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    what does daddy do to make you feel baby in public?

    the real question is what doesn't daddy do! hehe jk here are some of my favorites:

  • grabs my hand when crossing the street <3
  • has me hold one or two of his fingers while walking(!!!!)
  • guides me places
  • orders for me at restaurants :)
  • checking me of course 🙈
  • asking if i need to go potty
  • drives everywhere while i'm a passenger princess/always knows which direction to go when we're going somewhere
  • when i ask him if im allowed to get something and he says no
  • when i ask him if im allowed to get something and he says yes
  • cuts up my food for me or feeds me some of his dish so i can try it
  • when he pays for things/makes me feel taken care of/surprises me with something
  • when he picks out my outfits- there's just a certain feeling to being in public in whatever someone else picked out for you!
  • diaper pats (separate from the aforementioned checking)
  • plays games with me or goes on the swings with me at the park!
  • threatens me to behave just quietly enough for no one to hear but still enough for me to get nervous
  • makes me use my paci/sippy during some car rides (with bun bun riding shot gun of course) 
  • plans amazing dates!
  • makes me pack 'a spare' and carry it around all day
  • making me wet myself and having to change in a public restroom
  • basically, all of this makes me feel like he's in control and i trust him and don't have to worry about anything :) some of it's a tad embarrassing but overall it's adorable and endearing stuff <3


    this is amazing!

    Jennifer and Elisa Part 2

    The long awaited second chapter comes now, folks!

    Grab ya baba, paci, stuffed animal and get reading!

    Chapter 2 - Ground (lost) Control to Major Baby

    Elisa grabbed Jenny sobbing loudly by her knees and neck, and went to enter Jenny's house.

    "Everything is going to be okay, Jenny, I promise you"

    While Jenny tried to bury her face in Elisa's shoulder.

    She proceeded then to unlock the door. As they entered, Elisa took Jenny directly to the bathroom upstairs, put her on her feet, still sobbing and having hiccups, and said "Let me give you a shower, hunny. Let's change you out of this messy pullup. I'm going to fill the bathtub, and after that I'll order somethings for you to fell mor comfortable these days. Just trust me."

    Elisa pulled Jenny's pants down, only to find that her accident was destructive, there was mushy poo all over her thighs, up to her lower back.

    "Jenny, put your thumb in your mouth, suck it a little bit while it remove your diaper and clean a little bit of the mess, and the tub is filling"

    She grabbed the toilet paper first, to remove the excess, then cleaned her the wipes. And trust me, fellow reader, she used a lot of wipes.

    Tub filled, Jenny went in holding Elisa's shoulder, only with one hand, she was still sucking vigorously her thumb.

    Elisa threw in some bath salts, to make Jenny more and more comfortable.

    She started washing Jenny's back, massaging her shoulders and neck and giving smooches on her cheeks.

    "I'm so (hic) emba (hic) embarrassed (hic) I can't believe (hic)"

    "Sweetie, from now on, let's forget about all of your problems, I'm going to take care of everything to you. This week, there's no school or college to you. There will only be love, relaxation and fun."

    "P-p-promise me?"

    "Yes my lovey dovey baby, Mommy will take good care of you"

    Jenny heard her new proclaimed Mommy's words and cried, again, this time of joy.

    Elisa finished washing and cleaning Jenny, she took her out of the tub and rolled her on a fresh towel. Drove her to bed, dried all her body and lightly her long brunette hair. She took full attention on Jenny's princess parts, cream and powder, and slid a fresh pull up on her.

    "Okay baby, now let's put you in some comfy clothes, a long shirt so you can watch some cartoons, while mommy does some shopping and places an order for somethings to you"

    With her thumb again in, Jenny said " Otay, Mummy"

    Elisa went in the closet and grabbed a large t-shirt from Jenny's college, what made an awesome contrast, I might say. Jenny felt weird but didn't complain. They then went downstairs so Elisa could work on her new baby's shopping list.

    Jenny was sitting on the floor while still sucking her thumb and Elisa on the couch, searching the internet on her phone for the desired baby items she needed to care for Jenny this next week. Little did she know, that there is an enormous market for adult babies items, and she got so happy that her cart on Amazon prime was huge! Money wasn't a problem, Jenny's parents left her a credit card for all her needs and wants. Her shopping cart had all sorts of adult diapers, two adult pacifiers, both white and pink, a big baby bottle, also two normal size bottles, because she thought would be very cute, and to separate the one to be for milk and the ones for juice and other liquids, some formula, some baby food jars, applesauce, yogurt, and some more wipes and rash cream. The list was perfect, and plan was perfect. The order would be delivered by tomorrow morning, but there was an option for her to pick it up in 50mins if payed now. That was the most ideal situation, put Jenny for a quick nap in 30mins or so, drive to pic up the order and be home before she'd be awake.


