Fuel for my fantasies
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2021-05-17 13:46:50

    You know what the beauty of age is  in the ability to enjoy. Not everyone will understand me now, but those who understand what I mean will probably agree with me. Age and experience are the very price of the passing youth. With age, you begin to find answers to those questions that you could not answer in your youth, for example: what did you find in a person? This question was once not so important, but now you are able to see the truth. You can understand what attracts you and more often than not, it’s not how good she is in bed, or how great she looks, no. Now you understand that you are attracted by a certain atmosphere that a person creates, or a smell, or maybe manners and eyes, or the way they touch you, a voice, or a smile with which you are greeted, well, or an insane passion that flares up every time you are near….