glory to mankind

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    "wow you blocked me just cuz i disagreed with you???"

    yes. yes, exactly. this is a social media site. i come here to look at pictures of birds and shitpost with my friends. this is not a town hall meeting; i am not your elected official. i do not owe you my energy, my space, or my time. you and i are strangers that use the same website. i can block you for literally any reason and that's okay. take a deep breath. block me too. you'll feel better.

    Hearing the occasional bit about Alphinaud’s past is hilarious because it’s always about how he got in arguments with seniors about academia or how he’d spend time learning to draw or do other things to impress girls, and how he had game because his twin sister apparently got mistaken for him a few times and his girls would whisper sweet everythings into her ears meant for him.

    You spend a lot of time thinking he was a bookworm but he was actually a short king living his best life all along. Pocket chad.