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    I want to spread the word on here about Asian Boss.

    They are an independent media company that focuses on the many pressing issues within the global asian community, aiming to showcase the diversity of asia, hosting in-depth interviews to recognize various asian voices and tackle topics such as comfort women in ww2, the importance of sex education, the discrimation towards asians in this time of COVID-19, the dangers of mental health stigma, colourism towards darker skinned asians and anti-blackness in general, the homophobia in our community, and MANY more. In addition to this, they have raised several fundraisers, including one that raised enough money to pay for the highschool tuition of a teen mom in the philippines. They have done so many great things with their platform, but.

    Unfortunately, they are currently months away from being shut down due to the lack of funding because of the pandemic. Linked is their video on it where they further discuss the situation.

    Information is vital, and I am sad to see this happen to an organization that has been so helpful in spreading knowledge about asian issues and supporting asian voices. Here is their gofundme, any donations can help, reblogging and spreading the word can help a lot as well! So far they have raised $21,962. Please boost!


    If you are someone who likes to watch a lot of cop shows, I want you to ask yourself a few questions.

    Why do all TV cops, even the good ones, hate Internal Affairs? Isn’t the job of Internal Affairs to root out the “bad cops”? Isn’t their job to make sure police follow the rules? Why is that presented as inherently evil or antagonistic? 

    Why do all TV cops, even the good ones, hate defense attorneys? Isn’t the defense attorney’s job to protect the rights of all citizens? Isn’t it their job to make sure police follow the law? Isn’t it their job to make sure everyone is treated fairly under the system? Why is that presented as inherently evil or antagonistic? 

    Why do all TV cops, even the good ones, get upset when citizens invoke their constitutional rights? Don’t those rights exist to ensure all citizens are treated fairly? Don’t they exist to ensure innocent people are not wrongfully incriminated? Why are citizens who invoke their rights presented as dishonest, untrustworthy, or antagonistic? 

    To be clear, I’ve watched Brooklyn 99 and enjoyed it. I was watching Elementary the other day. But even when I watch shows I like, I make a mental note every time a cop lies, breaks the law, subverts someone’s basic rights, or just generally acts like an asshole to the people the are meant to serve and protect. 

    How often are they called out on their behavior? How often are they punished for it? How often is it reinforced as correct by the narrative?

    When I tell people to be critical of the media they consume that is what I mean. Not simply calling it terrible and moving on, but actually engaging thoughtfully, asking questions, and forming conclusions about what that media is trying to say to you. Then decide whether you want to keep listening, or if it will be better for you in the long run to move on.


    Why do only the guilty people ever invoke their right to an attorney? I would invoke my right to an attorney.

    Why are protections of innocent people’s rights only ever framed as “slowing the police down” and preventing them from really catching the bad guy? Why is it that every time an officer has an instinct to break the rules, they’re narratively vindicated?

    It’s the same question as “but WHY do her superpowers require her to show so much skin?” A writer put that there.


    Gandalf, taking a hit from his joint: Did you guys know that mithril is super expensive? Like insanely valuable? That it’s very much a finite resource mostly plundered from the earth and invaluable due to its many uses? And also Sauron has most of it so it’s now lost to its Elven and Dwarvish makers? And to think Bilbo’s precious gift of mithril mail is probably sitting in the local Useless Dumb Artefacts Museum. Just makes you think lol …

    Gimli, a dwarf who has lost most of his people’s cultural artefacts: … I’m sorry Bilbo was given what and did what with it

    Frodo, secretly wearing Bilbo’s mithril mail at that very moment but only after nearly 70 years of it sitting in the Useless Dumb Artefacts Museum gathering dust because Bilbo had no idea his cool shirt was worth approximately the net value of their entire country:


    Lord of the Rings is a comedy


    Day 286 of quarantine I have discovered

    It is, I BELIEVE, a website intended to be used by restaurants for bulk ordering food and utensils. And this is bringing me such unbounded delight scrolling through and recognizing that I, a single individual, ALSO can order ridiculous obscene enormous offensive-to-all-common-sensibilities shipments of BULK FOOD, to my LITTLE LITTLE APARTMENT, for PENNIES on the dollar. I have this god given power to flood my entire living space with bulk grains and it is one single button click away from my reality.

    30 POUNDS of chocolate for $100. 20 POUNDS of peas for $13?? $13!!!! I will wake up every single morning from now on knowing that a box of donuts and a sack of dried split peas heavy enough to bodily injure someone both carry equal monetary weight.25 POUNDS OF ONION POWDER for $50. Do you understand the enormity? the accessibility? the potential here? With the single click of the button I can put myself in a position of bequeathing more than a humanly comprehensible amount of onion powder in my will. AND IT WOULD ONLY COST ME $50 TO MAKE THIS A REALITY.

