REAL Mom & Son Incest Story, by user GiveMeTimeToAct on Reddit
    I have been debating myself between if I should or should not share my family history, but to be honest reading other stories helped me out accepting my incest desires. So I hope this helps anyone out there.

    Just one thing before starting .. This is my true story, and it may be long, sorry but things didn’t really happen in a blink of an eye, I hope you in enjoy it.

    So beginning with my mother… Well my mother is not only gorgeous but she is also fucking sexy, about her description she is what people in US may call a brunette, dark hair, light skinned with brown eyes. As I mentioned she is very hot, and very sexy, and it has probably been a curse for her, she has a great figure, a very beautiful face and a very great body as an outcome of tons of exercise since I could remember… And of course she has a nice ass but what really makes her stand out are her tits, man she has the greatest pair of tits, round and perfect. Just imagine her as one of those very hot girls that works as hostess in restaurants or clubs, because that was actually her job for some time…. But now with details of our story my mom is only 36 years old, she had my bigger brother when she was only 15 years old and got pregnant by her high school boyfriend, who of course did not take any responsibility for my brother, so then my mom had my brother with some support from our grandparents, it’s needed to say that we come from a low income family, so we didn’t have many luxuries. Later when my mom was 17 she was already really hot again, so she started working as a model, at a very low level nothing really big just local events at malls and things like that.

    So then at 18 she got pregnant again, but now from an older and married man, so again of course he did not take any responsibility for me or for my mother, this time my grandfather weren’t really that supportive. After a couple of years after my birth my mother had to take different jobs to support us, my grandfather helped us get a home but that was that. So as you can imagine we did not have much money lying around.

    Years passed and between a couple of bad experiences with boyfriends my mom grew a lot of distrust for any estrange man.

    Then 2 years ago, and with just a couple of days after I turned 16, I finally realized how hot my mother was, or at least I started to see her as a woman and not only as my mom and this is where my story began, although my mother hasn’t really been a model of monogamy, in our house she was our mother. Going out she would wear very sexy clothes, but in the house t-shirts and pants were the standard; anything revealing, and she was very careful since I could remember, not to expose herself to us, either me or my brother who by the way was 19 at the time, we will talk about him later.

    So one day when my mom was changing to go on a date, yeah she has had a ton of fails with men, but for some reason she always found away to keep trying, so back to the story, I knew my mother was going to leave the house very soon to go to her date, but I needed money for some stupid reason. So I ran to her bedroom trying to find her before she was gone, and ohhhh!!! fuck!!! … When I open the door, my heart stopped and I felt my cock waking up very violently, there I was my mom in the sexiest black lingerie you can imagine, a very revealing top that made her tits look amazing and huge, and the sexiest tights ever. I stood there without moving at all… It felt like hours I finally was seeing my mother as the hot woman she is…. Until she interrupted me

    “Honey!!! Please give me a minute!!” She told me very fast, as she tried to cover her amazing tits with her hands. But it was to late the damage was done.

    “Of course mom, I’ll wait for you downstairs”

    From that moment on, my life changed, a mean I had saw my mom a few times in her underwear in the past, but in normal pajamas or bras, nothing as close as sexy as I saw that day. Just imagine this hot 36 years old woman in lingerie just a couple of steps from you, there was no way I could have avoided having crazy desires for my mother.

    After that I began paying tons of attention to my mother, checking every movement and began to obsess with the idea of kissing her, touching her and even fucking her. That very same year my brother noticed very quickly, and one night he approached me…

    “I know you have been taking moms panties” he told me as if it was nothing important. I haven’t talk about my brother up until now but we were really close, he is a great big brother and you will find out how great later, so when I heard the words I got paralyzed … So he continued “it’s ok, I do it all the time, actually I was starting to thing you were an idiot or a gay idiot”

    And I was like, WTF!!!!

    “You take moms panties… also??”

    “Yes, but you need to be more fucking careful, or she is going to find out”

    “But… I mean….. You” I was very confused.

    “I have to go now, but return the 3 you took and we will talk about this later”

    That night, we talked for hours, he told me how he became to notice my mother and how he wanted her as much or even more as I was at the time, and at that point I began to understand, why this fucker gave my mom so many hugs and kisses. I mean he was using every day as an opportunity to feel her up. So then he told me, “I want my mother for me, I don’t like that she has boyfriends, and that those idiots can touch her or even fuck her, that makes me fucking angry and we need to find a way to make it stop”, o fuck those words fuck her!!! That was all I could think of…. And of course I will help, no one should be enjoying my mother, a mean no one expect me … Or is for that matter then he told me to look at Reddit and other places for incest stories, I had already made my share of reading but from there it certainly increase it a lot. He told me it would help to erase any guilt for our feelings towards our mother; and was very helpful.

