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    C'est tout, c'est rien by¬†Aliocha -¬† Danseuse: Na√Įs Duboscq


    Beautiful‚Ķ haunting‚Ķ ‚̧ԳŹ


    Hey, I'm sure you've been asked this a thousand times, but I wanted to know about a video you posted to Youtube back in 2005 called "Money, get a way". I've searched everywhere I could think with no luck until I found you here. If you still have the video, I'd love to see it, but if you don't, any chance you remember anything about it? Best wishes, OR

    Oh yeah, I think that was a guitar video, not sure if just a straight cover of the song or there was some gimmick involved. The video was hosted on a different service which didn't allow embedding, so I uploaded it on this new little website called YouTube. It got featured on the home page of Milkandcookies.com and went insanely viral.

    After the views skyrocketed, the YouTube staff actually messaged me privately, asking me to post more stuff like that. Which I did.

    One year passed, and YouTube is now a big-ass website, so they have to comply to copyright laws and start deleting all those accounts choke full of unauthorized content. Like mine.

    So, no, I don't have that video anymore and MilkAndCookies is also gone, and with it every chance of tracking back what was the exact content of the video.