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    So can we all just report her


    “Harassed” she attempted to poison her roommate in numerous ways, who as a result was left incredibly sick and traumatized.

    The victim, Jazzy Rowe, has a GoFundMe that I haven’t seen being spread: gf.me/u/j5anmn


    She hasn’t met her goal in 9 months.


    You may not be able to donate, but you better believe I’m judging every single one of you if you dont reblog this to atleast spread the word like yall do for all these wyt pipo claiming to need $100k for vet bills or $75k for school supplies.


    As of April 11, 2020, she still hasn’t reached her goal, please boost!!!


    This disgusting behaviour left a girl physically and psychologically ill. On top of medical bills to pay, this young woman was unable to attend school due to illness, and now has to pay for wasted student loans. She worked extra hard to get to college, only to be literally poisoned by an aggressively racist room mate, for which she continues to pay dearly. This is unacceptable.

    Please help Jazzy Rowe recover from this. If you can’t contribute financially, you can still do your part by passing this on.


    We’re a little closer!!


    People may be seeing this and thinking it’s old because they’ve seen it for a couple years now; it was created May 2018 and TODAY ( May 5th, 2020 ) she has STILL not reached her goal!! Please at least reblog and give her a boost.




    BOOST!! Even reblogging helps!!

    Listen up!

    You see a post like this? Where OP might hurt/kill themselves? You hit that button that I circled

    Hit that.

    Click Suicide or Self-harm Concern


    Fill in the rest of it, and hit submit. The "content you reported" will fill itself in

    Tumblr will follow up and help them.

    Warning: this is only for mobile. If anyone knows how to do this for desktop, please add it!

    This could SAVE SOMEONE'S LIFE.



    And yes, REBLOG. Liking does no shit at all. This isn't ig.

    You reblog, people see it. You don't, people don't see it. This shit's that simple.

    This could save someone's life. It's not a joke.


    These dudes are fucking legit.  They don’t just show up one day in court, either, they actually make friends with the kids and let them know they have a support system and that there are people in the world who care about them and will always have their back.  And less important, but also cool, is that the few times a couple of them have come into my cafe, they’ve been super friendly and polite and when I told one of the guys that I noticed his Bikers Against Child Abuse patch and wanted him to know how awesome I thought he was because of it, he got kind of shy and blushed and said, “The kids are the awesome ones, we just let them know they’re allowed to be brave.”


    The source is long, but so, so good. These men and women are available in 36 states, 24 hours a day to stand guard at home, in court, at school, even if the child has a nightmare. Many of them are survivors of childhood abuse as well, and know what it’s like to feel scared and alone.

    In court that day, the judge asked the boy, “Are you afraid?” No, the boy said.

    Pipes says the judge seemed surprised, and asked, “Why not?”

    The boy glanced at Pipes and the other bikers sitting in the front row, two more standing on each side of the courtroom door, and told the judge, “Because my friends are scarier than he is.”


    Actual tears.. hnngh


    Show me more of people like this, world. I give up on humans too easily.


    where do i sign up for this,i want to be in this gang


    This is fucking amazing. It may be out of character for me to say this but rock on


    Bikers Against Child Abuse was founded in 1995 by a Native American child psychologist whose ride name is Chief, when he came across a young boy who had been subjected to extreme abuse and was too afraid to leave his house. He called the boy to reach out to him, but the only thing that seemed to interest the child was Chief’s bike. Soon, some 20 bikers went to the boy’s neighborhood and were able to draw him out of his house for the first time in weeks.

    Chief’s thesis was that a child who has been abused by an adult can benefit psychologically from the presence of even more intimidating adults that they know are on their side. “When we tell a child they don’t have to be afraid, they believe us,” Arizona biker Pipes told azcentral.com. “When we tell them we will be there for them, they believe us.
    ( Article)

    More about BACA, from their site


    My parents are a part of this organization and they are metal af

    They go on runs to protect the child if they feel even the slightest threatened no matter where. If the child needs them to go on vacation with them, they do. Bikers come from across the nation to watch over and take shifts for these kids. And the best part is once you’re adopted into this family as a BACA kid, you’re always one. Even when you’re 40 and the perp gets released from jail, they’ll come meet with you and find your best options for avoiding the person and maintaining the life you’ve built for yourself. Once a BACA child, always a BACA child. In Florida, there’s 100% rate for identifying the perp based on the child’s testimony. Why? Because BACA stands with the child and supports the child so they feel comfortable enough to point out their attacker.

    What’s better than a badass biker gang being on your side???




    it’s back! I will always reblog BACA


    Damn good people.


    I know they wouldn’t consider themselves such, but these people are freaking heroes and the world is a better place because of them. 