    About my mother, once I talked to my brother I started to pay much more attention; our mom loved us a lot!!! And I do mean a lot!!! She was always hugging us and kissing us on the lips, our family has that custom so it was no big deal for me … but now, I enjoyed every contact with my mother. And I could notice my bigger brother, not only enjoyed it also, but he had mastered the art of feeling her up. For example when he got home one day, my mom was in the kitchen preparing something to eat, so he came from her back, gave her a big hug, letting his dick press against our mom’s ass as hard as he could and also rubbing against her like in a playful manner then he gave her a kiss on the lips and made it last as long as he could and again making it very playful… And my mom took it as a very normal behavior, as if he was only playing and not letting her go, and kept her from cooking, so by the time my mom moved away from my brother he already had gotten an amazing opportunity to feel our mother’s body very close. So as quickly as I could I started to replicate his behavior, and my god how amazing was to hug, feel and rub my mother’s body, some times more casual than others but you cannot imagine how many times I masturbate after hugging my mother from the back and feel her ass against my body. I started to do some other things like cuddle with her while watching a movie or entering her room without notice, man I was happy with all that progress, but my brother wasn’t, and I could understand that he was doing the same thing I was for years, so now he wanted more.

    From there on, and with the lead of my brother we began working together to advance and advance, in the process to find away to get to fuck our amazing mother…

    As I wrote before I was having the time of my life, enjoying every touch or view of my mom’s gorgeous body, tits, ass, and legs, everything, but my brother … Well my brother was growing very frustrated, because of the “stupid little advances” we were making, so one night my brother and I came home from a soccer game, and when we arrived at home, we saw a car parked outside our house… Which for us was code for our mother was going to go out with some jerk off.

    So we passed the man in the car, and omg it was ridiculous; a man in his 60s nothing great about him, a mean aside from the BMW, he was a shame, not tall, not good looking, nothing but money.

    And when we passed him and got home, our mom was just about to leave, and ohh!!!! Fuck the amazing dress she was wearing, it was a white very tight dress … Not that short skirt but just above her knees, and open cleavage, that made her tits look amazingly big and round. We saw her getting the final touches to her hair at the living room mirror. At that very moment my brother went upstairs, upset at the idea of our mom leaving with the fucker outside our home, but I just couldn’t do the same, I went right to my mom and gave her a huge hug from behind, and I felt her amazing ass pressed against my cock, just insane I could feel how soft, big and perfect her ass was… That moment ended when she told me “come on honey, I have to go… And go take a shower” that broke my amazing moment but at least I had it, before she went I told her that I wanted to take a picture, she was delighted and gave me a great smile while I took the photo. Of course as you can imagine that night I jerked off like crazy to that picture of my mom, imagining it was me who will fuck her that night and not that old idiot.

    The next morning our mom came into the house around 10am, of course in the same dress she wore last night, with the same fucking sexy high heels she wore, she looked perfect, hot and just delicious. She went directly to her room saying she was going to sleep before going to work that afternoon, a couple of minutes later my brother came to have breakfast …. And he told me something I couldn’t believe “I’m going to leave next Monday” and I was very surprised even though it was a joke “leaving??” … “Yes, we need money, if we want to fuck our mom, we need money” he said very resolved “Money? She is not a whore you can buy” I said getting a little upset, but he replied very quickly “I know that idiot, but if she can quit her job and if on top of that we can buy her all the shit that those fuckers buy her, she won’t have the need to go out with old men or other idiots … And there we can find a way to fuck her” … I was shocked with my brother’s determination, and I have to be honest he is a smart and tough fucker. But the determination he had at that morning, that was new. So long story short, next week and with my mother reluctant approval he went to another state (approximately 8 hours in car from home), to meet with his friend who was one that talk him into leaving home for a “great job”… At that time I did not understand really what my brother could achieve with this “new job” and honestly I thought he was just going to be back at home in a couple of weeks with nothing to show off for his trip. But I couldn’t be more wrong.

