he dropped the rod. “G-GET OUT!”

    The blonde young man thrashed around and grunted. His whole body vibrated as Dimitri’s ghost convulsed out of his body.

    “What’s happening?!” wondered Dimitri.

    “I got super speed, dipshit!” replied Alexei. “I can vibrate my body to phase too!”

    The two young men struggled and wrestled for the control of the jock’s body. All of a sudden, the Mr. Chuvstva came back.

    “The hell’s going on?” asked the teacher.

    Alexei winced. “HELP ME SIR! Dimitri is- UUng! He’s trying to possess my body!”

    “Don’t snitch!” yelled Dimitri.

    Mr. Chuvstva removed his glasses. “I see. Let me help you.”

    The teacher charged at Dimitri and merged with his ghost form. Then, the two pushed deeper into Alexei.

    “NNNG! W-what are you doing?!?”

    “I can possess ghosts!” declared the possessed Dimitri. “Now taking over your body should be easier!”

    Alexei ground his teeth. “NO! YOU CAN’T! UUUNGGGG!!!”

    The jock arched his back and screamed. Then, he shushed and he drooped his shoulders. He took a long breath and cracked his neck.

    “Hmm, it feels good to be young again.” Alexei opened his eyes. “And that husky voice.” He looked down at his chest. “These muscles! Make me wish to workout instead of reading occult books.”

    The possessed Alexei caressed his pecs and abs. Then, he flexed his left arm and smirked at the sight of his meaty bicep.

    “Yesss, this body wil be very useful.” The jock kissed his guns. “Stupid simple Alexei, you wanted to be a hero just for the fame and the sex? Thanks to me, I’ll make of you something ever more grand!”

    The jock ran a hand through his blonde mane. 

    “Ah, and hair again, wonderful!”

    Alexei smiled and started to hover above the ground.

    “Oh, and I still have Dimitri’s powers with it?” Doctor Death is back!”

    Alexei flew up and phased through the ceiling. Once in the sky, the stud ripped his shorts away and stood naked over the city.

    “I’ll make them treat me like I deserved to be!” He made some bodybuilder poses. “I’ll get some many whores with this body!”

    The jock rubbed his hands all over this body and then grabbed his cock with left hand.

    “Uuung! A young dick! Full of vitality and manhood!”

    Alexei chewed at his muscly free arm while he masturbated. 

    “Fuck! This meat is so tender and solid!”

    He then licked the sweat off his shaved armpit.

    “Testerone and virility! Damn, young man, why shaving? You need some hair on!” He fondled his pecs. “No more shaving anymore…”

    Alexei roared as he climaxed and rain his jizz all over the city.

    “Ooooh fuck! I’m gonna enjoy these super powers.”

    Like Russian Dolls

    Dimitri had probably one of the strongest powers in his school, but he decided to play the long game. He faked in front of the instruction of the Super School that he could only phase through walls, but the truth is that he had ghost powers. He could float, become intangible, and of course possess people. Dimitri hide this from the school staff because he had no desire into becoming a superhero, he just wanted a nice body to start a life with. So there he was, punished for fighting with Alexei, the school main bully.

    The two of them have been sentenced to cleaning the gym, which was perfect for Dimitri. Alexei was an arrogant stupid jock, but his body was chiseled like a Greek statue. It makes sense that his powers were super-strength and super-speed, he was built for it. Of course, they were forbidden from using their powers to clean faster. One of the teachers watched over them, Mr. Chuvstva. But Dimitri had a plan.

    While Chuvstva was looking away, Dimitri became invisible. 

    “Hey! Sir, that shithead has run away!” shouted Alexei.

    The teacher squinted. “My third eye can’t see him, he must be somewhere else in the school. Wait for me, I’m coming back.”

    Mr. Chuvstva sprinted out of the room while Alexei cursed.

    “That faggot! I knew he would use his powers!”

    “Who you callin’ a faggot?” Dimitri’s voice echoed. “Aren’t you the guy who sucked off his teammates?”

    “How you know that?!” questioned the jock.

    Dimitri appeared in front of the blonde young man.

    “Wassup Alexei?” He grinned. “You see, I can phase through surfaces, but I can also phase inside people, and you’re gonna be my next victim!”

    The jock used his super speed to race to the other side of the gym and grab a metal rod. 

    “Not if I beat your ass first!” taunted Alexei.

    “Wanna play?” Dimitri disappeared.

    Alexei rushed all over the place until he lost his breath.

    “Where…” He gasped. “Is that motherfucker?”


    Dimitri materialized behind the jock and lunged from behind. His smaller frame slipped into Alexei’s beefier physique.

