Kneeling in front of Him, hands tied at your back. His foot is in your face and you smell that awesome smell from His sock, while he is leaning back, maliciously smiling at your humiliation. His dominance arouses you so much, there’s no better place then here kneeling in front of Him. Willing now to do anything to please him.


    Sniffing the SOX of a sk8erboy

    Becoming the neighbor’s SOXBOY (part 4)

    Everything is black. Maybe it’s because my eyes are closed. I can’t open them. I don’t want to. I’m dreaming the best dream.

    I just sleep deep. Deeper and deeper with every breath.

    Every breath of this stinky... Musky... Manly... Powerful... Irresistible smell

    The smell of SOX. It gets me going everytime I do this dream. Am I dreaming ? I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately. Like, is any of this for real, or not ?

    Feeling good.


    I am a SOXBOY

    I just sleep deep. Deeper and deeper with every breath.

    Musky... Manly... Powerful... Irresistible smell.

    I cannot fight it. I must accept it because my SOXMASTER has chosen me. My SOXMASTER has closed my eyes and opened my knows to the power of the SOX. I must worship and smell and learn and accept my place as his SOXslave.

    Slave to the SOX. Asleep at my SOXMASTERs feet.

    I just sleep deep. Deeper and deeper with every breath.

    Manly... Powerful... Irresistible smell.

    Suddenly, something flashes in the dark. Everything is clear for a moment. I’m seeing myself sniffing my SOXMASTER. Nose buried in his SOX and TN. Chain around the neck. Being taught how to worship and obey. Becoming a good SOXBOY.

    Good SOXBOYS always obey.

    I want to be a good SOXBOY. I want to to obey. I need to obey. I must obey. But for now I need to sleep more.

    I just sleep deep. Deeper and deeper with every breath.

    Powerful... Irresistible smell.

    I obey. It is so clear to me that I must obey. Follow my SOXMASTER’s voice through this dream. My SOXMASTER knows how to make me feel good as I obey. It’s the only thing I must do. My body is his. The SOX control my cock. My mind is asleep.

    I just sleep deep. Deeper and deeper with every breath.

    Irresistible smell.

    « Cum, SOXBOY »

    I am a good SOXBOY.

    I obey.

    Becoming the neighbor’s SOXBOY (part 3)

    He pushed his TN in my face

    « Breathe, SOXBOY »

    I instinctively breathed in his sneaker, like I had done for the past few weeks, the smell hitting me like a rush of poppers. So many things went in my head at the same time : the stress of having been caught, the excitement of having his sneaker on my face, the chill and distant attitude he had, the fact that he called me soxboy and me not knowing what that meant but being vaguely turned on by the possibility.

    « You’ve been sniffing them for what, a month now ? I knew I’d get you pretty easily. Ha ! Most guys fall for my trap anyway. I’ve been watching you. Slowly becoming addicted to my smell. Getting deeper and deeper. Your nose buried more and more inside my sneaker, until il reaches the inside sole.

    Good SOXBOY.

    Now that you’ve reached the inside, lick. Lick the SOX juice of your SOXMASTER that has pooled and dried there. Savor the taste. You’re deeper in my sneak than you’ve ever been and you know it’s right for you to be that deep, you crave to go deeper, to surrender to my power.

    You should see yourself now. Sniffing so deep. Licking so deep. I’m sure you can picture it. You’re kneeling on the floor in this hallway yet all you can think about is sniffing deeper, like a good SOXBOY you’re becoming.

    You see, some of us have understood how good the SOX are.

    How much pleasure they bring us.

    How much power some of us have, like me.

    You’re meant to submit to me.

    It was never really a choice for you.

    You want my SOX. Say it .

    Gosh, I want his socks so bad ! If the smell is warmer and stronger it’s got to be even better !

    I want your SOX

    « Good. Come inside for your full induction. »

    He removes his sneaker from my face. I snap out of it and for a brief moment I regain my senses. What am I doing ? Why am I so turned on ? What does he mean ? I don’t want all of this, this is a little bit creepy and gross. Yet he leaves the door open as he walks back into his apartment, sneakers in one hand, and without even turning back he says sternly :

    « Walk in, close the door, and kneel to your place. »

    And I do. I kneel and walk on all fours in front of him, and he pushes his SOX into my face and speaks again :

    « You are going to be a slave to the SOX, a good and obedient SOXBOY. Once you breathe in, your thoughts will dissolve and you’ll understand that you need to submit to your SOXMASTER. »

    I breathed in. I felt the strong musk dissolving my neurons. And then everything went dark.

    There were just his words, and his SOX

    Becoming the neighbor’s SOXBOY (part 2)

    It has become a daily ritual. When I get home, I find a way to sniff my neighbor’s sneakers and socks that he leaves out at the door. I don’t really question it, I know that it feels... Good.

    He’s changing his sneakers from time to time so there’s always a new pair to discover. They all have his distinctive smell.

    Sometimes I consider taking them home for a few minutes to jerk off at my place. But I’m not brave enough to do that.

    This little routine went on for about a month. Little did I know he was watching at the time. I should have known this was some sort of trap. Then one day, as I reached our floor, I saw that his socks weren’t there as usual. I was kinda disappointed but took a look at his TNs.

    Was that... Cum in them ? Gross ! Who does that ? That was a bit too weird and gross for me. I felt turned off and went home. Funny as that may sound, as I was pounding one off that night I just kept thinking about cum in his sneakers and how weird that was. I picked up one of my own sneakers and put my cock inside. Didn’t really fit and didn’t feel so great so I really struggled to see the point.

    Next day I get home, and there’s nothing. No sneaks, no socks. I was facing my door when I heard him open his behind me and say « Looking for this ? »

    I turned, and froze

    Becoming the neighbor’s SOXBOY (part 1)

    There’s a couple that moved in 2 doors away from me a few weeks ago, a guy and a girl. I never really speak to them because it’s a big city here and nobody talks to each other. They’re not especially loud or anything so I didn’t really have any complaint. I just noticed a weird habit with the guy.

    He always leaves a pair of sneakers outside on the rug.

    I though that was his girlfriend’s request, but there was something else that didn’t feel right. Yesterday as I was coming home at the same time as he was, I caught a glimpse of him taking off his sneakers and something hit me.

    The smell.

    It was actually quite strong, but pleasant. Manly. Hard to describe in words but it smelled like confidence. He looked at me, smirked quickly which I hardly noticed, then we both went home. The smell lingered in my head. I think it kinda even was in my head when I jerked off that night.

    I went home today at about the same time, hoping to catch him again for some reason. Unfortunately I missed him, but there was something stranger. His sneakers and his socks were in front of his door, and apparently set up intentionally. I couldn’t help but kneel and put my head in them...


    I stayed there for a little while, soaking it in, not knowing he was watching me through the peephole.

    Tonight I will jerk off about it.