    Hey folks, it talks about this in the article but its not mentioned in this post, BACA is a 501 © (3) charity that depends in part on donations to help pay for stuff like gas for their bikes. If you want to help, consider donating


    @copperbadge You like posting about heroes, Sam. Seems like this would be up your alley.


    I love these folks! I’ve reblogged them before but it’s wonderful to see the donation information has been added. 


    Always reblog. Keep doing what you’re doing y'all.


    Guys? This post changed my life. I saw this post. Forever ago. And thought it was only in america… and wished desperately that they could help me. But then I saw it again, during a bad episode, and checked their site. They aren’t just in the USA

    They’re in Canada as well and probably other countries. I met and talked with a native guy who runs the place near me. His name is Shaman. I got in, and I’m considered a BACA child now. Despite being 17, turning 18 when I talked to them. They spent time with me when my abuser was over, they gave me therapy resources. They give you something called a ‘level 1′ where they go to your house with as many bikers as they can, i shit you not a solid 20-40 bikers came from even out of province, and met me. I got to choose my biker name and I got a vest with patches on it and my name on it. They all hugged a Teddybear before giving it to me, and told me if I ever felt the BACA bear was running out of love, to give them a call and they’d refill it for me, and then I got a ride on one of their bikes. Just a day or so ago I went to an annual party with them and they we ate food one of them cooked and had a lot of laughs. 

    I’ve never felt as loved as I did being a part of the BACA family. They also gave me dog tags with the names, and phone numbers of my 2 workers.  So I can call them whenever I feel scared. 

    BACA is an absolutely wonderful group that will do everything in it’s power to help any child whos been abused. 

    And it doesn’t end when you’re 18 either. As long as you get in contact/get your level 1 before you’re 18? you’re ALWAYS a BACA kid. I’m 18 now and they still invite me to parties, ask me if I’m okay, and are there for me. They’re still trying to find me resources for therapy. 

    BACA has changed my fucking life. 

    I hope you all can read this, and reblog it knowing from someone who fucking been with them, that they are absolutely amazing. 


    If I ever don’t reblog this, it’s because I am physically being restrained against my will.


    Supporting your local hero’s.


    FUCKEN AMAZING what these Bikers do!!!! This is why I don’t give up on humanity…

    💞🖤💞 Carpe Diem 💞🖤💞


    Need to be mindful for our feathered friends!


    I’ve queued this to post around the time that alot of babies will be hatching.

    Go buy some frozen veggies and feed the babies


    It is baby season right now. A lot of babies are being born right now and people keep bringing them into the sanctuary. Sometimes its best to leave them alone.

    I feel so broken sometimes. When my partner tells me how he feels about me, I keep questioning myself, why can't I feel the same way? Why don't I have the need to have him here with me? Or getting happy when he thinks about me? I just can't reciprocate his feelings and it's killing me inside. And keeping quiet about it for his sake is just wearing me down. I know I should just tell him, but I don't want to hurt him, I hate it when he cries because of me. I love him, but I can't love him like he wants me to. I hate this, and I hate myself.

    Hey, there. This is a long one, so apologies in advance.

    So I'm a single income nonbinary person. I have $10k of medical debt that I'm whittling away at. I've been working on finding housing for months, and finally may have something lined up. I'm saving up for the deposit and first month of rent and utilities, but they don't accept applicants who have delinquent accounts or accounts in collections. I have an account in collections thanks to my ex-husband. He closed his part of an old phone contract but didn't tell me I had to fully cancel it on my end since I was the account owner so it's been building up since June 2018. I was first told in November 2020. I've been fighting it for months but I just have to pay it because it's under my SSN. It tanked my credit score by 150 points. It's $350 and I can't afford to pay that on top of trying to handle my debt AND saving up for the deposit while handling my current expenses.

    I wouldn't ask if this hadn't become time sensitive. I haven't had a room since November, and I just want a door I can shut.

    TLDR: I need help with a $350 debt that isn't my fault to clear my credit report so I can get an apartment.

    Anything and everything is super appreciated. I do my best to pay things like this forward, financially when I can, through actions when I can't.

    Venmo is @/rileroni

    Cashapp is $rileroni

    Paypal is rileroniandsaycheese/@/gmail(dot)com

    Hey, my name is Valentine and this is my girlfriend Brooke.

    We are two disabled nonbinary/trans (I am TME) lesbians, and I'm kindly asking for donations to prevent us from collapsing into a pit of debt.

    Currently we are a sole income household as Brooke cannot find work as a disabled trans woman, especially with COVID concerns and my compromised immune system (I am currently working from home).

