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    Be kind, today I cosplayed Kitana


    She was actually recently in a bad car accident and needs help on her gofundme.

    I’m sending her love ❤️ Please donate if you can.


    Here’s the whole video. It’s called “Don’t Be A Sucker” and it’s 17 minutes long.


    don’t just scroll past this actually watch it, it’s only 2 minutes long. If you re-recorded this today word for word with modern actors and places, it wouldn’t even look out of place as a PSA


    [comment by Reddit user Sam474:

    I think people aren’t giving the internet enough credit.

    You grow up being told how great capitalism is and then you get online and find out that people in other countries have the same standard of living we do but without the constant fear of bankruptcy.

    You grow up thinking “going to the doctor is expensive, don’t get sick and if you do don’t go until you’re sure you HAVE to” and then you find out most of the developed world can go to the doctor for free, or at least for a very affordable rate.

    You grow up thinking “Work hard and be successful and you can retire at 65 and travel a little.” and then you get online and find out pretty much all of Europe gets weeks and weeks of vacation time a year and is doing their travelling in their 20s and 30s and loving it.

    The list goes on and on. I grew up in the conservative south and it wasn’t an uncommon conversation starter when I was a kid for people to open up with things like “What church do you go to?” and so that’s what I thought the world was. Church and working for the weekend and be careful to save your pennies and not splurge and don’t get sick. It wasn’t until the internet appeared that I realized how differently a lot of people live and how much more appealing a lot of that sounded.

    When you hear that someone else had a kid and it didn’t cost them any money, got a year off to raise it, gets free daycare, and goes to spain twice a year for vacation it’s pretty hard to still feel content with your 60 hour work week, 2 weeks off a year that you’re discouraged from actually using, and health insurance as your second biggest monthly bill.]


    And from a European perspective, you grow up hearing everybody talking about how great the US is (because we get a lot of American TV and films, and America as a nation never seems to neglect an opportunity to blow its own trumpet) and people talking about how we should be more like them, and then you hear stuff like this…


    I live in Belgium.

    On September first I'm unemployed again, if I don't find a job.

    I'm not worried. My healthcare for the year is paid. I'll get unemployment benefit for the (hopefully short) time I'm between jobs. So I'll be able to pay my mortgage and other bills. I have a college degree, savings, I've paid all my hospital bills without issues. I can afford my ADHD meds without any issues.

    I see all these deprecating posts joking about millennials never bring homeowners. But half my friend are homeowners. I'm 29. I bought my apartment when I was 27.

    Politicians and big businesses have been bleeding you dry and they got you thinking that everyone is living like this. But we're not. America isn't the norm. It's the exception.

    Non-native fishermen have destroyed and stolenthousands of dollars worth of fishing equipment owned by fishermen of Sipekne'katik First Nation. (You know I’d really like to know where are all the people crying over how vandalism in protest might as well be cold-blooded murder now.) This comes in addition to forming blockades and threatening to ram boats. Businesses across the province are denying services to Mi’kmaq in support of these terrorizing acts. Online, people are sharing horrible threats. It is blatant racist violence and discrimination, and the fishermen/media continues to call our people the lawbreakers.

    “The gear that we were collecting was what was in violation of the law,“ Sproul said. “There’s nothing more to show that fishermen have the true, just, lawful position here than the fact that we conducted that activity yesterday and nobody stopped us.”

    The fact that the RCMP have done jack shit to stop the non-native fishermen destroying Mi’kmaw lobster traps has painted a very clear picture. It’s the same picture that’s been hanging on the wall for centuries, and surprise surprise, flowery talk of #reconciliation doesn’t change that. And the quote above is a perfect example of how fully aware these fuckers are of their privilege.

    Anyway someone should tell Sproul that a) the Mi’kmaq have the legal treaty right to hunt, fish and gather for a moderate livelihood, b) the traditional lobster season for our peopleis in September and October, and c) that the only people breaking the law here is his ignorant ass and his cronies.

    Sharing this link again, as it is a very well compiled doc:
    Ways to support Sipekne’katik First Nation, and resources to educate yourself and share with others. 
    Financial support for supplies is especially helpful right now.