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    I was making pretty good money as an insurance agent in a 6-man office until the owner sold his business to Ms. Elaine (at right, above). Over the next 3 months, she fired four of the males and replaced all of them with higher-performing Women.  She was going to fire me, too, but my wife Rosie begged her to keep me on for a lower salary.  Elaine agreed, saying she had “big plans for me” – and if they worked out, Rosie would be rewarded very nicely.

    A short time later, as you might have guessed, I became the office secretary – not only for my new owner but for Ms. Donna, Ms. Arianna, Ms. Linda and Ms. Susan (who’s at left, above). From Day 1, Ms. Elaine made it clear that there would be a “different way of doing business.” When I asked her to explain, she just gave a sweet wink and said, “You’ll see.” I then grumbled something – I forget what it was, but I’ll never forget my new Boss’ response. 

    “SHHHHH,” she commanded as I became captivated by the gorgeous index finger she put to her lips – and the beautiful red fingernail that shined into my adoring eyes. Elaine said, “I’ve done 1,000 things to improve a business like this. Not all of them will work here – but I’d rather you spend your time helping achieve MY plans, instead of wasting your time & energy trying to guess what might work better. You may think I’m going down the wrong road but I’m very good at making adjustments. I know how much experience you have, and I promise to ask you things. You’ll do a lot to contribute. But no matter what I do, just have faith in me. Your wife sold me on keeping you. You don’t want to let HER down, do you?” No Ma’am, I replied.  “Good,” Elaine said as her hand patted my wrist in approval.  “Let’s get to work.”

    The first thing I noticed was that our Women were ending their sales appointments much more quickly than the males did – me included!  Of course, that spurred an immediate increase in our profits … which I didn’t understand because Elaine hardly had time to recruit new customers yet.  I didn’t dare approach the subject with her – but when I went home that night, Rosie put it all in perspective: 

    “I know she had customers from her old jobs that she brought in. You like working for her, so why wouldn’t they like doing business with her? Especially the guys – and guys think with their COCKS, right? That’s why your old meetings ran so long! When guys get together, they talk about their CONQUESTS before they get down to business, right?”  I just nodded. I couldn’t dispute that and didn’t even try. “Working with Women has GOT to be refreshing for you,” said my darling wife. “They may appear sexier to you, but they’re ALL about business – they get everything done and more, and they still have time for the juiciest gossip.” She’s right, but I never told her that. “You don’t have to,” Rosie said, “You come home MUCH happier than you used to! You should be getting a pay raise soon.”

    No, that didn’t happen and I didn’t expect it. Just being with these fantastic, Superior Women for hours each day was a better personal reward than I’ve had in a long, long time.  As they made more & more money they became happier, more glowing, more powerful – and yes, more erotic.  And Ms. Elaine obviously expected that to happen.  She knew that if I enjoyed being with these great Women, I’d love serving them more. Indeed, she praised me for my increased production – especially for the extra hours I spent at the office after everyone else left each day.  

    Within a month, my 8-hour day became 10-11 hours due to the increase in business – and doing more personal errands like buying pantyhose for an emergency meeting or picking up their suits from the dry cleaners. Donna, Arianna, Susan, Linda, and Elaine are all so pleasant in making these requests that I don’t mind them one bit. They didn’t think I would.  But I was shocked that my wife had not asked me about my longer time away from home.  It was like she totally knew how Elaine was transforming me into a better beta. I was so grateful for that. My wife knows me so well; she even complained once that she wished I could be more an Alpha, but it’s just not in me.

    After two months, our Women increased our profits by an amazing 11-percent from the same time the year before. Elaine gave her agents a 5-percent raise for both their salaries AND their more lucrative sales commissions. I no longer get those commissions, but Rosie told me how nice it was for Elaine to still give me a 3-percent raise.  As long my wife’s OK with it, I couldn’t complain!

    When she told me about my raise, Ms. Elaine also asked me to start thinking about a way that all six of us could celebrate.  As it turned out, I didn’t have to think at all.  Ms. Susan snuck up behind me a couple days later as I was typing a sales report. She tickled the back of my neck and whispered, “Check your email after I walk away.”  She wrote:

    “Tell your Boss to invite all of us to her new apartment for a slumber party.  She’d like that!  She’s hardly had time to move her things in, so she’d get a housewarming party, too. Before then, take a Saturday and help set up her bedroom, computer, kitchen, etc. Elaine works off her phone at night, and I know you’d be much happier if she could express her ideas on emails no matter when they come to her.  And you would LOVE the personal time you spend with us. We all appreciate how you drop what you’re doing to tend to our errands during the day – but we never get to see how happy this makes you.  An overnight slumber party would let us SEE how you serve us. and you just might pick up an idea or two.  Everything you do benefits the bottom line, so get cracking!”

    Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe how horny that note made me!  My tiny dick hasn’t been hard for a long time – but my crotch still tingled so much, I just HAD to visit the men’s room to pull my soft weenie to orgasm. I came out not even a minute later, and I could hear a couple of the Women laughing when I received another email from Susan:

    “Just between you & me … Did you CUM just now?  Reply in 5 words or less, then don’t say another word about this to anyone – especially not your wife!  Be satisfied, knowing that you are the secretary that we all hope you’d be. To your credit, you know it’s the WOMEN’S turn to make the big money – You just showed us that you’ll be very happy making less … a lot less. Therefore, enjoy these little ‘rewards’ we give you here!”

    My less than 5-word reply was “Drank cream, no mess.”  I tried making the point as vaguely as possible, in case somebody else saw this note.  Nothing was said after that … but when Susan walked past me on her way out the door, she simply winked without breaking her stride.  I visibly shivered with delight – and Ms. Elaine, walking 10-feet behind Susan, gave me a deliciously evil stare and a sweet, toothless grin of approval. I helped her set up her apartment the next day, and the slumber party took place that night and into Sunday.

    The Women had me return 30 minutes later than they arrived.  They surprised me by wearing black-&-white suit coats and tops – and non-sexual, brief-style black panties. Their clean, luscious legs were bare. Only Elaine & Susan wore nail polish on their fingers & toes. That shocked me, considering that Elaine almost always mentions great-looking fingernails as a big key for selling insurance to both genders.  

    We enjoyed drinks & pizza which I lovingly served.  And we played a couple cutesy-poo games before Elaine encouraged us to socialize and enjoy each other’s company.  After chatting with Linda, Donna and Arianna – and keeping their drinks full – I noticed Elaine & Susan teasing each other while lying on the floor of a living room corner. Their game of “footsie” (looking beautiful in the above photo) naturally attracted me.  Susan teasingly asked how I liked the toe rings they were both wearing.  They knew it would have me sitting at their feet – where Susan kicked my face just seconds after I sat down.

    “I’m your BOSS, don’t get too close!” exclaimed Ms. Elaine. That brought a sudden halt to the partying, and my face got redder than ever. Twenty seconds of tense silence seemed like 20 minutes before Linda broke the ice by purring, “Your boy is blushing, Elaine … isn’t that CUTE?????”  I blushed some more, with a slight grin on my face, while all five Women busted their guts in laughter!

    Arianna asked, “What happened?  Did he try kissing your foot, Elaine?”  

    “No,” said Susan, “But he SHOULD have.  You should see his face, girls.  He’s up nice and close.  He hasn’t moved his face since she kicked him. His eyes look like his heart just skip a beat. He MUST love how our feet smell – he hasn’t denied anything, and his eyes – they look so … so … romantic!”

    I didn’t want to admit how right they were.  I know my most loving gaze was focused on BOTH their red nails. Their feet were strong and STINKY the first time I breathed them in. But as I looked up at their faces – how smug and Dominating they were – they smelled better with every breath.  Still, Ms. Elaine was right.  She WAS my Boss – and while I admire her as a Woman, I need to be professional in all the ways I love helping her succeed.

    At that moment, Linda’s hand touched the back of my head.  She pushed me gently toward Ms. Elaine’s foot as she said, “It’s not 1970 anymore. Women stopped trying to mimic their male bosses long ago!  It’s just natural today for Women to lead – and to use all their Feminine charms to keep their best males loyal and productive.  Every day, you dream of kissing your Boss’ ass.  Do it for REAL.  That’s what today’s Female leaders want; great betas who honor and revere the Bosses who not only make them successful – but who love soothing their aching bones at the end of a long workday.”