    “Aaargh!” groaned Alexei as he dropped the rod. “G-GET OUT!”

    The blonde young man thrashed around and grunted. His whole body vibrated as Dimitri’s ghost convulsed out of his body.

    “What’s happening?!” wondered Dimitri.

    “I got super speed, dipshit!” replied Alexei. “I can vibrate my body to phase too!”

    The two young men struggled and wrestled for the control of the jock’s body. All of a sudden, the Mr. Chuvstva came back.

    “The hell’s going on?” asked the teacher.

    Alexei winced. “HELP ME SIR! Dimitri is- UUng! He’s trying to possess my body!”

    “Don’t snitch!” yelled Dimitri.

    Mr. Chuvstva removed his glasses. “I see. Let me help you.”

    The teacher charged at Dimitri and merged with his ghost form. Then, the two pushed deeper into Alexei.

    “NNNG! W-what are you doing?!?”

    “I can possess ghosts!” declared the possessed Dimitri. “Now taking over your body should be easier!”

    Alexei ground his teeth. “NO! YOU CAN’T! UUUNGGGG!!!”

    The jock arched his back and screamed. Then, he shushed and he drooped his shoulders. He took a long breath and cracked his neck.

    “Hmm, it feels good to be young again.” Alexei opened his eyes. “And that husky voice.” He looked down at his chest. “These muscles! Make me wish to workout instead of reading occult books.”

    The possessed Alexei caressed his pecs and abs. Then, he flexed his left arm and smirked at the sight of his meaty bicep.

    “Yesss, this body wil be very useful.” The jock kissed his guns. “Stupid simple Alexei, you wanted to be a hero just for the fame and the sex? Thanks to me, I’ll make of you something ever more grand!”

    The jock ran a hand through his blonde mane. 

    “Ah, and hair again, wonderful!”

    Alexei smiled and started to hover above the ground.

    “Oh, and I still have Dimitri’s powers with it?” Doctor Death is back!”

    Alexei flew up and phased through the ceiling. Once in the sky, the stud ripped his shorts away and stood naked over the city.

    “I’ll make them treat me like I deserved to be!” He made some bodybuilder poses. “I’ll get some many whores with this body!”

    The jock rubbed his hands all over this body and then grabbed his cock with left hand.

    “Uuung! A young dick! Full of vitality and manhood!”

    Alexei chewed at his muscly free arm while he masturbated. 

    “Fuck! This meat is so tender and solid!”

    He then licked the sweat off his shaved armpit.

    “Testerone and virility! Damn, young man, why shaving? You need some hair on!” He fondled his pecs. “No more shaving anymore…”

    Alexei roared as he climaxed and rain his jizz all over the city.

    “Ooooh fuck! I’m gonna enjoy these super powers.”

    Grandfather-son bonding

    “Looking good, Nate!” I told my grandson, once he was done with his night jog.

    “Grandpa, my name’s Nathaniel,” he answered with a sigh.


    “C’mon, champ, that’s an old name name, and you’re no old man, right?” I patted his back. “And these tattoos give you some edge, looking like a tough guy!”

    “I’ll take a nap upstairs.” Nathaniel walked forward, but I stopped him.

    “Hold on, cowboy.” I nodded toward the kitchen. “Go drink your Grandpa’s special juice, you still have some lifting to do.”

    “But Grand-”

    I looked at Nathaniel in the eyes. “C’mon champ, all this training has made you bigger, let’s not give up. You want to make your dad proud, right?”

    Nathaniel stared at me and frowned. “Fine…”

    He headed toward the kitchen while I scratched the back of my head.

    “Jeez, the kid has no backbone,” I muttered to myself.

    While Nathaniel was busy, I walked upstairs to my room. Once there, I used my necklace key to open a drawer which had a book inside. One of the pages had pictures similar to the tattoos I got for my grandson. I flipped through until I arrived at the chapter which had the same symbols I had tattooed on my arms. 

    “Sorry son, but your kid needs more than a man-up holiday.”  

    I lit some candles around the book and read outloud its Latin writing.

    “Im ‘agnus dei mei equi accipere. Im ‘agnus dei ride, usque non possum ultra!”

    The flames snuffed on their own while the smoke levitated around me. It envelopped clothes and devoured them. Soon, my whole being was being engulfed and became one with the mist. I smiled and flew toward the gym room. My grandson was there, being a good boy as always and doing what he was told to do. I watched as he lifted the barbells and chuckled, knowing it would soon be my turn.

    “Huh, what happened?” Nathaniel wondered, hearing me. He looked around and saw me. “What’s that thing?!”