    But what gets me

    What truly gets me


    is the 50 POUND BAG OF RICE 


    Do you know how much that kills me? How much I’m losing my mind? that I can order MYSELF WORTH OF RICE for something to the tune of $50? I can OUT-RANK MYSELF WITH RICE, DEMOCRATICALLY OVERRULE MYSELF WITH RICE, IN MY OWN APARTMENT for the fucking PENNIES that is $50

    I’m so sorry for the normal person I’ll be after quarantine because the cabin-fever version of me I’m inhabiting right now is perhaps just uninhibited enough to follow through on this dream I’ve just discovered of out-ricing myself.


    real talk though, if you had a large number of people in your community who wanted a particular food item and couldn’t afford it (for instance if you’re in a food desert and need produce or if you’re a part of a large disabled and/or overworked community who all need prepared frozen food), you could pool funds and get an order from a supply store like this.

    it requires organizing for finance management, ordering, transport, and distribution, but if you build a stable mutual aid network, it’s genuinely within the realm of possibility.


    corporations are actively convincing us the reason behind global warming is that you, personally, aren’t reusing your pasta water to make tea and eating the teabag for lunch #vegan and we just let them


    no seriously the amount of ppl I see who are genuinely trying to do the right thing and who think global warming is their fault because they have a car or turn the fan on in the summer or eat a goddamn burger is astounding. people are truly brainwashed into thinking anything we do as citizens has an effect on the environment that’s somehow more important than the actions of corporations.

    in 2020, when everyone was isolated at home, fossil co2 emissions in the US only dropped by 11%. think about how insane it is that when almost every person living in the second largest GEG emitter was at home for months, the effect they had was a reduction of barely 11%. and yet that fucking carbon footprint calculator is shoved down our throat all day long. a whole 4 years ago when that article came out saying only 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions, everybody just blinked and went “no, thank you. now have you bought enough metal straws?”

    and i’m not even addressing the blatant racism, ableism and classism that coats every single one of these “personal responsibility” arguments.


    once a girl reported me to an administrator at school bc i was breaking dresscode and she didnt like me. so i pushed her down the stairs. i just kept walking and i dont think she saw me and i never got caught. i know she got very seriously injured and they had to call an ambulance and she transferred schools bc she knew SOMEONE pushed her and she didnt feel safe. ive never regretted it. its been years since i graduated and im on mood stabilizers now, but sometimes when someone is testing my patience i calm myself down by thinking about how good it felt to snap once and how i cant do that again bc i would go to prison probably


    Hey remember when US and Russia was all like “We’re the best!!! We’ve won the space race!!!!” But India sent a kick-ass space probe to Mars and the whole mission was fuel efficient, costed less and a roaring success in the first try and then they were like “…..wait no that can’t be true” and still have the audacity to call us “underdeveloped” or only view us as a ‘third world country’? :)

    For anyone who needs more info, the probe was called Mangalyaan (which literally means space probe vehicle) or Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) and you can also get more information here and here


    Remember when NYT mocked India for this very thing and an TOI (a major indian newspaper) responded with this? :)

    They were being racist asf and we were till respectful literally fuck you if you think ‘third world counties’ can’t be better than you


    white people can and should reblog this


    and shout out to the women engineers integral to the launch

    “Indian staff from the Indian Space Research Organisation celebrate after the Mars Orbiter Spacecraft entered Mars’s orbit.

    On November 5, 2013, a rocket launched toward Mars. It was India’s first interplanetary mission, Mangalyaan, and a terrific gamble. Only 40 percent of missions sent to Mars by major space organizations—NASA, Russia’s, Japan’s, or China’s—had ever been a success. No space organization had succeeded on its first attempt. What’s more, India’s space organization, ISRO, had very little funding: while NASA’s Mars probe, Maven, cost $651 million, the budget for this mission was $74 million. 

    This was not the only success of the mission. An image of the scientists celebrating in the mission control room went viral. Girls in India and beyond gained new heroes: the kind that wear sarees and tie flowers in their hair, and send rockets into space.”



    there’s a movie adaptation of this! it’s obviously more dramatized/they use different names but i really really loved the movie! it’s called mission mangal and it was the first time i had heard of this and i was so surprised that literally? no one talked about it??? what they accomplished is incredible.


    ALSO, Mangalyaan launched in 2013 and was meant to be a 6 month mission. It’s been in orbit around Mars now for more than 5 years and has enough propellant to keep going for even longer.


