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    Really happy to see this at my local library

    OOOOH. *happy YA librarian dance*

    I want this in every library, everywhere. After all, some kids won’t even google this stuff because they don’t want parents/siblings checking their browser history.


    This is really awesome. And if you’re not familiar with how the Dewey Decimal system works - the numbers subject-based, which means these numbers are applicable in EVERY library. So if you see something you want to research on this list - look for those same numbers in any of your local libraries.


    This is wonderful.

    Reblogging to possibly save a life

    Please Keep Signing! 

    <>(New petitions in bold)

  • George Floyd -
  • George Floyd -
  • George Floyd -
  • Get The Officers Charged
  • Charge All Four Officers
  • Breonna Taylor -
  • Breonna Taylor -
  • Breonna Taylor -
  • Breonna Taylor -
  • Breonna Taylor -
  • Ahmaud Arbery -
  • Ahmaud Arbery - 2
  • Ahmaud Arbery - 3
  • Justice for Oluwatoyin Salau
  • Pass The Georgia Hate Crime Bill
  • Defund MPD
  • Life Sentence For Police Brutality
  • Regis Korchinski -
  • Tete Gulley -
  • Tony McDade -
  • Tony McDade -
  • Tony McDade -
  • Joao Pedro -
  • Julius Jones -
  • Belly Mujinga -
  • Willie Simmons -
  • Hands Up Act -
  • National Action Against Police Brutality
  • Kyjuanzi Harris -
  • Alejandro Vargas Martinez -
  • Censorship Of Police Brutality In France
  • Sean Reed -
  • Sean Reed - 2
  • Kendrick Johnson -
  • Tamir Rice -
  • Tamir Rice - 2
  • Fire Racist Criminal From The NYPD
  • Jamee Johnson -
  • Darius Stewart -
  • Darius Stewart -
  • Abolish Prison Labor
  • Free Siyanda -
  • Chrystul Kizer -
  • Chrystul Kizer - 2
  • Andile Mchunu (Bobo) -
  • Eric Riddick -
  • Amiya Braxton -
  • Emerald Black -
  • Elijah Nichols -
  • Zinedine Karabo Gioia -
  • Angel Bumpass -
  • Sheku Bayoh -
  • Angel DeCarlo -
  • Sandra Bland -
  • Sherrie Walker -
  • Darrien Hunt -
  • Cornelius Fredericks -
  • Elijah McClain -
  • James Scurlock -
  • Darren Rainey-
  • <>Kendrick Johnson-<>
  • <>Darrius Stewart-
  • <>LaVena Johnson-
  • <>Kenneka Jenkins-
  • <>Sam Dubose-
  • <>Philando Castile-
  • <>Philando Castile -
  • <>Natasha McKenna-
  • <>Freddie Gray-
  • <>The Freddie Gray Law - Assess, Treat, and Safely Transport
  • <>Samuel DuBose-
  • <>Kimani Gray- care2petitions
  • <>Kenneth Chamberlain Sr-
  • <>Sean Bell-
  • <>Jennifer Jeffley-
  • <>Oliver Campbell-
  • <>Bruce Greenway-
  • <>Dominique Fells -
  • <>Rayshard Brooks -
  • <>Alfred Wright -
  • <>Mubarak Soulemane-
  • <>Byron Williams-<>
  • <>Mitrice Richardson-
  • <>AJ Mitchell (a boy with autism) -
  • <>Merci Mack-
  • <>Lakeith Smith + A’Donte Washington-
  • <>Malik Thomas-
  • <>Matthew Tucker-
  • <>Malik Williams (paraplegic man shot at 84 times)-<>
  • <><>
  • <><>


    <>*You don’t need to donate to, donate directly to the families<>. Also if there’s a problem with a petition (or you have a petition I should add), please dm me instead of reblogging so I can fix it faster.*

    Do Not Vote For Kanye.

    Okay Other people have talked about this but I’m gonna get it off my chest because why not. 

    So 2016, a not great election that has lead us where? here, the country is being fucked sidewise why a pandemic who’s rise is totally the fault of our shitty President, a President who likes Confederate flags and statues more than black lives. We can go on and on, but “how did it happen?” 

    as you can see Hillary Clinton won 3 million more votes than Trump. So what happened? the electoral college happened, Trump won 3 key states by a very small number of votes

    <>Wisconsin: Trump won by<>0.77%, write ins for “candidates” like Bernie Sanders or Harambe won 1.30% of the vote

    <>Pennsylvania: Trump won by 0.72% write-ins won 1.06% of the vote

    <>Michigan: Trump won by 0.23% put together write-ins and 3rd parties vote was over 5% of the vote

    less than 100,000 votes in 3 states landed us in this hell, and many were people writing in jokes (Harambe) or just objections (Bernie Sanders) which brings us to:

    Now it’d be bad given what we just reviewed to have any joke campaigns right now. However I suspect that this isn’t just a joke or West being his usual weirdo self, no I expect it’s a favor to Trump. Oh don’t you know? Trump and Kanye are pals

    Here they are Kanye was one of the first meetings President-Elect Trump took after winning in 2016

    Here’s Kanye wearing a MAGA hat with Trump in the Oval Office

    don’t worry it’s a family affair:

    Here’s Kanye’s Wife Kim Kardashian at a White House event between her friends First Daughter and Son-in-law Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

    Now Kanye is saying he’s no longer in with Trump:

    this is bullshit, no matter what Kanye does or doesn’t believe (and I think he’s lying) his “campaign” only helps Trump, if “Vote Kanye!” becomes a meme and people really write-in his name, particularly in key states, it came make all the difference. Don’t vote Kanye, don’t even joke about it, this is not a joke, it’s not funny, people are dying go vote Biden. 

    Queen Mami No Swami @myeshxa

    "Y'all notice a sharp decline in protest videos and content in the last couple of weeks?"

    Joshua Potash @JoshuaPotash

    "I don't think people understand.

    This is NYC right now. Day 30. In a row.

    The #BlackLivesMatter movement is just getting started."

    [Video Description: a very large parade of masked protesters changing and cheering. One of the more distinguishable chants from the crowd is "I believe that we are one!" End ID]

    The dwindling amount of videos and media coverage of protests is honestly worrying to me. In my opinion, protesters, especially Black protesters, are more at risk because of this. Cops tend to act up and hurt people less if they know they're being filmed and especially if they know that a lot of people are filiming. But I worry that as soon as they feel no one is looking/not enough people are looking, they'll start shooting us, and this time, it won't be with """rubber""" bullets and tear gas.

    <>Document everything, y'all. Don't let them think we aren't watching. Don't let them feel safe enough to kill us.

    As of today (7/7/2020) PromotePositivityMovement in Atlanta has been protesting for 40 straight days at the Olympic Rings in Centennial Park.

    On Saturday alone I attended 4 protests in a row. And that was 4 out of many.

    Protests are still happening, daily, but unless they're "exciting," they're not on the news.



    even after reading the article… is this for real?

    and still there are people who think we [women] are exaggerating when we say men will literally kills us for denying their advances.

    not only did he kill her. he took her fucking head off and posted it for everyone to see.

    Please be careful with ace positivity tags right now, people have been posting images of her body in those tags.

    A few days before she was killed a she posted a selfie on Instagram tagged #ThisIsWhatAsexualLooksLike. And now she’s dead for not having sex with a man. I never want to hear an exclusionist say we’re not oppressed ever again.

    <>Please, for the love of god, reblog this and know her name. Bianca Devins. She was asexual, and she was killed for rejecting sexual advances. This is the violence and fear we’ve been trying to speak out about. If you call yourself an activist, this cannot be ignored. Please support and protect aces, this kind of event is literally what exclusionists have been ignoring and mocking the concept of for years.

    Hey guys. Also would like to point out the fact he was 21 and she was 17 and still a minor a he was definitely a creep for that relationship

    oh my god

    do not ignore this

    our momentum is slowing down. we can’t let our dashes go back to normal when the world is not normal. so, if you are reading this, you are ~legally~ obligated to choose 2 numbers belo<>w; you must complete the task of those two numbers today. don’t pretend you didn’t see this. either do them right now or set a reminder to get it done before the sun goes down. the timer starts now. choose two. 

    • <>sign some petitions. LINK HERE. if hasn’t accused you of being a bot yet, you haven’t signed enough. 
    • <>watch this youtube video. LINK HERE. do not skip the ads. this is a way to help raise money without having to donate any.
    • <>sign up to get daily actions. LINK HERE. after filling out the form, you will receive texts Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays telling you what action to take. (i got this link from @ wp4bl on instagram)
    • <>text or call for any of these victims. LINK HERE. this website is extremely helpful, well organized, and practically does all of the work for you.
    • <>donate some money. LINK HERE. if you have any more money to spare, please donate it to one of these funds.
    • <>follow every single one of these organizations on social media: blcklivesmatter, colorofchange, reclaimtheblock, showingupforracialjustice, and civilrightsorg
    • <>post these important sources to your social media. LINK HERE. you have no idea who it might help. 
    • <>read this article and forward it to at least one person. LINK HERE
    • <>watch this video explaining the racial wealth gap. LINK HERE. it’s really informative and only about 15 minutes long. 
    • <>do some reading. LINK HERE. this link has a ton of great resources to educate yourself. read at least one. 

    i wish more people said that being single is normal

    and you’re not going to meet and marry someone

    and that’s fine

    and if marriage happens, it happens. and it’s not the next big ticket to check off in life’s checklist

    because not everyone meets someone they want to marry. and that’s normal

    you’re not broken or unfulfilled if you are single

    This needs to be spread