    Jenny was still asleep when Elisa got back home with her trunk full of goodies. She pick Jenny up again by the legs and neck, and put her to bed so she could bring the all of her new baby's items.

    After bringing it all upstairs to Jenny's room and leaving some in the kitchen, she went back downstairs to prepare a bottle for when Jenny woke up.

    With a warm bottle of sweet milk on hand, Elisa went upstairs to check Jenny's diaper and change her into a new one, this time thick and baby printed adult one.

    "Hello my sweet baby, Mommy is here to change you"

    Jenny turned around on her back and said a very sleepy "Noooo"

    Elisa removed Jenny's thumb for her moth and slid the bottle's nipple in her mouth, only to find Jenny sucking the milk with ease and hunger. She retrieved a thick diaper from the pack, tore the sides of her soaking wet pull-up, cleaned her with wipes and slid the new thick diaper under her bum, cream and powder applied, she glued the tapes, and sat jenny up on her lap, to finish her baba.

    Jenny finished her milk, opened her eyes and Mommy was holding a white and pink pacifier. Two finger taps on baby's chin, Jenny opened her mouth and sucked on her new paci.

    "See babygirl, Mommy promised and here's your answer. You're already in a new diaper, had a baba, have a new paci and this week you'll only worry to relax and have fun" her words were followed by a strong hug "Fank u, Mommy, I Wuv you"

    "Oh baby, Mommy loves you too, but we need to stablish some rules for the week and for our upcoming theme park trip. You're not going to use the toilet for any reasons. You're diapered all day and night, no excuses, Only mommy changes you. If you don't behave, punishments will be applied. You're having baby meals from now on, no grown up food or drinks." Jenny's eyes grew wide and full of tears.

    " Don't you try to fool me with those kitty cat eyes, babygirl. And about the theme park next weekend, you're going, don't worry, but you're going in diapers, and Mommy will take you to the softest rides and attractions, no high roller coasters, you don't have enough maturity for those."

    Jenny could only agree with Elisa, I mean, Mommy. After waking up in several wet diapers, having a messy accident in Ms. Datana's car, and being the one with a pacifier in her mouth, after having a bottle of warm milk, there was no turning around or changing of mind. She simply hug Mommy and said "I agwee, Mummy, me is not mature for gwown up stuffs"

    "That's right, babygirl, now let's get you downstairs to have some fun and watch educational cartoons, you could also draw a very nice drawing for mommy"

    And that was the starting of Jenny's last communication with the adult world. At least until Mommy decides she is ready to face it again.

    Lost Control to Major Baby, Over.

    Major Baby, are you wetting your diaper without even knowing.


    Hope you're liking how's it going, peeps!

    I'm still open for suggestions, ideas.

    What do you think must happen to Jenny and Elisa next?

    Leave your comments!

    Jennifer and Elisa - Part 2

    Hello everyone and everybaby, since ahoneymoss deactivated his account in 2018, it's been about 5 years, so I decided to write a second part of this kinda short story the keeps popping up on everyone's feed every once in a while up here.


    Chapter 1 - The Yogurt Accident

    Elisa didn't want to talk about Cindy's condition, specially in public and considering that there wasn't only her sister in diapers at the moment.

    Ms. Datana took Cindy to the toilet where she changed her younger daughter into a fresh pair of Goodnites.

    Ms Datana then said:

    - All right girls, are we ready to go home? Or do you need something else?

    Jennifer was finishing her last spoon of Yogurt

    - I'm good, ma'am (slurp) thanks for asking.

    - Honey, mind your manners! This is not how we talk to grown ups, not with our mouths full.

    Elisa said directly to Jenny with an embarrassed look and pinching har arm's back.

    Jenny swallowed her yogurt at once and said - Sorry ma'am! Making a painful face.

    - It's not that bad, Elisa! Come on, your girlfriend is not a child, and Cindy does the same everywhere, and I don't pinch her everytime she does it.

    Ms Datana answered.

    - Well, mother, I have to make sure she isn't being unpolite to others.

    - Alright, alright, let's not start s discussion over this.

    After Jennystopped feeling her arm because of her girlfriend's pinch, something else started to happen inside of her. Something she didn't remember to feel in a long time, but reminded her of the feeling she had that one time she ate oatmeal as an afternoon snack. She simply decided to let it go for a moment, it wasn't bothering as much.

