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    Instead of making up shitty racist headcanons about Miles shoplifting join me in headcanoning him picking up ballet because he thought Gwen being a ballerina was super neat and it would help him in his spiderman job

    Spider strength he can’t control + Lifts = Hilarity

    Miles, muttering to himself: do not yeet the ballerina. do NOT yeet the ballerina

    Jumps. JUMPS.

    Miles frantically googling “How high can normal people jump??? How high can ballerinas jump?????? I don’t think I’m supposed to be able to jump straight up to the ceiling and also I keep getting stuck up there please help”

    Once Mile’s spider sense pinged lightly about a balcony set and he told the crew master he had a bad feeling about it. The balcony collapsed later. No one was hurt, but now Miles has to go over sets and pronounce them clear of ‘bad feelings’

    He’s not even good enough to be in shows yet, but nothing goes out without his seal of approval

    honestly I have known so many stage managers and props department people who are Exactly This Superstitious. (And hell, in this case they’re not even wrong he literally has magic danger powers)

    I’ve also known a few dancers, and without exception the reaction to finding out this boy can effortlessly hold them in a single arm lift or YEET them dozens of feet in the air (And catch them after!) would be PURE GLEE.

    “Okay, Glynda, look, we all know he’s Spiderman. Kid’s terrible at hiding it. But imagine this. None of us tell him we know and none of us tell him how high ballerinas can really throw their partners. And each class we just keep on pretending like we’re impressed with how fast he’s improving but, y'know, he’s still got further to go.”

    “Uhuh, yeah, I see that look in your eyes Glynda. You know exactly where I’m going with this. How high do you think Spiderman can throw you?”

    “Okay, Glynda, stop giggling, the giggling is creepy. Dessie, please make her stop giggling.”

    This is wonderful


    yall I fucking bled for this peice of trash pls like it 

    oh. I thought it was a photo.

    Damn it took me 5 minutes to figure out why you wanted people to like a picture of soap. You did such a good job people think you are just posting random pics of soap.

    this isn’t the fist time this has happened, I painted lube and everyone was confused that I posted a picture of lube 


    Here are some other paintings I’ve done, if anyone’s interested 👀 ( three of these are based off photos)



    Bro you better be making so much money off of this-

    Actually I have negative $40 dollars to my name, I’m gonna get fined by my bank soon lmfao

    Did a quick check of the OP and they have prints available on RB, username sofakills

    op doing art so good people think they just postin random pictures smh

    These are amazing


    <>‘He was my everything’: Boy who drowned in Brookings pond remembered for smile, generosity

    The body of<> Molu Zarpeleh, 10, who was reported missing last Thursday night, was recovered from a privately-owned retention pond along 12th Street South around 8:40 a.m. Friday after authorities searched the pond, according to a new release from the City of Brookings.

    A tip that <>Zarpeleh had been pushed into the pond that circulated on social media has been redacted by the tipster, said Chelsea Bakken, public information officer for the City of Brookings. Investigators also reported <>that tips they received Friday related to circumstances surrounding the incident were not true but won’t state why. Police are ignoring it and ruling it an “accidental drowning but his mother says differently. 

    <>“A 10-year-old boy would not just take his sandals off and walk into the water,<>” she sa<>id. “He didn’t know how to <>swim.”

    Brookings police and the Brookings Fire Department searched for Zarpeleh until about 2:30 a.m. Friday before <>the search was stopped due to safety concerns, poor lighting and murky water, the release states. Searchers used pumps from Brookings Municipal Utilities and Brookings County to remove about 300,000 gallons of water from the pond during the resumed search Friday morning

    <>“Molu died, but I can’t say ‘was<> yet,” M<>ole said. “He’s my first child. He’s my only son. I don’t want to use the word ‘was.’ I can’t im<>agine him not living.”

    Source / Source / Source

    <>DONATE HERE<> (The local Lutheran Church in Brookings is giving all donations to the family)

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    there are only so many world leaders, right? and they’re all beholden to sokka in some major way…

  • the avatar: will be 35 years old and still have a pavlovian response to sokka saying “all right everyone, time for bed!” 
  • the firelord: so ride or die it’s honestly concerning
  • the earth king: owes to sokka his newfound knowledge of basic critical thinking skills
  • chief of the northern water tribe: his daughter seemed to think he was pretty dope before she turned into the moon
  • chief of the southern water tribe: thinks her brother is an idiot but has good ideas sometimes, and appreciates the fact that he doesn’t care whether or not he gets credit for them as long as they’re implemented 
  • not to mention that toph is basically a one-woman weapon of mass destruction who does not listen to anyone—with the crucial exception of one person—and guess who that is!
  • and he’s basically an honorary member of the white lotus???
  • basically what I’m saying is sokka secretly rules the world

    I think what you’re saying is that sokka secretly rules the world and has no fucking idea.

    I’m totally on board with this except I think Sokka is an actual, full-fledged member of the White Lotus, and he also doesn’t realize that.

    The White Lotus kept inviting him to meetings, and he showed up and assumed they were just humoring his interest. His initiation was much the same; he’s dead certain that they just gave him a robe and made him part of the ceremony to “feel included”. And he’s super touched by the way they keep inviting him to those meetings and even seem interested in what he has to say! Sometimes (a lot of times, actually, but he doesn’t even notice that) they even use his ideas!

    They’re really cool people, those White Lotus guys. Sokka thinks it would be pretty awesome to be a part of their group.

    #broke: didnt know they were dating #woke: didnt know they were a secret society member #thought they were just being polite

    Your average pineapple, peeled and cut makes about 4.5 cups or 36 ounces of pineapple chunks. Cans of pineapple come in a variety of sizes the most common being 20oz and 46oz. Meaning a single pineapple generally won’t fill up a single can perfectly, wich also means everytime u eat pineapple from a can somewhere someone else has the can that has the rest of that same pineapple. Meaning u can share a single fruit with a stranger from hundreds of miles away and I think that’s beutiful

    How much sleep are you getting?

    Not enough my guy