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2021-02-06 16:22:47

    I have listed some older rare one-off prints in my SHOP, which are printed on special thick matte-type paper with a slight shine. (The prints shown here on Tumblr) Each print contains a small .25 inch white border around the whole artwork. Dimensions: 11.5 x 17.5.

    I am eternally grateful to every one of you for supporting my on-going journey of creation. I’ve recently been through a rough patch with my health but I am now slowly coming back to making more art in my style with a more evolved background. My energy is definitely returning and I feel so wonderful. It takes a lot of courage and spiritual energy to return after being away for a little while. I have some things that I still need to heal in my body and have learned when to rest and not overwork myself. Brain fog on a Chronic level is no joke! (One of the crazy symptoms) It feels so good to be able to truly see colors again! I’ve been making digital art since I was 15. I am almost 30! I love what I do and will always! Love you guys! 

    OH and I recently published a coloring book of doodles HERE! So excited to be creating a lot of art again. 


    “Horror has long been one of cinema’s most effective and interesting lenses through which to examine the things that scare us most, both as individuals, and as societies. In the 2010s, directors have been given the space to tell these stories their way—and confident marketing that makes sure they reach not only typical horror audiences, but outsiders who might love them just as much.”