    So they continued window shopping a bit in their way to the parking lot. Jenny still felt her stomach and some cramps starting.

    They arrived to Miss Datana's car and entered. Cindy in the front seat, Jennifer and Elisa in the back row.

    - Elisa, I'm not feeling so good. I think the yogurt did something to my tummy. Said Jenny with a very sad face.

    - It's okay, honey, we're almost home, my mom will leave us first at your house, and I'll give you some tea to make you fell better. Elisa said hugging Jenny's head and laying it to her shoulder.

    Little did Elisa know that Jenny's cramps were getting stronger and stronger, every minute that passed on.

    With a frown and holding both hands over her stomach, Jenny said - Elisa, I'm really really not feeling nice, something is wrong!

    At this very moment when she finished talking, a very loud fart came out of her stinking the whole car.

    Cindy covered her nose and joked - OMG! Jenny! You're rotten on your insides! Geez!

    Ms Datana slapped Cindy's thigh and yelled at her - Shut up, now, Cindy or you're grounded for a month, and I'll find someone else to go the park with Tammy and the girls! Jenny, do you need me to stop? Need to throw up?

    - No Ma'am, it just hurts a lot. I want to get to bed as soon as possible.

    A couple minutes later in the drive, Elisa looking at her phone, holding Jenny's head and curling her hair on her finger, she heard a loud noise coming from Jenny's tummy. That noise did not come alone, it came with Jenny's cheeks getting red and redder. She knew exactly what had happened. Jenny started crying, very loudly. She felt a warm and mushy mass of poop filling her already soggy pull up from back to front, reaching her pussy.

    - Oh baby, it's okay, don't you worry, that's what diapers are for. Good thing you weren't that wet when we left the mall.

    The crying just increased, and the smell penetrated every single inch of the car. It was a cold day, so the windows were all up.

    Jenny didn't move a muscle to not make her mess worse or leave a trail in the backseat of Elisa's mom car.

    After a couple more minutes, they arrived at Jenny's house, Elisa left the car to pick Jenny up in her arms, to avoid anything worse.

    They entered the house with Jenny sobbing more than a real baby when is severely hurt, trying to hide her face in Elisa's shoulder.

    Continues ...

    Please leave your comments, feedbacks, suggestions, ideas, critics, everything is well accepted!

    This is the first story I'm trying to write or continue in a long time, so if you find any mistakes, please tell and let me correct

    See you next chapter!!

    You Must Wear Nothing but a T-shirt and Your Diaper!

    Now that you’ve read my command, you’re only allowed to wear a T-shirt and a diaper for the rest of the day and through the night. No socks, no bottoms, and definitely no skirts! Mommy always needs to be able to check your diaper to see when you need a change, and we both know that you need constant check-ups throughout the day.

    Like this post to show me that you’re going to follow my command to the letter, then reblog this so that others must follow my command.

    Follow me for more fun commands in the future! If you have any ideas for some fun commands, let me know!

    My dad and I once had a disagreement over him using the adage "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

    I said, "That's just not true. Sometimes what doesn't kill you leaves you brittle and injured or traumatized."

    He stopped and thought about that for a while. He came back later, and said, "It's like wood glue."

    He pointed to my bookshelf, which he helped me salvage a while ago. He said, "Do you remember how I explained that, once we used the wood glue on them, the shelves would actually be stronger than they were before they broke?"

    I did.

    "But before we used the wood glue, those shelves were broken. They couldn't hold up shit. If you had put books on them, they would have collapsed. And that wood glue had to set awhile. If we put anything on them too early, they would have collapsed just the same as if we'd never fixed them at all. You've got to give these things time to set."

    It sounded like a pretty good metaphor to me, but one thing I did pick up on was that whatever broke those shelves, that's not the thing that made them stronger. That just broke them. It was being fixed that made them stronger. It was the glue.

    So my dad and I agreed, what doesn't kill you doesn't actually make you stronger, but healing does. And if you feel like healing hasn't made you stronger than you were before, you're probably not done healing. You've got to give these things time to set.


    Daddy was using the apartment bathroom like a good boy, when he heard baby outside the door. He couldn’t just miss the opportunity to humiliate baby and get her back into diapers. He waited till she was done shitting before opening the door, “Everything alright sweetheart?” knowing she had just messed her booty shorts.

    “I pooped my pants daddy, why were you being such a meanie, not letting me in.”

    Ignoring his little slut, he replied, “It’s alright sweetie, I still have some pull ups, lets get you changed.”

    She nodded, whimpering, but she knew she was too much of a baby for big girl pants, so she went with daddy to get diapered.