    I remained silent as Linda’s head guided my mouth to the ball of Elaine’s foot, which I softly and repeatedly kissed.  I then moved up to kiss the bottom of her big toe. I couldn’t help myself: I started sucking it, as the others went “oooo” and “ahhhh.”  Ms. Elaine closed her eyes – and I’ve never seen her more relaxed! Ms. Susan’s eyes gazed at me with a sweet but smug toothless grin – as if I FINALLY found the place I’m supposed to be.

    I spent the rest of the night worshiping all 50 of these beautiful Women’s toes. When I finished, I collapsed on the floor.  I then got very nervous!  What will happen, I asked myself, once my wife Rosie hears what I’ve done. Certainly, it will be the worst-kept “secret” of all-time.  

    But really, it could not have been THAT big of a deal.  After the initial shrug, I just rolled up on the floor, purred like a kitty, and fell asleep.


    The shape of things to come


    Wife: “Feel how my big strapon dick is destroying your hole?”

    Me:“ugh, yes”

    Wife:“Your little penis wouldn’t be able to do this for me, would it?”*starts pounding faster*

    Me: “i wouldn’t call it little, ugh, but, no I guess not, ugh”

    Wife: “Its little, but that’s ok I still like to play with it sometimes. By now you know l do the fucking, all you need to do is obey me, eat my pussy, and give up that cute little ass of yours for a good pounding regularly. *tapping my prostate* Isnt that right bitch?”



    It’s not until you see the difference in intensity that you realise how small you really are and that size does matter.


    Alyssa Arcè by Nikki Krecicki  


    Now that my Female Boss trusts me to keep her deepest secrets, she invites me to travel with her to major conventions where I take notes, keep her on schedule, help handle emergencies back home, etc.  She also lets me jerk off to her photos and panties at night, while she sleeps in another room with a Stud from the other side of the country, whom she only gets to enjoy once a year!  

    She always wears the most gorgeous nightie-type hotel gowns for him, like the pink one above.  He really gets turned on by her key to my chastity device (which I wear as a condition of my employment). And she’ll let me be unlocked as long as I stay in my room, be a good “busy body” for her, and preserve her annual affair with a God who helps run one of our major competitors!  

    She likes it when I write love letters to her about my masturbation – and I LOVE licking her key after he drips part of his cum on it. Ooooooo, so good!!!!!!!


    I would love to hear more about “ She likes it when I write love letters to her about my masturbation “ sounds intriguing


    First Time Cuckold

    I get private messages quite often asking for advice on how to get their wives to cuckold them, how to approach the topic, and what it was like dealing with the emotions of the first time.

    My advice is usually pretty straightforward:

    1. Don’t push her into doing anything. You’ll shut her down and it’s unfair to her because if she doesn’t enjoy the idea and execution of it, you’re being selfish.

    2. It’s not about YOU. It may start out as your fantasy and kink… but the moment your wife starts role playing it and you begin to figure out what she likes about it and what turns her on, it’s about her as much as you.

    3. When actually partaking in the lifestyle, start slow. Again, don’t force anything, this is where you really need to get your ego out of the way. We started with her flirting with guys, dancing with them, making out with them on the dance floor. We started my humiliation with her telling me to ask guys for their phone numbers for her.

    Our first time with her fucking in front of me was one of the most amazing days of my life but unbelievably difficult. It does not pan out like when you’re jerking off to a caption or video… your wife, unless she’s a complete psycho, won’t jump on his dick and be flicking you off while riding it, immediately. Women are pensive and thoughtful. My wife was extremely turned on at each step in her journey and I waited for her to say, “This is the one,” before we agreed to have her fuck in front of me.

    The lucky bastard was a college student, 22 years old, and really good looking. He was in incredible shape although his muscles were not massive, just ripped. He was about 6’2” and had short dark brown hair. Cocky son of a bitch. (You’ll find that most guys that want to fuck a hotwife in front of her husband are quite arrogant and think it’s hilarious)

    She’d met him at a bar in town and I’d gotten his number for her. They had been texting and he had sent a few pics of his nice cock, by her request, and she had gotten extremely turned on by him. I’d eaten her out while she sexted him (I highly recommend this) and after about a week she told me of that she started to feel comfortable with him. We were lying in bed, I wasn’t caged at this point by the way, and she was texting him. She started playing with my cock while she still had the phone in her hand.