    “The kind that wear sarees and tie flowers in their hair, and send rockets into space.”


    I love how the dudes at back are pure happy!!

    Wait until the "but we need US government intervention to protect human rights!" people learn that the concern about "human rights" here is a smokescreen for neocolonialism and imperialism.

    Tell me, if the US is a champion of human rights, why is it allied with Saudi Arabia and Israel?

    Why did the CIA back genocide in Guatemala and Indonesia?

    Why did the CIA install a fascist dictator in Chile?

    Why did the CIA install a military dictatorship in Guatemala?

    Why does the US government run Guantanamo Bay and other torture camps?

    Why has the US government contributed to the suffering and starvation of innocent people in Yemen?

    Why is the US prison system making use of slave labor?

    Why are people getting forcibly sterilized by ICE?

    The real threat to world peace is US hegemony and people are too scared to admit it because they'll be called unpatriotic commie terrorists or whatever.

    And always question the narrative of the US government on foreign policy because time and time again we eventually learn it was all a fucking lie *cough cough WMDs*

    ***By the way tumblr won't let me add links to this post properly so if you need a source for anything I said just ask.


    Archery information for writers that no one asked for but probably some of you need and I like talking about archery, so here it is.

  • when you put an arrow on the string, the verb is called “nocking” i.e. eyes glued on the target, he nocked the arrow
  • also the part of the arrow that gets put onto the string is called the nock. depending on the type of arrow this can be a piece of plastic glued into the arrow, or with wood or bamboo arrows it can be carved into the shaft of the arrow itself
  • you do not close an eye when aiming or shooting; you see better with both eyes open.
  • everyone has a dominant eye that more naturally your brain focuses with. that determines whether you are right or left handed when shooting, and doesn’t necessarily correlate to whether the person is right or left handed in anything else
  • so if you’re writing a character who has difficulty seeing out of one eye, take that into account when they are shooting
  • if they are right eye dominant, they hold the bow with their left hand and draw the string with their right. if they are left eye dominant, they hold the bow with their right hand and draw the string with their left
  • if they shoot left, the quiver sits on their left side/hip/thigh. shoot right - right side quiver.
  • there are several different ways to draw, if you are writing something historical or in a specific region, then do research on that style of archery. but for a generic place to start that is a more universal way of drawing a bow, here are some things to include
  • the chin stays down. raising your chin will fuck up your aim
  • the pointer finger on your draw hand rests on the side of your chin/jaw, and the string of the bow will touch the tip of the archer’s nose
  • weight is on the balls of your feet, leaning slightly forward off your heels
  • if it is an older bow/barebow, there is not usually a place for the arrow to rest on the bow. this means the arrow rests on the archer’s hand. if they are not wearing a glove on that hand, the fletchings (that’s the feathers on the arrow) will more than likely slice their hand when firing. this scars.
  • so if you’re wanting to describe someone observing and archer’s hands (hands are hot, don’t @ me) they would see a silver scar about halfway between the pointer finger knuckle and palm of the person’s hand. (turn your hand vertical and trace down the length of your pointer toward your thumb and stop next to the knuckle. that spot there.)
  • most archers wear something to protect their fingers on the hand that draws the bow. even with that, they have callouses. without it, a lot of callouses, scars, and blisters.
  • most common draw uses three fingers on the string: pointer, middle, ring. the arrow sits between the pointer and middle. just like where the draw point is, this is not universal and do research if you’re doing something culturally important.
  • barebow means that the bow is bare of any instruments. no sight, no weights, etc. the most basic/traditional form of bow
  • a recurve bow is anything where the tips of the bow curve back around forward, away from the archer
  • a compound is what you think of as a modern hunting bow, and is recognisable by having wheels at the ends and three strings
  • arrows have three fletchings that form a triangle, the point faces the archer so that the flat of the arrow will pass the flat of the bow on release. the arrow sits on the side of the bow facing the archer
  • archers with a larger/raised chest will sometimes where a chest protect so that the string does not catch when firing (this is regardless of gender, i know several cis-men who need it as well)
  • string can also catch on the forearm that is holding the bow and creates bruises and welts if you don’t wear a protector. modern ones are small plastic and cover just the spot, with elastic holding it in place. traditional ones are leather and wrap all the way around, lacing up on the back of your arm like a corset.
  • there is literally so much more, but i feel like this is plenty to get you started, and as always, feel free to drop an ask in my box if you need something more!


    This is SUPER helpful! Thank you!


    This is mostly correct.. Except, it is very common for an archer to close their non-eye dominant eye DEPENDING on their style. I shoot a Olympic Recurve and close my left eye being right eye dominant.