    So almost 2 years past since my brother left, and he haven’t even visited once … We talked a lot on the phone and messaged, but not even one visit in almost 2 years. He always talked on how I should wait for him to come back, and that when he came back we will work on our mother and also he was always repeating how much he was working to get money saved. And also he ask me to send him photos of our mom, to keep him motivated, or more precisely get him some jerk off material. So I did, I tried to take sexy photos of our mother to send him, in part to make him jealous that I was with her every day, but taking those sexy photos wasn’t that easy because as I told you our mom was very careful In the house, never wearing anything revealing. So for some photos I told her that I was going to send them to my brother but for the most of them I just took them without even telling her, just trying to catch the angle to show her amazing gorgeous body, which I knew was the thing my brother really wanted to see, I especially got lucky one day we went to the mall, and she wore a very tight shirt, which might not sound like a lot but man how many shots I got from her, of course without her noticing I was trying to catch her delicious tits, so I could send them to my brother.

    So by the time I was about to turn 18, I was getting the same feeling my brother had when he left, I enjoyed a lot seeing and touching our mother’s body, but I was getting the feeling that I would never get to fuck her, and that was getting me very frustrated… Until one day I got home from school and saw a car just in front of my house, but no fucker anywhere near the car, and I got really angry… Wtf is happening when mom had dates from time to time, but they always wait outside, I was getting angry as fuck at the idea of one fucker inside my house, with my mother … And wtf was going on with my mother she never let anyone inside, so I ran as fast as I could to the door and abruptly and loudly went inside waiting to see the fucker that dared to enter my house …. But when I got to the leaving room I saw the fucker I wasn’t waiting, my brother was sitting in front of my mom, he was very different since the last time I saw him, he was much more heavy than before, nor really fat but big… But that made him look older and also a bit rude…. So I went in and saluted him of course we talked a lot, our mom launched a couple of reproaches and we all caught up on everything normal. But the real interesting part came at night when I was alone with my brother, he started saying what I thought he might have forget “Now we need to get to work… I’m going to make your dream come true” … “You sound like a very confident fucker, and yeah my dream, so you don’t want her anymore?” I replied instantly “don’t be stupid, of course I want her, and I will get her first… But I will share it with you, but only you” he told me with a big smile, and then I asked him “and what makes you think we are going to finally fuck her, how are we going to convince her?? I don’t even see how” … “Don’t worry, I have it all planned, I just need your help and I need you very sharp, we cannot fuck up… I got the money and the job, now we only need to get her in the right spot, so we can fuck her” I don’t think this is important but my brother passed the past two years in the trucking business working every hour and saving as much as he could and now he had a steady job in the same trucking company but now in a closer location to our home (1hr)… So he detailed his general “plan”, I wasn’t expecting much really, but man this fucker had a real good plan and also he was saying the truth about saving money, from the moment he came back he was paying for everything, nothing to fancy but dinner, supplies every little expense we made he was covering it, not letting our mom pay for anything.

    My brothers plan was really simple, he explained it in detail, but the general outline was simple; first of all we should start to make it very clear to our mother how hot and good looking she is, give her a complement every time she dresses in something even remotely sexy and give her a hard time every time she wore normal or “not sexy” clothes.. Then step two get her jealous, talk as much as we can about other women, on how there were many girls available to us and that they were easy to get … This was important because our mother, always insisted us to never get a girl pregnant or even get married before we were 28 or older, considering she was a very very young mother she always told us that we should have a life before getting a commitment. And also she suffered a lot when my brother left, but knowing it was for a job and not for a woman, helped her. But now he was back she told him very seriously “now you cannot go again until you turn 28… At least” … So the second part of the plan was to get her jealous, crazy jealous and worried that we would leave her for a young slutty girl. As you can imagine she had a lot of trauma, after so many men had left her, so the fear of her own children leaving her before that time, well that was a good part of my brothers plan. And last but most important; progressive advances and get her guard off, we should touch her as much as we could, try to cuddle watching movies as much as we can and most importantly… Get her guard down and get as much advance as we could, and repeat every step one, two and three … Until we could fuck our sexy mother, the plan looked good but I never thought it could work. Non the less it sounded very exciting, so of course I very gladly accepted to follow the plan!!!