    I remember it like it was this morning… she got me hard and kept dropping my cock to use both hands to text him back. I couldn’t help but wonder if she were teasing the hell out of me on purpose or by accident. She then rolled toward me and was biting her lip. She started stroking me slowly and said, “Baby?” I looked at her and didn’t even say anything and she bashfully continued, “I think he’s the one.” I got even more rock hard. She kept stroking slowly and I said, “Seriously? Him?” She nodded and then leaned into my ear and whispered, “He already said he’s good with you watching.” I almost exploded.

    She started going faster and faster and she said, “Is that a yes?!” I told her it was whatever she wanted. She chuckled and said, “… that’s right…” she kept stroking for about ten more seconds and I shot everywhere. She couldn’t believe how much I had cum. Usually when we’re done she knows my mood dies and she doesn’t say anything. She said, “He asked about Friday night. Said we could do it here (we were in an apartment).” That was only two days away but I wouldn’t dare try to act hesitant. She set it up and was so gleeful and nervous it made me so happy.

    When the day came we went to the store and got condoms for them. We got to the checkout and she handed the “Magnum” condoms to the clerk and the clerk looked at them and said, “Alrighty… that it?” She looked me once over. My wife noticed her checking me out after the magnum purchase and she said, “Oh, those aren’t for him. Haha.” The clerk was obviously uncomfortable and just smiled and gave a light, confused chuckle. I was bright red.

    We got back to the house and she spent the next hour trying to figure out what she should wear. She kept saying, “Can you believe this is actually happening?!” She kept her pussy shaven at that point but freshened it up for her new lover anyways. She ended up wearing a lacy red thong with the matching bra. Drop. Dead. Sexy. She then put on a short little black dress and black heels. She got ready and then we realized that we still had like an hour and a half until he got there.

    My gut was churning. I was more nervous than I’d been in my entire life. She was so nervous too that neither of us had really eaten lunch that day and now it was 5 PM. Still 30 minutes until he arrived. He was coming straight from work. He actually had a good job. Was pretty important I guess. I told her we should have a little wine to relax a little. She declined at first but then decided it would be a good idea.

    We talked about how this had potential to be awkward and we went over the “what if’s?” How much was I going to be involved? Would we direct him to do stuff? Would he direct us to do stuff? We talked about lines we wouldn’t cross and such. All in all, we decided to just see what happens. Obviously we wouldn’t let any pics or videos be taken but everything else we’d just deal with.

    Finally, we got a call from the gate to let someone into the complex. Both of our hearts leapt and my stomach sank as she hit the number to let him in. I looked at my watch and he was 15 minutes early. I thought, I guess I would be too if I were coming for this pussy… My wife came over and sat on my lap and looked me right in the face and said, “You ready for this?!” I nodded and said, “I’m so nervous… but yes.” She laughed and pointed to my crotch before saying, “No touching until I say so.”

    He then knocked on the door. She said, “I love you,” and hopped off of me. She opened the door and when I heard the voice of the man that was there to fuck my wife I remember feeling like I would vomit. My stomach was on overdrive, heart absolutely pounding. She walked over and when they came into view I saw her holding a six pack of Corona that he had brought. She walked over to the fridge and bent down to place it inside. He watched her ass peak out from under the dress as she did this then looked over at me. He said, “What’s up, man?” and shook my hand.

    He was wearing a nice blue suit and tie with some dress shoes that looked expensive as hell. He was insanely hot, I won’t mince words. She was obviously very, very attracted to him. She pulled one of the Coronas out and opened it for him. I was sitting on the couch and now both of them were standing awkwardly. It felt awkward. He then broke the awkward silence and said, “So how does this work? Never done a wife in front of a husband.” My wife giggled at hearing that and said, “Well, I don’t really know.” She looked at me.

    I suggested they just sit down on the couch and drink a little, which they did. After a few minutes of awkward talking he told her that she looked amazing and started rubbing her leg. He then brushed her hair behind her ear and kissed her. And again… and again… she looked fucking gorgeous and this guy was drinking it all in and loving the taste. He was still wearing his suit and they started making out hardcore. I watched her hand venture down and grip his cock that was rock hard. Her legs were toward me on the couch and I saw her legs open wide as his hand went for her pussy. I watched him start rubbing it slowly and he whispered something to her. She laughed and reached down and felt her pussy. She looked over at me and said, “Holy shit, baby, I am DRENCHED. Hahaha…” and went straight back to making out with him.

