I’m a crazy mommy/ mistress who’s seeking a loyal and submissive sissy/slave/slut to make my personal own forever #online and to meet am into chastity, tease and denial, sph, cages, keyholder and I'm into humiliation, degrading, forced bi, cuckold, anal play, pegging and bondage, and latex, leather, PVC, stilettos, and high heels, harnesses, ball gags, chains, electro, and anal toys, restraints, lingerie, fishnets, piercings, pussy and piss worship, etc. Reblog if you love to be humiliated 😈😈

    Only tease and edge! Edge every day!

    2. Chastity devices

    β€’ Make him buy secure permanent devices like the jailbird, holy trainer or metal cages with urethra plugs. Make sure you get the right size so he cannot escape. You can make many devices escape proof with medical glue. The best option is a PA. It is recommended to glue his foreskin with superglue so he won’t attempt to escape. This does not damage the skin but lays a sticky layer for 1 week.

    β€’ The best devices can be worn 24/7 and only need cleaning every other day. He can clean it in the shower by putting soap in his cage and apply a full jet of the shower head right in the cage. it will clean his penis thoroughly. No need to take him out

    β€’ Shaving can perfectly be done while wearing the device. Just move it a bit to reach the hard to reach spots.

    β€’ If he has to clean his penis manually for a reason. Do it under supervision or tell him that only you may touch his penis. He is not allowed to play by himself.

    β€’ Draw you name on his dick before putting him in the cage. That way you can check if he cheated or not!

    him it is mind boggling not touching a body part for over a month when he used to touch it every hour.

    7. Control your own feelings of guilt.

    β€’ He should never be permitted to have any kind of orgasm without your permission.

    β€’ If you feel he deserves an orgasm… Ruin it!

    β€’ Remember, you can ruin several orgasms a day, but he can only have one full one.

    β€’ Full orgasms should be for very special occasions (no more than 3 or 4 per year).