Fromimdb: ”During the filming of some scenes for The Princess Bride, the weather became markedly cold for Robin Wright Penn. Andre the Giant helped her by placing one of his hands over her head; his hands were so large that one would entirely cover the top of her head, keeping her warm.”

    comic byBox Brown :: via flickr.com


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    All of the behind the scenes stories about Andre the Giant were adorable like this, Apparently Wallace Shawn is deathly afraid of heights, so he was freaking out while they were doing the scene scaling the cliff and Andre was like “it is okay, I’ll keep you safe.” there’s a behind the scenes thing on the DVD and everyone is choked up and misty eyed when they talk about working with him.


    Andre the Giant was a radiant human being.


    I’m so glad he gets to go down in history as everyones favorite giant. What a legacy!


    It should be known that when he got back to wrestling after the movie came out he was constantly pulling other wrestlers into the locker room where he had a tv set up with a copy of the movie so they could watch. He was desperate for the guys to see it and he really wanted their honest opinion on his acting.


    even after reading the article… is this for real?


    and still there are people who think we [women] are exaggerating when we say men will literally kills us for denying their advances.

    not only did he kill her. he took her fucking head off and posted it for everyone to see.


    Please be careful with ace positivity tags right now, people have been posting images of her body in those tags.


    One of those stories in the pic names him as her boyfriend, but to be clear, that is incorrect, he was some possessive incel who killed her precisely because of that reason. The thought of even one person thinking that he was in any way, shape or form connected to her in any way other than in his own mind is profoundly insulting to her memory.


    Bianca’s family has confirmed that he was her boyfriend. They had been dating for 2-3 months. The family has also described the killer as a “family friend.”

    The family has also stated that they are very upset at the misinformation that has been spread, so be sure to double check before spreading anything.


    Again. You follow your own words and double check before you spread anything. He wasn’t her boyfriend. The misinformation that you’re speaking about are from other sites saying that he was a random person she never met. None of that is said in our article. The article states they did meet online, and he became “close friends” with her and the family. The family did not confirm that’s her boyfriend and that they were in a romantic relationship, they only confirmed the friends part which our article already states:

    The only reason sites ran with the boyfriend news is because the police didn’t do their entire work and believed the man who killed her, because he kept telling them “I killed my girlfriend, I killed my girlfriend”, because he wants the media to believe he was in a relationship with her and wants the “boyfriend” title in headlines. The “Boyfriend” thing was police just throwing anything out there based on what he said. Here are the police’s exact words (Chels is Bianca’s close friend):

    “or whatever kids these days call it”.

    Now, if that, and their own close friends saying he wasn’t her boyfriend isn’t enough for you, this is from her own mouth, before he killed her she sent this message to a friend on discord, he drove her to a concert where she had a date/plans with another man, he was angry because of it. She states more than once “the dude” “my friend”, referring to the man who killed her

    (Before the concert):

    (After the concert):

    That’s out her own mouth.

    Other sites just grabbed random things online and said the same things other websites who got it wrong said, Including major sites who got it wrong like the New York Post.

    Now……. If you’re trying to say her and the man who murdered her really were in a romantic relationship and she was just cheating on him, that’s above us now.


    This happened in my hometown. this is literally just a few blocks away from where I work. It’s horrible.


    Won’t that only solve 75% of your problems?


    The book solves half of your problems, not all of them

    Say you have 8 problems. You read the book, and you have 4 problems. You read the book again gets rid of HALF, of those 4 problems. So you’re left with two. Out of the 8 problems, 6 were resolved and 6/8 is 75%.


    Finally Tumblr can do math


    So, what you’re saying, is that if I buy infinite books, I will solve all of my problems, because the sum as n approaches infinity starting at 1 of (½)^n equals 1, which would be 100% of my problems.


    No, you will only ever be able to become infinitely close to solving all of your problems, like this:


    Please stop explaining math to me im gay


    that’s why radioactive material is such a bitch! it only ever deteriorates relative to its mass so it will never completely vanish


    This post is pushing me to the limit


    one thing i love about queen is that 80% of the time, they never look like they’re dressed for the same event 


    is brian going to a lisa frank convention? 


    john: Fun Substitute Teacher ™

    freddie: just auditioned for “the outsiders”

    brian: ????

    roger: hugh hefner cosplay


    i didn’t know mr bean was a member of queen


    pretty sure Brian is in @chrisflemingfleming cosplay


    Do new ace people these days know about black rings?


    uhh, i don’t.


    yeah! there’s a thing where ace people can wear a black ring on the middle finger of their right hand as a sign to show others that they’re ace!

    (I couldn’t find a version of this pic without the bottom text, sorry)


    I had no idea this was falling out of common knowledge. Boost to get it rolling again! Quick tip from an ace who’s been wearing the black ring for like five plus years now and has gone through several either broken or too scratched to wear- save yourself the trouble, go straight for ceramic.


    there’s also aro rings, pretty much the same concept but with white rings, dont leave us out of it!


    It fell out of common knowledge because exclusionists destroyed our communities 


    Always reblog


    Rebbloging for my aro/ace followers, y'all stay strong


    I never leave the house without mine. It’s ceramic, super comfy and pretty, and it was like twelve bucks. 

    Demisexuality is basically asexuality with fine print. It’s like


    *please note that this individual may experience sexual attraction under the circumstances that a strong emotional bond with another person. Close emotional bond is not a guarantee of sexual attraction. Chances of sexual attraction are low. Like, dude, seriously, they’re LOW there is no guarantee. The aforementioned emotional bond is a non-negotiable requirement for the possible experience of sexual attraction. The individual retains the right to call themselves demisexual, asexual, acespec, any romantic orientation they want, and any other terms they wish that align with their identity. All rights reserved, will hug you if you are a nice person.


    Look, I dont know a lot about saints and Catholicism, but I know St. Agatha is always depicted with her breasts on a plate, and that’s sure something


    Just a few more. This is a big trend. 


    Things I learned from the comments

  • She’s a patron saint of rape and abuse victims
  • She took a vow a chastity
  • A low born guy demanded her to be with him and she turned him down
  • For this she was imprisoned and tortured. This is how she lost her breasts (details not required)
  • She was repeatedly raped.
  • The Catholic Church regards her as a virgin for her peity despite the rape. (No matter your views on virginity this is a pretty interesting statement)
  • She was sentenced to death to burn at the stake but was saved by an earthquake
  • In her holiday people make titty cupcakes
  • I didn’t know she existed and now I think she’s a pretty rad woman. I would hesitate calling her a protofeminist as some often do with amazing women in history but she is pretty cool. Also she’s still very relevant today as women are still treated the way she was.


    other things i learned: damn historic artists drew a woman with her own tits on a plate with Cleavage and prominent nip nops???


    When is titty cupcake day?




    If you don’t want to call, at the very least, reblog the hell out of this.


    alternately, you can write a message to the superintendent of the Harrison County Board of Education here:



    Important addition.


    Also if your message is too large for that contact, email in to  Dr. Mark A. Manchin, Superintendent at mmanchin@k12.wv.us.


    Just some added details, it wasn’t the principal but the assistant prinicpal, Lee Livengood. If you google is name, a ton of articles about this come up where you can read more details. He barricaded the student (FIFTEEN years old iirc) in the bathroom, wouldn’t let him leave, demanded to see his genitals, and told the student “you freak me out” in front of the other students. 

    This is the man in question. If you, like me, live in WV, feel free to spit on him if you see him.