    I had grown very, very hard by this point. There was no music playing. This isn’t some video you can skip through part of and I wasn’t allowed to jack off. Right in front of me my biggest fantasy was becoming a harsh and beautiful reality. After years of fantasizing, it was here. My stomach was in about a thousand knots and I felt like an anchor was holding me down to the loveseat.

    After a few minutes he said something quiet to her and she responded where I couldn’t hear her either. He said one more thing and she nodded her head enthusiastically while I could hear, “Yeah, yeah!” while she scrambled out from under him. He sat up on the couch and straightened his suit up as much as he could. Before I knew what happened she was hungrily undoing his belt and hadn’t even looked at me. He slumped a little on the couch after pulling his ass up as she worked his pants down enough to spring free his cock.

    His dick was bigger than mine, about 7 and ½ inches, but not massive. It was pretty thick though. When she pulled it out she just leaned back for a second and held it in her hand. This woman had put my cock in her mouth before but remember never given me a blowjob. She looked at his dick for two seconds before diving into it like she was dying of thirst and it was an oasis in the desert. I was behind her and to the left and when her head started bobbing on his cock I remember feeling precum leak out and thinking that this was the hottest thing I had ever seen.

    She was unbelievably turned on and had her ass out where I could see it and that red thong since she was bent over. Her ass looked glorious. As always. I felt like I was drunk with lust. My cock was trapped in my jeans but I know I would’ve exploded in two seconds if I would’ve been allowed to touch it. She was furiously sucking and he leaned his head back and was moaning. He grabbed his beer and took a sip. I was staring at her but then saw him looking at me. That was awkward. I didn’t want to make eye contact with him. I finally did because it was obvious he knew I saw him. He smiled at me and said, “What you thought it would be?” I didn’t know what to say. My wife took a break from her bobbing, held his cock with one hand, and turned around to me. She was gasping for air and had a combination of spit and his precum dripping from her bottom lip. She just said, “You good?” I finally got out, “Oh I’m good.” She went straight back to sucking him off. This went on for several minutes.

    My wife then stopped and started unbuttoning his shirt. She reached up and undid his tie and finished unbuttoning him. He had a nice olive skin tone and a impeccable six-pack. She started rubbing her hands over his abs and up to his legs and said pretty loudly, “Holy hell…” I am not too out of shape… but I’m not anywhere close to that. He then leaned forward and slid off his coat and shirt. He went to put them over the couch next to them and they slid down next to him. My wife was working on getting his pants off. She ripped each shoe off and then they worked his pants and boxers off.

    They both put his clothes to the side again and tried to lay them out pretty nicely so they wouldn’t get wrinkled. She finally turned around and said, “Babe, get a hanger for him and hang his suit up.” Even being talked to at this point made my stomach sink. This was all so crazy and amazing. I did as I was told. I got a nice wooden hanger and pants hanger and walked back into the room. My wife was holding his cock back and was now working on his balls. It made me nervous walking that close to them, almost touching them, to grab his clothes. I grabbed them and hung them up quickly on a door handle of the pantry.

    “How did you end up with me naked and you not? Haha” he said to her. She laughed and took a break from his balls long enough to shrug and say, “Oh well.” He said, “No, no, no… stand up.” She stood up in front of him with the heels making her tower just a little bit more than her normal 5’6” self. She put her hands on her hips playfully and looked at him. He leaned forward and started rubbing up her right thigh and got to her pussy. Her legs got a little wobbly as he did this. He then said, “Why don’t you ask your husband to hang up that dress too?” She looked over her shoulder and said, “Think I need you to unzip me, baby.”

    I walked up behind her sexy self and when I got close I could feel the heat coming from her. She was unbelievably turned on still. I started to lower her zipper and looked at her sexy back as it became visible. The back of the red, lace bra came into view and then the matching thong. I could feel myself growing again in my pants. She then shimmied it down her legs and to the ground. I bent down to pick it up and my face brushed against the magnificent ass he was about to enjoy.

    I walked back to my loveseat with her dress in my hand about laid it carefully over the back as I heard him say, “Damn…” I sat down and turned around to see her standing right in front of him in that lace underwear and her black heels. He spit her around and grabbed both ass cheeks as she smiled and looked over at me. When we made eye contact she didn’t change expression but even made it clear how good this was feeling by closing her eyes and putting her head back. She then let out a moan and I remember thinking, “She is made for this.”

