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2022-08-06 09:15:53

    Apologize for not using my name but my English is not so good. I do not live near the sea but like your ocean photos a lot. Are they from the same place? I would love to live near water. Many thank yous.

    Thank you for your kind words. There is no need for you to apologise as your English is very good.

    I am lucky to live close to the sea and I spend a lot of time exploring the coast. Most of my photos of ocean scenes are from suburbs in Sydney, although I have posted some from other parts of Australia as well - mainly southern New South Wales and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. 

    I hope you get the chance to live near the water some time in the future. It is something that I am thankful for every day.

    Have a lovely week, Shae.


    Vivid 2022 - Lighting of the Sails, Sydney Opera House

    Featuring artwork from Yarrkalpa – Hunting Ground by Martumili Artists and Curiious. Unfortunately it was a very windy night on the water and we were in a small boat with limited stability, so not great for taking photos. I thought I would share them anyway to hopefully brighten up your day (or night).