Regular Dads and Bears
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    “Get your fuckin’ ass back in that room. We’ll try it ass up this time. I don’t want to look at your fuckin’ face. You knew this day was coming. I told you that if you didn’t improve on your blowjobs, that I was going to fucking rape your cunt with my baseball bat dick. Well today your cunt is going to do what your mouth can’t. I know it hurts. It’s supposed to fucking hurt. It hurts everyone I fuck. And you know what? That’s what gets me off. Your mother couldn’t handle it, and she bailed on me to god knows where leaving me with you. I didn’t kick you out on the street, and I should have; you aren’t related to me. No it’s because you are a sperm burper. I thought maybe, just maybe some queer boy can take my nine inches. I was wrong. You’re just like all the other women. But you know what makes you different? See, I was taught never to hit a woman. Well that doesn’t apply to you. I got my belt here, and I got a hungry cock looking to shred your cunt. Stop crying. You’ll make me want to hurt you more. Now get back in that bedroom, and assume the position. I plan on fucking you for hours, without mercy. Aww, quit being a pussy, and get in there and be a cunt.”