    He then started lowering her thong and sliding it down her legs. She kicked one heel and he stopped her and said, “No no.. leave those on.” He slid the thong off of her legs and over the heels leaving her perfectly smooth pussy exposed right in front of him. I saw his hand slide up and his finger feeling her pussy, which was basically gushing at this point. When he did this I saw her look at me with her mouth hanging open with a look of lust I’d dreamed about a million times. I’d cum more times than I could ever count thinking about this moment.

    She finally broke our eye contact and turned back around to him. He said, “Do you have a condom?” She kept staring at him but said, “Baby, can you grab them?” I had a visible boner through my jeans as I hopped up and retrieved them from the kitchen counter. I opened the box and handed her one. When she grabbed the condom she grabbed my shirt and pulled me into her. She looked at me deep in the eyes and said, “Enjoy.” She turned back around and opened the condom like a pro. His impressive cock was rock hard and she bent over at the waist and rolled it onto his dick. I got one last amazing view of her faithful pussy before she took the hotwife plunge.

    She climbed back on top of him with those heels now pointing out as she settled onto her knees. She waited while he lined his cock up and then she lowered herself slowly onto his cock. I heard her gasp and then she started her patented moan that I’d heard so many times. She said, “Oh my god…” as she fit his full shaft inside of her. Their faces were just inches apart and the passion was palpable. She started panting and so did he as she started to ride him. Her beautiful ass bouncing slightly with each down-thrust.

    She got a good rhythm going and started getting louder and louder as she sped up. They started kissing while fucking and I could smell the sex coming from them. They were definitely sweating and the pounding kept going for a few minutes. I could tell he wanted to go harder and then it happened. He grabbed her ass and stopped her from moving while he moved to where he could pump her hard. He gave it to her in the most incredibly aggressive and thorough fucking we’d seen at that point. She started yelling louder than I’d ever heard and then I saw his balls clench and heard him yell as he exploded into the condom.

    They slowed down and his arms fell in exhaustion. My wife laughed and kissed him deeply a couple of more times before climbing off and sitting next to him on the couch. They were both destroyed and the condom hung from his cock with an impressive load inside of it. She looked at me, exhausted, and smiled while catching her breath. She then looked over at him and he had started to remove the condom. She reached down and took it from him and had it in her thumb and forefinger. “Babe,” she turned her focus toward me, “can you throw this away for us?” She reached it out to me. I hesitated for a second but then took it gingerly. I tried to ignore what this really was that I was holding and scurried to the trashcan to get rid of it.

    She then excused herself to the bathroom. Talk about awkward.. he and I by ourselves with him naked on the couch. I filled the silence by asking he wanted some wanted, which of course he did after that. Thankfully she was back quickly, still wearing her red lace bra and just the black heels. When she came back in and sat down on the couch she asked him how he was doing. He was sitting there rubbing his balls, not even being close to shy about it, and was still completely naked. He told her, “Fuck, your pussy is amazing…” She laughed and said, “Your dick isn’t so bad yourself.” My wife then leaned back on the couch and so casually just propped one leg up on the couch and looked a me before saying, “Baby, we should order some pizza, sound good?” She looked at me and him and I was surprised that she was over all her nerves and hungry now but also that he wasn’t leaving. I then realized that we didn’t really discuss when he would be leaving.

    Of course he agreed. I ordered the pizza and they were on the couch naked and almost naked. After I hung up she then asked, right in front of him, “So, how did it compare to the fantasy.” I felt so weird answering that in front of him and was taken back by how casual she was about it. She wasn’t shy at all in front of this guy. All I could muster out was, “That was pretty amazing.” He didn’t say anything but she smiled and said, “Glad you agree.” Then the real awkward time came as we all kinda small talked for a few minutes about our jobs and stuff. Like I really care about his job?

    My wife then asked him if he wanted another beer and told me to get it and get her some wine. She engulfed her glass of wine and asked for another before I knew what happened. Still on an empty stomach so it hit pretty quickly. When I came back with the second glass he had started making out with her on the couch. She was leaving over him and massaging his balls now. His cock was growing again. Then I hear my phone buzzing as the pizza delivery man arrived and I let him into the complex, followed thirty seconds later by a knock on the door. I open it and give the young man the money and try to talk over the moans he can hear from about twenty feet behind me. He definitely heard them but didn’t say anything.