    So we started to make it happen, we were always after our mother, telling her how sexy she was … “ohh mom, you look gorgeous with that t-shirt” “mom you look sexier tonight” “wow great legs mom” every complement we could think of … Then the girl talk every time we knew our mother was listening we talked about the girls we could fuck, especially my brother, he was very clear and descriptive, it was obvious our mom was getting very angry with that constant girl talk… And finally the touching, we were glued to our mother, getting as close as we could … Everything was great I was enjoying it a lot, and then 2 days before my birthday, my brother told me that we should have a party and that we should make our move… So we arrange my 18 birthday as a house party with only our mom, my brother and I… She couldn’t be happier that we both decided to have the party just with her. So the party started and we convinced our mom of two very important things 1) Alcohol, after a little discussion, my brother convinced our mom that for my 18 birthday I couldn’t have a party without alcohol … And 2) Her dress, we convince her to dress well for the party, and by well we meant sexy… Although it was going to be only the three of us, we convinced her that for this special occasion she should wear a nice dress.. So she agreed and that day came and she came out of her room with an amazing two piece dress… With the upper part, very tight so we could see her amazing body and the skirt, a short skirt that let us get a great view of her amazing legs … I was living the dream, there I had the hottest woman I had ever saw, she was all dressed up just for me… Well for me and my brother but all dressed just for us and the best of all we were going to try to fuck her tonight… And I never thought we could make it this far, but just trying was exciting enough. So the night was about to begin and my brother had just told me his plan “we need to get her drunk, but not passed out drunk, just half drunk… We want to fuck her not rape her… Ok??” … “Yeah… Yeah ok ok … Just a bit tipsy” I replied.

    So night began and my mother and I went to get some things we needed to complete the food, so when we came back everything started … My brother put some music on and everything started very normal, we ate something and of course started drinking. After a couple of hours we were having a great time chatting, laughing, drinking and we even took some photos … I was having the best birthday ever and things got even better, right at the best moment of the party my brother and with our mother a bit drunk, my brother change the music and asked my mom to get up for a dance … Oh god she was delighted she went up and we started dancing, at first something calm but then she started to put on some “bachata” that I don’t know if everyone out there are familiar with bachata, but look it up if you want to … It was crazy, at that moment my brother changed the music that I was dancing with my mom, yeah we took turns, and during the normal songs we danced as close to our mother as we could, trying to get a feel of her insane body… But when the music changed I couldn’t react I got paralyzed and I was sure my mom was going to stop the dancing session, a mean dancing bachata with our mother… That would be incredible but I just couldn’t react, so in just a couple of seconds my brother came to my mother and took her from my arms, gave her a spin and started dancing without giving her any chance to react and with her starting to get drunk… She started dancing, and just after 2 songs they were dancing crazy close and my brother had her hands all over our mom’s sexy body, he was almost touching her ass and he had her boobs always pressed against his body… That fucker new what he was doing and my mom, she was crazy happy I could even think she was excited … After another 2 songs my brother gave a signal and I got my turn dancing with our mother, fuck I got a hard on right away I could feel her whole body against me, maybe I did not do such a great job as my brother but getting the feel of our mom’s tits on my chest was insane… But the best part was that every one or two moves my hard on was pressed and I do mean presses against her tight body, at some point even on her ass … That was the best part of everything and I don’t know if it was the alcohol in both of us but I even went as far as touching our moms ass a couple of times, maybe just for a second but I did it and she didn’t even react.

    The time went by, and it was almost midnight … And we were still having a great time, dancing, drinking and making jokes… Until my brother said the magic words “ok, it has been great… But it’s time we call the girls!!! Are you ready” he asked me, with just this malicious look on his face, that was telling me this was our move … “Yeah of course I’m ready” … And my mom broke the whole thing “GIRLS????? WHAT GIRLS????”… ” come on, just a couple of hot girls" my brother calmly replied … That was when I realized, he was not even a little drunk, I think he was keeping our moms drinks full but not drinking too much himself and my mom, well she was now a couple of drinks apart from being drunk … And she said again “GIRLS??? What tha hell are you talking about … GIRLS AT THIS HOUR FOR WHAT???” And again my brother replied “come on its his 18 birthday I planned all this for him, a couple of really hot girls will come to the house so we can have a little game and celebrate his birthday, that will be my gift to him” … “REALLY HOT GILRS???.. Then what am I??” And again, this fucker replied “You are very hot, but you are his mother we cannot play with you” and now my mom took a moment, she was thinking, then looked at me and said the words that made me go crazy “fuck it I will play, I don’t want any stupid girl getting away with my little boy tonight” just at the same time she gave a very nice hug … Then my brother interrupted again “she cannot play… Come on its your 18 birthday I was planning a little dare game” … “And you think I have never played a dare made”.. “Maybe mom, but we cannot play with you and anyways the girls are already on their way” … “Call them and cancel on them” and just before my brother said something I let the alcohol talk for me “yeah let’s play with her, cancel on the girls” and my brother smiled a little making clear that I was being a little too obvious, but what can I say I was half drunk and with the biggest hard on ever … So he replied “ok ok but you play by the rules” pointing at my mother …. She nodded and took another drink of her glass.

