I want to draw something SO gay and sapphic and hot and tender that it shocks ppl 😤


    Okay but I DO remember in middle school when I saw this sapphic drawing of two girls with glow in the dark lipstick and in the dark you could see everywhere they had kissed. In the drawing I think they were just in a dark setting holding hands, maybe at like a party or park at night or something I can’t remember.

    One of them had like really sweet and loving kisses in really innocent places and the it was so sapphic and cute AND THE OTHER GIRL HAD LIPSTICK MARKS EVERYWHERE LIKE EVEN ON HER V-LINE AND i think thats why im bisexual its all the artistic community’s fault

    Anyways i have to search my old phone for that art it was fucking incredible I ALSO THINK ITS A GOOD CONCEPT FOR ARTISTS especially for characters who differ in personality showing the contrast in how they show physical affection towards each other VERY COOL


    omg?? this sounds SO cute I need to see it,, I also love the idea of it being hidden in the dark in a way it adds layers to the sapphicness


    @vaniloqu3nce was is this?



    Dude you are so fucking incredible WHAT HOW DID YOU FIND THIS I WAS LOOKING SO FUCKING HARD


    Man, I hope that girl managed to figure things out.


    I distinctly remember during Ye Olde Hellish Childhood Days of being dragged to Baptist churches this one guest preacher that went on and on about how important it is for Christian men to be friends with other Christian men but how difficult it is for men to have friends, because of course when you become friends with another man you will naturally want to have sex with him, so the temptation, y'know? It's tough, resisting those urges to have sex with all your man friends when you're a man, all you men know what I mean. It's so hard. You must be Very Strong In Your Faith before you can handle the responsibility of being friends with another man, so you will be able to Resist The Devil and not have sex with them.

    14 year old me sat there in my pew, thinking. I think I know something about this man that he does not know.


    Me, also in highschool: I don't get why everyone is so bitchy about gay marriage. Who gives a shit if a guy decides he'd prefer to marry a guy? It literally does not matter. So what if a girl meets a girl and wants to kiss her? Obviously I'm straight, but maybe I'd get gay married if I met the right person. Maybe you find someone you click with. Why does it matter*

    *sincerely believing that everyone was attracted to every gender the same amount, but heterosexuality was the *choice* to exclude same-sex opportunities, because religion maybe?


    Normalize going into people’s ask boxes and ask them random ass questions.

    Tumblr used to be so much fun with all the asks (anonymous or otherwise), and we need to bring those back, especially now that we finally have a half-decent blocking feature in place.

    Ask people things! Message them! Don’t let tumblr inbox die! It’s one of the features that made tumblr tumblr.


    omg if you feel like it you can always ask me random questions. i will answer all, this is literally the most fun thing ever (and i’m nice i promise)


    people want doing the right thing to be like pulling the correct lever at the correct time but actually usually doing the right thing is more like holding a moderate weight at arm's length continuously for seventeen years


    every so often since like, March, this post will spike in popularity, and I'll just suddenly know that a few thousand people somewhere are Going Through it for reasons I cannot know in any detail, like I'm some small node in our collective lymbic system that doesn't actually know what to do with the signals it's given. it's interesting.


    If you ever find yourself in a horror scenario, remember to blush really hard when the ghost/demon/monster appears. If you do that fast enough you might be able to shift the genre.


    This applies doubly if the antagonist is more abstract. If a house starts growing teeth and flesh you've gotta be prepared to get a little freaky