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    RUBBER, object

    Rubber was made for dehumanation of slaves, and their conversion into objects.

    Worn by an object, rubber hides much of what makes a human body, what makes it different from another human body. Of course, there are still differences in size, width or general shape, but a rubber-covered body looks like another rubber-covered  body, they no longer have a real identity of their own. Without this human physical identity and personality, the slave loses part of its humanity and thus becomes an object. During its existence, the object will very rarely see itself in a mirror or it may eventualy glimpse its reflection somewhere.  Despite the passage of time, when allowed to see, it will only see a human form without a face, without identity, expression or character and what it sees will never, ever change. This immutable image detaches it from the passing of time, cancels identity and the object will forget the image of itself and how it looked like before it was encased in its rubber skin. As soon as it is encased in rubber, a new identity of rubber object is created : it is just one thing, another possession of its Owner.

    A rubber suit that completely covers an object is its skin…. The object feels the rubber all around it, it feels its pressure from all sides and its elastic pressure ; everything that its human skin felt before, all its senses of touch are completely modified. Always thick on an object, rubber has a numbing effect and some former human sensations disappear completely, becoming too weak to be felt. A slight breeze will cause no sensation, the passage of its rubbergloved hands on any surface or on its own rubbered body will no longer allow him to feel texture of anything it is in contact with, the outside  temperature will be felt high or cold, never mild. Over time, with this permanent rubber, this lack of sensations will become the norm, changing the consciousness it had of its former environment and body. As it no longer feels things in a human way as it did before it was rubbered, its former humanity is taken away and its objectification increases every day, every hour, every minute.

    An object in process is a slave who quickly or slowly -this depends on the Owner- loses  its  humanity, the image it had of itself disappears, the perception of its environment is modified and all this mainly because of this compulsory heavy rubber skin. When a human is engaged on the way to objectification, it must be aware that the loss of humanity and identity will be permanent this human may sometimes fear to lose control over himself, to collapse into pieces, to get lost : he is right to be afraid if its motivation and devotion to a Master are not absolute. But the rubber suit is a container for the object. It is there day and night, its embrace and physical presence are useful to remind that what the slave or object is experiencing is real, it is not a dream nor a nightmare. Rubber then became an omnipresent physical reminder of reality, it made it possible to define limits or an outline, it gave consistency to the object.

    When a Master would hand his slave a thick, heavy black rubbersuit and tell it:“ put this on, slave, this is what you will wear permanently as My  property. ”, it’s a most decisive moment. At this specific moment, the slave makes his last human decision, probably the most crucial of his life. The moment it had been waiting for so long is now here, it had imagined it in a thousand ways, from dream to nightmare, from the greatest desire to the greatest fear. it is completely naked in front of its Master and yet it is sweating. The heart knocks, past present and future intertwine in a furious moelestrom, it can’t follow any idea or thought. The suit is there right in front of him, the powerfull smell of the rubber bewitches it, penetrates its empty mind, this is absolutely not the first time it has worn rubber, so why is it so anxious? This suit is intimidating, it seems so heavy, so rigid, the black so deep. The idea of living rubber as a permanent constraint make it dizzy.

    it will have to learn to move again because its rubber skin may cause it to overheat, or worse, the object could damage it. The slave committed itself to being transformed and to learning some time ago when it entered into the service of its Master. It knows that the rubber will definitely transform it this time. But the changes have already begun, so why fight? it will have the flexibility of rubber and will be part of it… The dizziness stops. It’s taking a step towards the rubber suit. The prospect of being locked in there without knowing when or if it will come out may make it hesitate. Time will soon become nothing more than an abstract notion, just like fear or envy. Without will and without rights, unlike human beings, it will be defined by rubber and the use made of it by its Owner. The slave already commited to separate itself from any material or spiritual possession. Today, it is naked in front of its Master, blank shaved head to toe, gagged, cock and balls locked up under the metal of its chastity, ass invaded by the huge plug…. it has already left much behind, it has prepared itself for this moment, this is only a step and it will continue to evolve. it has always expressed its need to be enslaved, enclosed in rubber, trained and modified and today it recognizes it more than ever. The heart is calming down.

    it looks at the heavy thick rubber suit and it also sees the irons and chains cuffs waiting for it on the side. With the time spent in the service of his Master, it learned to love and hate them, to be part of the rigid steel enclosing it like an exoskeleton, to fight desperately against the weight and implacable rigidity. Sometimes too heavy, too rigid, too constraining, the truth is that, chained, immobilized, safely stored, it feels safe and free. At first, fetters and chains helped it to trust its Master by giving all power, they taught it endurance when it must move, even without the physical presence of its Master they are a constant reminder of its power over it. With the control of its senses and unable to move it has become much easier for it to surrender to the absolute control of his Master. As paradoxical as it may seem, its chains have made him free, free to give everything, free to accept its total objectification.

    One last step, it is already enveloped by its smell but it can now touch the rubber, it contemplates a part of its future. it then looks at its Master. it remembers the meeting of two humans, its attraction for this charismatic but so calm and imposing Man. How their respective impulses and instincts guided them towards each other like two magnets. The One who could see that despite success and a full life, it had a need for meanings and also total abandonment . How He had helped it, with unfailing determination, to understand and transform itself despite its doubts. The One to whom it gave control by becoming its slave, its love becoming veneration for the One who had liberated it. How it had reassured the slave the first time it realized that there would be no return to the human being that it had been. The One, it worships for ever and to whom it simply answers: “Yes Master, it belongs to You”.

    The rubber object cannot exist without its Master. At the crucial moment when it slips its feet and legs into the rubber, the object frees itself from its individuality and humanity for an existence of rubbered devotion and servitude to its Master and Owner, the rubber object gives itself body and soul. it doesn’t do this for it but only for its Master. The more the suit closes and the more its mind calms down. its past, its memories disappear, its fears and desires are silenced forever. it is not sad or happy. it only exists. it is only what it has prepared itself for: a property of its Master . it has only one purpose now: to serve and obey. The suit contains now only submission and abandonment. The moment the padlock slams when closing, the rubber object is in peace. it belongs to its Master, it is Master’s rubberobject, nothing else matters.