    In a couple of minutes my brother explained the game, we were going to use poker cards … Every black card meant a question a very personal like a daring question he said, every red card meant a dare and finally he said it was a very high card meant for a tequila shot and to remove a piece of clothes. I stare directly at my mom, this fucker has said it just like that, my mom thought just for a minute and she said ok let’s do this….

    The game started and we started slow, but getting there … We did a few questions and then My mom drew a King of clubs, so she had to take off a piece of clothing… The first thing she lost was her heels and now she handed out her earnings and neckless which we allowed as one item… So the next card for my mom would mean she was going to have to take the top of her skirt off… I was going crazy!!!!

    Then a couple of light questions and dares and then 7 of spades for my mom … And my fucking brother asks: “do you use a vibrator?” I almost choked, I couldn’t even look at my mom … But just in a couple of seconds my mom replied very calmly “Yes, I have a couple of them” that got me crazy but without even time to think my brother drew a card an Ace of hearts … She had already lost her shoes and shirt so he very quickly took his pants off and that motherfucker had nothing but his boxers on, at that point my mom was very happy smiling, like if in some way she was winning or showing us that she was tougher than us

    Then my turn, 3 of clubs and my mother asked “are you a Virgin?” I was no virgin, I had only fucked two girls which isn’t much, but I was no virgin. But my own mom asking that, well that took me off guard … And my brother replied for me “he is” I was like wtf he knows I’m not, at that time I was already drunk but after I could say anything he said “your turn again”

    And my mom drew a beautiful 10 of hearts - and my brother told her “give him a 2 minute French kiss” I was shocked as I has been all night my mother hesitated a little … And my brother said the magic words “told you we shouldn’t cancel those girls” … “SHUT UP!!! … And you come here baby” she was engaged, with her hands opened to me, preparing to give a kiss … I stood up and got near her… And she gave me the hottest kiss ever, she pressed her body very close to me and put her tongue in my mouth, fuck!! the best kiss I ever had she put her hand in the back of my neck as she made those great moves with her lips my cock was about to explode and then my 2 minutes were up.

    We kept playing just 3 cards more and on my command my brother got his own kiss, this time he didn’t even wait for my mom to reply … He stood up and grabbed her by the waist and gave her a fucking aggressive kiss he even put his hand on her ass, lifting her skirt just below her amazing ass … I could see that my mom was shocked, but I bet she was also a little bit excited… I guess the aggressiveness was too much for her and she broke the kiss a little earlier than mine … But said a couple of great words “you are a great kisser honey…”

    A couple of cards more and a couple of questions with that until my favorite card came along … A Jack of hearts for my mom, she laughed a lot “No no no I cannot do it, no no no ” … “You knew the rules, and she looked at me I have nothing on” my brother said … And my mom just said ok ok … She stood up and stood there thinking if she should lose the upper or lower part of her dress … And finally she decides for the upper part and took it off, oooohhhh fuck!!! there I had my mother in a very sexy lingerie just like years before when I first noticed how hot she was … So there I had my mother with a very sexy strapless bra that made her tits look insanely hot … I had to use every piece of will in me to avoid running into my room to jerk off like crazy.

