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    But do the babybones bros like hugging each other? :0


    Undertale Babybones

    Sans teases Papyrus a lot but they’re close. Usually Sans wins the “who can stay awake the longest” bets because he’s a cheater


    Swapfell Babybones

    Not in the most conventional sense, but Sans takes good care of Papyrus despite his seemingly childish nature


    Underswap Babybones

    They comfort each other often. So seeing them hug each other is a common sight (they play hide-and-go-seek a lot)


    Underfell Babybones

    Little Papyrus is too shy to ask for it because Sans makes fun of him!

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    ((Here’s commission 2/2 for @bitchyfanfics-posts. And the Soundgasm archive can be found with the link here. Thank you all for your incredible patience. I have had the craziest month that has been having this pushed back over and over. Everything that could go wrong went wrong, it seems! But hopefully things are going to be a lot better now. I wasn’t going to let the production drag on past this month no matter what. I hope you all like this one, since you guys were really receptive of the first one! It’s a lil more spicy this time around. Here’s your meal, y’all.))


    My goal is to reach 210$ because of the things owed, anyways, I won’t go into details because private matters staying private BUT, it would help me a lot if you guys can spread these around? QvQ

    I will open commissions for comic strips like these for 25-30$ for 5 panels, depending on the complexity. Max 5 characters!


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    - Give me references of your characters (Max 5 characters)
    - Tell me the scenario or ideas for the comic.
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    If you’d like a different kind of commission, these are also available!


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