    I recently missed over a weeks worth of work due to my chronic illness, and took three separate ambulance trips to the hospital. Due to the missed hours and ambulance bills, we are now deep in the negative.

    I am nearly $500 in overdraft in my chequing account, and nearly $200 over the limit on my credit card. I have a bi weekly loan payment of $150 that is withdrawn from my chequing account on the 16th and 30th of each month, which I can not afford to have bounce back. Every day I am unable to pay the credit card down to below the limit, I am charged a $30 over-limit fee. Here are some photos of my bank account right now:

    My goal is $700 CAD to help us get out of this financial hole, and prevent any further unaffordable bank fees from piling up. Please ignore my deadname:

    If you have any questions, or would like further information please do not hesitate to ask, as I am willing to provide any additional proof! Any help is appreciated, and thanks so much for reading.



    Google BetaBooks. Do it now. It’s the best damn thing EVER.

    You just upload your manuscript, write out some questions for your beta readers to answer in each chapter, and invite readers to check out your book!

    It’s SO easy!

    You can even track your readers! It tells you when they last read, and what chapter they read!

    Your beta readers can even highlight and react to the text!!!

    There’s also this thing where you can search the website for available readers best suited for YOUR book!

    Seriously guys, BetaBooks is the most useful website in the whole world when it comes to beta reading, and… IT’S FREE.




    They also sent me this; which was super cool


    *slams reblog button*


    @findingtallahassee holy shit! This is cool!


    “Authors retain all rights to works posted on BetaBooks, and can add or remove content at their discretion. BetaBooks makes no claim to any of the work posted on the site.”

    Incase anyone was wondering


    Thank you for sharing! Especially about the copyright protection


    This is fantastic! I’ve shared it with all my writer friends and hope that they have a ton of success!


    Are you trapped on tumblr right now?

    Is there something you planned to do before you got trapped in the endless tumblr scroll?

    Are you yelling at yourself to get up and do the thing, but you can’t, because you’re trapped in the endless tumblr scroll?

    Consider this your save point.

    Put tumblr down, stand up, stretch, and go do the thing you planned to do. Future you will be incredibly grateful.


    Things people in the notes have been able to do thanks to this post:

  • eat breakfast
  • go to bed
  • get out of bed
  • take a shower
  • write
  • practice
  • watch Superman Returns and write a paper on it
  • retain shreds of sanity
  • I need y’all to know that you’re doing amazing, and I’m so glad that I was able to help you break out of a procrastination loop you did not want to be stuck in.


    Me: can’t bring myself to study for midterms

    This post:


    This is how the golden age of piracy ended.


    The first mermaid to get tattoos :)


    “we didn’t know any better,” the crewman says, and swallows, presenting the chest to the captain. “what do we do now?”

    “kill it,” the captain says, but the ice is melting in his eyes.

    “we can’t,” the first mate says desperately, praying she won’t have to fight her captain on this. “we can’t. we - i won’t. we won’t.”

    “i know.”


    “daddy,” she says, floating in a tub of seawater in the hold, “daddy, la-la, la-la-la.”

    her voice rings like bells. her accent is strange; her mouth isn’t made for human words. it mesmerises even the hardiest amongst them and she wasn’t even trying. the crew has taken to diving for shellfish near the shorelines for her; she loves them, splitting the shells apart with strength seen in no human toddler, slurping down the slimy molluscs inside and laughing, all plump brown cheeks and needle-sharp teeth. she sometimes splashes them for fun with her smooth, rubbery brown tail. even when they get soaked they laugh. they love her.

    “daddy,” she calls again, and he can hear the worry in her voice. the storm rocking the ship is harsh and uncaring, and if they go down, she would be the only survivor.

    “don’t worry,” he says, and goes over, sitting next to the tub. the first mate, leaning against the wall, pretends not to notice as he quietly begins to sing.


    “father,” she says, one day, as she leans on the edge of the dock and the captain sits next to her, “why am I here?”

    “your mother abandoned you,” he says, as he always has. “we found you adrift, and couldn’t bear to leave you there.”

    she picks at the salt-soaked boards, uncertain. her hair is pulled back in a fluffy black puff, the white linen holding it slipping almost over one of her dark eyes. one of her first tattoos, a many-limbed kraken, curls over her right shoulder and down her arm, delicate tendrils wrapped around her calloused fingertips. “alright,” she says.


    “why am I really here?” she asks the first mate, watching the sun set over the water in streaks of liquid metal that pooled in the troughs of the waves and glittered on the seafoam.