    “Howdy, champ,” I said through my spectral mouth.”

    “Grandpa!? But how?”

    “It doesn’t matter. What does matter is what I’m gonna with you, kiddo.”

    I lunged toward my grandson and surrounded him.

    “Grandpa, what are you doing?!” Nathaniel yelled.

    “Making your dad proud.”

    I charged toward my grandson’s open mouth as his eyes glared with shock. He choked and gulped while I forced him to swallow me up.

    “HHRRRRK!” gagged Nathaniel.

    My smoky tail slipped through and my grandson thrashed around.

    “UNNNGGGG!” Nathaniel gripped at his head. “G-GET OUT!”

    He was finally fighting for once. Sadly, it was too late for last chances.


    My grandson fell down and lost consciousness. My cue. I expended my essence through Nathaniel and fitted his body like a hand puppet. I wheezed as I opened my new eyes. 

    “God, did it work?” 

    My heartbeat quickened when I heard my boyish voice. I smiled and looked at my hands. They were big, strong, and strangely enough, my tattoos had replaced Nathaniel’s. I giggled and patted my face, it was soft and with no wrinkle at all. Soon, I moved to my arms.

    “Damn, look at these guns!”

    I flexed my biceps and felt them. Excited, I leapt off the ground with ease thanks to my athletic legs. Then, I stepped toward a wall mirror and admired my reflection.

    “Hey hot stuff, you’re single?” I joked. “Hey sir, welcome to the zoo, wanna some pythons?” I flexed my biceps and laughed.

    Suddenly, my phone vibrated. It was Nathaniel’s… Well my dad now I guess. An idea flashed in my head and I took a selfie for my new father.


    Just as expected, my old man called me right after.

    “Wow, son! Your grandpa did an amazing job with you,” my dad praised.

    “You have no idea.” I chuckled to myself.

    “By the way, can I talk to him?” he asked.

    “Oh, he’s gone fishing,” I replied.

    My father rose an eyebrow. “Really? At this hour?”

    “Oh you know grandpa, always the daredevil.”

    “You’re right. Well, keep on working these muscles son! All the ladies will fight for you!”

    We said goodbyes and hung up. I fell on my back and laughed.

    “Haha! If only you knew dad…”

    I caressed my pecs through the tank top and smirked.

    “Sorry Nathaniel, but you were wasting your youth. Studying all day when you had a gorgeous face. After I’ve bulked up your body, I thought you would come around, but I guess it was meant to happen…”

    My left hand slid on my crotch and I groped it.

    “Ooooohhh… And you’ve never jack off before? Such a waste…”

    I crept my fingers under my shorts and stroked it.

    “NNNG! Yeah baby.”

    I lifted my top and fondled my abs. 

    “Fuck, I’m so hot.”

    I bit my lower lip as the stroke got harder and faster. I put up my right arm and bent it behind my head to rest it. Then, I licked my veiny bicep while sweats dripped on it.

    “I’m a fucking sex machine!”

    My dick grew larger while my strokes grew in intensity.


    I panted, closed my eyes, and arched my back. My slightly hairy legs rubbed together as precum leaked. 

    “Fuck! ARRRGHHH!”

    Rockets of cum shot all over my sturdy abs while I gasped for air.

    “Ha… Ha… No more books, only sex.”


    When I came back home, my father was saddened to learn that “Grandpa” had gone missing in the sea. He was of course happy to see that his son had became a real man, but his problems were not helped by his annoying boss who kept harassing him. One night, I found him wallowing on his bed.

    “Hey, dad, you okay?” I asked.

    “Yeah… It’s just work, you know,” he answered.

    “You know, perhaps I could help.” I showed my phone. “Look, I found your boss on Grindr.”

    My dad smiled. “Funny, but I won’t flirt with him. I’m not gay.”

    I smirked. “Well I could.”

    My father’s eyes widdened. “Huh? But-”

    “Don’t worry dad, I’m not gay. I just don’t care if it’s a guy or a girl,” I reassured him.

    “Oh ok. I don’t care if you’re gay anyway, I’m just… surprised.”

    “I understand, a hot virile man like me liking other guys? Kinda surprising.”

    My father laughed. “Don’t get cocky, son.” 

    “Why not? I got the body to be cocky with.” I flexed my arms.

    “Son, sometimes I feel like grandpa’s spirit lives through you.”

    I winked. “Perhaps his ghost even possessed me.”

    We chatted a bit before I went to my room and sent some pics to my dad’s boss.


    Just as expected, the man answered soon after with dick picks.

    “Well Nate, time to get that hole of yours stretched.”