    At that point she said I need a minute, and went inside the house, a couple of minutes passed and I was still talking liked crazy to my brother telling him how a fucking genius he was… Until my mom came back again, and she now had a new neckless and bracelets, I laughed a little I told her what’s that about??, and she very playfully replied, this is in case you make me lose any other part of my outfit … My brother laughed a lot… And I was amazed, I mean my mom was teasing us now, instead of getting some clothes she decided to put a neckless on, that was too much… And at that moment I had a strike of genius and managed to very casually take my phone out and take a picture of my mom, almost drunk and with just a bra on… It wasn’t a really great picture, but I made my best of it, if you knew how many times I have used that pictures to jerk off … But returning to that night, my mom said “I think it’s time we slow down a bit” so we sit down in the living room and started to talk in a more calmly manner in how great that night had been, my mother gave my brother a hard time about the time he was away and stuff like that … I guess it was the alcohol in me, that made me very very hard to stay awake and it was already 3am. I don’t know when exactly but I fell asleep……

    A think I slept only for 30 minutes an hour tops … But when I woke up, I almost went crazy; I was half awake half sleep… When I started hearing someone moaning … Very low sounding moaning and in just a couple of seconds I realized it was my mom… She was moaning harder and harder and from time to time she let a little scream out…. I stepped up immediately, wtf was happening why was my mom moaning and screaming? For a second I thought maybe she was using that vibrator she talked about before, so I started to walk to into my mom’s bedroom, everything in the house was very dark … So as kept walking very slowly to my mom’s bedroom, I saw the door half open, I was already hard, I thought maybe I could see my mom while she was touching herself, so when I finally was near the door I peeped a little and fuck!! what I saw, put my heart to through the roof….

    There she was, my mother in what seemed like a very sexy white charmeuse, lying in her bed with her legs wide open and my brother pounding her like crazy …. And I could hear my mother very lowly saying “Yes … Yes … Yes honey!!! Keep going, keep going!!! ”

    I don’t know how much time went by, but I was losing my mind, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at and hearing … And then I saw my brother shaking his final stroke and fuck fuck fuck!!!! He was cumming inside our mother, filling her up … He was still on top of her, he has just finished inside her and they both had the blankets on top of them so I didn’t really see my mom completely naked… But just when my brother finished and I think still inside her I saw how my mom took his head and started kissing him… But really kissing in a nasty, tongue and sexy way … I think even biting him, I saw how they broke the kiss and my brother finally moved aside…. I panicked, now she could see me, so I hid behind the door and waited, breathing really heavy, nervous at the idea of her seeing me and what the hell could happen if she saw me …. But then I started hearing some weird noises

    So very slowly I peeped in again … She was again with some blankets on top of her, but wtf now she was giving my brother a blowjob I could see his face, he was going crazy … But what was happening he just’ fucked her, why was she giving him head … Then I thought, my brother came inside our mom but I really doubt my mom came also, I was sure she was doing it because she wanted another go…. After all she kept repeating “keep going … Keep going ….” When he was fucking her

    Again I lost track of time, but suddenly my bother saw me in the door, and he gave me a look … Just like saying its ok you are there…. So I think my fucking brother was hard again, because suddenly my mom broke the blowjob and got on top of him … And fuck…. Now she was fucking him, riding him, the way she was moving her hips…. Getting my brothers cock in and out with every move…. She was great at it, her movements were amazing and I noticed my brother struggling not to cum…. She kept repeating “more honey more honey …. Keep going … Yeah yeah yeah!!! Right there right there”…. I could see how she was touching herself at the same time she was sliding in and out of my brother’s cock … Then he started touching her boobs removing the little clothes that were covering them, and oh fuck!!! I could see how he grabbed her insanely big delicious tits … It was insane, and just a couple of seconds later … My mom really screamed “yeah yeah yeah!!…. Oh Fuck oh Fuck …” She slowly stopped the movements and I think I heard her tell him … “That was great honey … Did you enjoyed it?” as she kissed him

    At that very moment, she lie down aside my brother… At that moment I jumped back, and went directly to my room with my head and cock exploding at what I have just saw ….

    That was 5 months ago, and from there things had been moving forward … The next morning…

    So after that amazing night I could barely sleep, so at 6 am I woke up a little hungover but very eager to know the full story on what happened, how this fucker got to fuck our mom, and even more impressive how he managed to turn her into a crazy sex machine, the moves I saw the screams the moaning and heard her voice asking for more … I was going crazy thinking about that, so at 6 am I went to my mother’s bed and there they were both very deeply asleep, so I went to my brothers room and waited there for him.

    Almost an hour after that he came into the room, and immediately told me “I told you!!!”… I hit him in the shoulder, and very lowly screamed “wtf was that?? How did you fucking get to fuck her???” He quickly replied, go take a shower and get dressed our mom is getting ready she wants to make you breakfast and then we have things to do, I will tell you everything but for now just get ready and act normal.

    Later that day, my brother told me the full story on how he got to fuck our mother for the first time….