    “we didn’t know any better,” the first mate says, staring into the water. “we didn’t know- we didn’t know anything. we didn’t understand why she fought so viciously to guard her treasure. we could not know she protected something a thousand times more precious than the purest gold.”

    she wants to be furious, but she can’t. she already knew the answer, from reading the guilt in her father’s eyes and the empty space in her own history. and she can’t hate her family.

    “it’s alright,” she says. “i do have a family, anyways. i don’t think i would have liked my other life near as much.”


    her kraken grows, spreading its tendrils over her torso and arms. she grows too, too large to come on board the ship without being hauled up in a boat from the water. she sings when the storms come and swims before the ship to guide it to safety. she fights off more than one beast of the seas, and gathers a set of scars across her back that she bears with pride. “i don’t mind,” she says, when the captain fusses over her, “now i match all of you.”

    the first time their ship is threatened, really threatened, is by another fleet. a friend turned enemy of the first mate. “we shouldn’t fight him,” she says, peering through the spyglass.

    “why not?” the mermaid asks.

    “he’ll win,” the first mate says.

    the mermaid tips her head sideways. Her eyes, dark as the deep waters, gleam in the noon light. “are you sure?” she asks.


    the enemy fleet surrenders after the flagship is sunk in the night, the anchor ripped off the ship and the planks torn off the hull. the surviving crew, wild-eyed and delirious, whimper and say a sea serpent came from the water and attacked them, say it was longer than the boat and crushed it in its coils. the first mate hears this and has to hide her laughter. the captain apologizes to his daughter for doubting her.

    “don’t worry,” she says, with a bright laugh, “it was fun.”


    the second time, they are pushed by a storm into a royal fleet. they can’t possibly fight them, and they don’t have the time to escape.

    “let me up,” the mermaid urges, surfacing starboard and shouting to the crew. “bring me up, quickly, quickly.”

    they lower the boat and she piles her sinous form into it, and uses her claws to help the crew pull her up. once on the deck she flops out of the boat and makes her way over to the bow. the crew tries to help but she’s so heavy they can barely lift parts of her.

    she crawls up out in front of the rail and wraps her long webbed tail around the prow. the figurehead has served them well so far but they need more right now. she wraps herself around the figurehead and raises her body up into the wind takes a breath of the stinging salt air and sings.

    the storm carries her voice on its front to the royal navy. they are enchanted, so stunned by her song that they drop the rigging ropes and let the tillers drift. the pirates sail through the center of the fleet, trailing the storm behind them, and by the time the fleet has managed to regain its senses they are buried in wind and rain and the pirates are gone.


    she declines guns. instead she carries a harpoon and its launcher, and uses them to board enemy ships, hauling her massive form out of the water to coil on the deck and dispatch enemies with ruthless efficiency. her family is feared across all the sea.


    “you know we are dying,” the captain says, looking down at her.

    she floats next to the ship, so massive she could hold it in her arms. her eyes are wise.

    “i know,” she says, “i can feel it coming.”

    the first mate stands next to the captain. she never had a lover or a child, and neither did he, but to the mermaid they are her parents. she will always love her daughter. the tattoos are graven in dark swirls across the mermaid’s deep brown skin and the flesh of her tail, even spiraling onto the spiked webbing on her spine and face. her hair is still tied back, this time with a sail that could not be patched one last time.

    “we love you,” the first mate says simply, looking down. her own tightly coiled black hair falls in to her face; she shakes the locs out of the way and smiles through her tears. the captain pretends he isnt crying either.

    “i love you too,” the mermaid says, and reached up to pull the ship down just a bit, just to hold them one last time.

    “guard the ship,” the captain says. “you always have but you know they’re lost without you.”

    “without you,” the mermaid corrects, with a shrug that makes waves. “what will we do?”

    “i don’t know,” the captain says. “but you’ll help them, won’t you?”

    “of course i will,” she scoffs, rolling her eyes. “i will always protect my family.”


    the captain and the first mate are gone. the ship has a new captain, young and fearless - of the things she can afford to disregard. she fears and loves the ocean, as all captains do. she does not fear the royal fleet. and she does not fear the mermaid.

    “you know, i heard stories about you when i was a little girl,” she says, trailing her fingers in the water next to the dock.

    the mermaid stares at her with one eye the size of a dinner table. “is that so?” she hums, smirking with teeth sharper than the swords of the entire navy.

    “they said you could sink an entire fleet and that you had skin tougher than dragon scales,” the new captain says, grinning right back at the monster who could eat her without a moment’s hesitation. “i always thought they were telling tall tales.”

    “and now?”

    “they were right,” the new captain says. “how did they ever befriend you?”

    the mermaid smiles, fully this time, her dark eyes gleaming under the white linen sail. “they didn’t know any better.”


    She protects her family.