    I walk back over and my wife is deep throating him again. Her bra is off now and she’d lost the heels. She was still on the couch next to him with her head in his lap instead of on the ground in between his legs. He had his hand on the back of her head and pulled all of her long, dark brown hair to the side of her face, giving me a perfect view of her working so tirelessly on his shaft. He looked over at me and said, “Hey, can I get a piece, man?” I grabbed one of the pizza boxes and walked over to him, opened it, and he worked a piece out. He sat their and ate a piece of pizza while my wife worked his shaft like a pro. He finished the pizza and the whole time had his hand on the back of her head. I could tell she was getting tired and then also saw him start to convulse. He grasped the back of the couch and held the back of her head while he unloaded in her mouth. She stayed there like a champ and took his load in her mouth. She stayed there and pumped a few times making sure it was dry before she sat up.

    She sat up on the couch next to him and he looked over at her with her mouth closed. He said, “You alright?!” while laughing and she started laughing but holding it in. She then swallowed it, something if never seen her do, and she said, “Holy shit, you tried to drown me.” They both laughed. She grabbed her wine glass and washed down the cum and then asked me to bring over the pizza. They sat there naked and ate their pizza while talking again and asking me how I was doing every now and then.

    I was so shocked by everything I’d seen I only managed to force down one piece of pizza. After a few minutes he said, “Well, I really hope we do this again… but I’ve gotta get going.” She told him that they’d definitely do it again. He stood up and started getting dressed right there while my wife remained completely naked. He finished getting ready, kissed her deep and slapped her ass (causing her to giggle), and then turned to me. He said, “Thanks for letting me fuck her, anytime you need me, you call me.” I glanced at her and mouthed, “Thank him.” I said, “Thank you for fucking my wife, she was really excited about this, as was I.”

    He then left and she told me to come to the bedroom and take my pants off. My boxers were soaked with precum and my cock was pretty small. She lied down next to me and propped her head up with her left hand while taking her right hand to my cock. She played with it, just moving it around, and asked me what I thought about it all. I told her that it was one of the most difficult things in my life, to watch her get taken like that, but it was also the most single erotic evening of my life. She laughed and said, “You weren’t disappointed?” I said, “Fuck no.” I then asked her what she thought and she buried her head in my chest and said, “It was AMAAAAZZZZING!!!!” She hadn’t stopped smiling since he first got there so it’s not like I really needed that question asked or answered.

    It made me hard when she said it was amazing though. She then told me I could jack off and cum. She sat there watching me and talked about how crazy it must have been for me to watch another man’s hands go all over my naked body and then another man’s beautiful cock explore her pussy. I asked her why she’d given him so much head when she never gave me any and she blushed and said, “It felt so fucking naughty… so bad and mean that I never do that to….. and I loved that.” I came so hard and shot everywhere. I felt cum hitting everywhere and going on her as well. She said, “Oopsy,” as she scooped the cum off of her him with two fingers and put it in my mouth.

    She then popped up and went to get dressed, leaving me there exhausted and completely ravished by emotion. And thus began the actual cuckolding in our lives.


    Don’t skip points 1 & 2 they’re really important


    Rebecca Ferguson -(MI 6: Rogue Nation)


    John, Take a memo, please. To all staff; I wish to put you all at ease now that I have inherited this company from my father. I want to ensure this company continues like it has for the last 100 years.  I will not be making any changes to operations, well except for one small one. In the dress-code any references to Women will be changed to men and vice-a-versa. Tomorrow morning I expect all males to be wearing dresses or skirts with blouse, minimum 2″ heels, to begin with and pantihose. failure to comply will be deemed a breach of employment conditions and result in instant dismissal.


    You stare at your girls ass and once again your peanut gets scared and tries to climb inside you. You know she is build for BBC, not your sad little worm.

    Thinking of her bent over and being stuffed by BBC makes your inch and a half worm stiffen!

    You’ll get to know some of those big cock, well muscled, black guys at the gym, and introduce her!

    Your pencil dick is so small, you dont even have to adjust the little stiffy, in your shorts, while planning to get her ass permanently blacked. :)


    This post is even more relevant nw that spring is arriving in northern climbs and all those skimpy shorts and dresses are coming out of the wardrobes. Like many beta’s I shall also be admiring their pedicures.