    My brother’s narrative of that night, or at least my best effort to write what he told me; after you fell sleep, she got really emotional saying how you were growing up like crazy and that both of us were going to leave her very soon, I comforted her a little and then she turned the conversation to another subject … She said that maybe she went too far with all the games, and right there a told her that we were adults and that you have had the best time ever and that what she would prefer, that you passed the night with us or with some bimbos, and she gave me the first clue that the night could go on, because she replied, “shut up, my baby belongs here, and it was actually fun, so I guess it was ok”

    Right there I put one of her favorite slow songs on and she immediately got up, and said “let’s dance honey” so we got outside and started dancing very close I was putting my hands almost on her amazing ass, my dick was fully hard, very closely pressed against her body.. After a couple of songs we were talking about the events of the night and I mentioned the kissing part, “ so what do you think about how I kiss” and at that point she was a bit more than tipsy, she replied “well… You are very good but a bit aggressive” and after a long pause she asked “and … What about me?“ I was going crazy trying to control myself and calmly replied “youre good but old fashioned to be honest and yes I was a bit aggressive but, I can be more gentle” .. “Old fashioned?? How old fashioned??? Wtf do you mean by that?” …so I told her “ come here I can teach you” and at the same time she got her head closer to mine and started kissing me very slowly, at first she was a bit scared and actually got a bit away from me but after she could reply I told her “come here, let me show you” and she obliged she started kissing me back using her tongue and amazing lips. I touched every part of her body I could but especially her body and what an amazing ass!!! So after a couple of kisses I made my move … “So what do you think?” And she slowly replied “You are great kisser honey, I told you already but kissing slowly like this is much better…. Well I guess both are ok … And what about me?” And I replied very low volume and right to her ear “You are the best mom, actually I am very sorry but I have to be honest, you got me very excited, more than ever”…. She opened her eyes very wide and after she could speak “I told her, actually I will have to go now” she reacted very alarmed, questioned me on why and where would I go at that time of night and Very explicitly I told her that I had a booty call waiting for me … And right there I told her the magic words “sorry mom, but you got me very excited and now I need to get a good fuck” I thought I went a bit to direct but I guess the alcohol in her smoothed my words and she replied that what about our great night, and I told her that I was having the best time ever so why should I want to go now? So I told her … “I need to fuck mom, you need to understand and even more after you got me hot as fuck, and actually I’m thinking that I need to find a woman to get married, so I can fuck her every time I want” at that point and with the alcohol in her, she was getting very angry “Getting married??! You are crazy???” And I finally got to my point “Mom, I need to fuck at least for today and I need a woman, if only you were up to the task….” I paused trying to get a reaction from her, at that point she was very closed to me but no Longer pressed to my body just holding her hands so I completed my speech “A mean just for tonight, if only you could be that woman I need tonight I will not have to go today and actually maybe even later, I just need a very good fuck so I can be at peace” at that point I released her hand and was going to turn to the door … And she very quickly grabbed me and unconsciously pressing her huge boobs on my chest and very lowly spoke in my ear “Ok, but just for today … I will make you go crazy but just for tonight and then you have to promise to stop this stupid things of booty calls at least for the rest of the year” … I was going crazy, literally with my head spinning, but grab her back and told her “If you make me crazy just for tonight I will stop completely” … And she finally told me “Wait five minutes and then go to my room”

    And then she left, my heart was pounding like crazy, I waited like 3 minutes and went to her room and there she was waiting in the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen … And well what happened later, you already saw but what I can tell you is that she is a crazy good fuck, her pussy is insanely hot, warm, juicy and very tight she knows how to press your cock at every stroke and her mouth … Fuck she is insane, when you got into the room we had just barely started but she is so hot and insane that I came to early the first time, and then the blow job her tongue is insane and the second go, got me to the point of a heart attack the best pussy I had ever had!!!

    And with that he ended his story, in reality I interrupted him a ton of times, but the important part was his fucking story … After that night many things have changed, getting to fuck our mother after that took a lot too. But to anticipate you all on something, one of the things that changed was the way she dressed around us, I will share you various photos I have been able to get of my moms body so you can imagine the insane fuck my brother had that night, and the amazing mother I have and got to fuck later.

    Me and my boys @mommyismywhore, @incstbro knew what was in store once we saw our moms and @incstbro‘s sister posting this picture on instagram.


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