Andrew & Nancy (A customized version of a previously released story)

    Wouldn’t It Be Funny If:


    It’s just not one of those fetishes you confess to. I don’t know why really. Maybe it’s more taboo than most. But, while anyone can cop to wanting to be spanked, tied up, or called names… very few people can admit to an incest fantasy, at least, not openly.

    It started randomly enough. All 3 guys, Mitch, Isaac, and Danny, were new-ish friends. I had just met them in my first year of college, and we all grew up near to one another, so we all knew about the local whorehouses. We got to talking one night, joking turned into dares, dares turned into real conversations, and three months later, here we were.

    My friends and I had finally saved up the cash, rented a nice hotel room, in the right hotel, and were about to “rent” some high class call girls for the whole day. That was when, somehow, Danny decided it was a great time for him to make a round-about confession.


    And that’s how it started. We were about to flip through the catalog and pick our “dates” for the day, when he suggested something that stopped us all in our tracks.

    “Wouldn’t it be funny if…”. He then proposed, like it was the best joke ever; that it would be, just so stupid and funny, if we picked out dates for one another, based on descriptions of our mom’s… He proposed that we each describe our mom’s physical looks, as close as we can, and then trust him to make the call, order those girls, and ask for an incest fantasy…

    He was really awkward and stupid about it, trying to play it off as though the idea was some wacky prank, or a stupid/fun gesture that we would have made just a few years before. Except, we wouldn’t “joke around” with money that it took us months to save up. And, while we hadn’t known each other long, we all knew that for “normal” people, the whole idea of throwing that kind of cash away would be beyond stupid and embarrassing.


    Danny should have been shot down right away. But as I looked to my left at Mitch, who was arguably my new best friend, he shrugged, blushing, and trying to play it off same as Danny. “That would be so messed up… but also kind of crazy and dumb… I mean, I’m cool with it. Whatever. We can always save up and do it again, and do something crazy next time too. That would be cool… if it was like, a thing we did every once and a while or whatever.”

    Danny, A.K.A., Idiot friend number 1, was quick to agree. Then Isaac after a second, nodded. “Sure”, he said. “I don’t care either way. It’s just a dumb joke, and it’s not like it changes any of the good parts,” he added with a nonchalant shrug. I couldn’t believe that they thought they were fooling anyone. But then they all looked at me. “MacNeil?”, Danny asked, turning my last name into a question. And as I thought about my answer, I felt my own blush, and a rush of heat filled me up, and, I found myself saying “yeah, sure. If that’s what the rest of the group really wants to do, I don’t care. I mean, a blowjob is a blowjob right? So, whatever’s good”. Again, they went along it with it like we hadn’t just admitted a deeply personal fetish in front of one another.


    But once we all agreed, we couldn’t back out. So, we gave our description’s, the “special request” was called in, and two hours later… four knocks on the door indicated that our “mom’s” had arrived. The amount of nervousness in that room was insane. But it was done, and a moment later it was Mitch who answered the door. And then, four beautiful, if slightly older women entered… They looked like our mothers except, they were dressed like the whores that they were. It was an especially naughty element that, judging from the dropped jaws, none of us had considered.

    The girls walked in, and while everyone was too distracted to notice, I immediately backpedaled to a wall and sat down in the nearest chair. We all just stood or sat there, and after a while the girls were still just standing there, smiling, and waiting. Until finally it dawned on one of my buddies that they had to say who was who.

    So Mitch walked up to one of the girls and said “Hey mom”, with the world’s reddest face, and she stepped forward and gave him a big hug, her slutty little short shorts riding halfway up her ass as she did. “Hi son! MmmmH!” she said as she squeezed him tight and gave him a big hug. “It’s so good to see you again baby. Lemme’ give you a quick kiss”, and with that she pulled back and planted a full wet kiss on his lips. No tongue, but obviously so much more than motherly as well. After that, she took his hand, and led him, stupified, over to one corner of the room where they could “talk about what she’d missed most about him”. After that, Danny’s little light finally went off in his head, and he blundered up to one of the girls and blurted out a “hi mom!” But, ever the professional, she just laughed sweetly, pulled his head forward and planted a kiss on his forehead with a “hello sweetie”. Then she led him over to the bed so they could “talk”. The same happened with the Isaac’s “mom”, and then…


    The last girl just smiled at me and crooked her finger for me to follow her. She stepped out onto the balcony and as I joined her, she closed the sliding glass door behind us. I have to admit, she looked every inch my mom. Except for the clothes of course. My mom, Nancy MacNeil, always dressed, I don’t know, “Mom-like”. And this woman was decked out like a high class whore. Fishnets and fuck-me boots rounded out the outfit wickedly, and when she caught my wondering gaze, she just smiled even bigger and gave me a sexy wink to tell me that she caught me staring. Of course, the reason that she looked so much like a whore who was also my mother, was because she was…. both. She was both the whore one of my buddies had picked out of a catalogue, and my REAL mother.

    “Mom, I…”, I started trying to explain. I don’t know what I would have done. Would I accuse her, and try to flip the blame, or beg forgiveness for blowing college money on, well, getting blown for college money.


    But mom just made that “Oh you..” face, where she frowns, but mockingly, and she gently pushed a finger to my lips, and hushed me before I could really begin.

    “Andrew…“ she began. “Look sweetie… I am going to say this as plainly as I can. You and your little friends hired some very talented whores to play your mothers for you. Now, I imagine that, it was your actual plan to fuck your mom’s while your three little teenaged friends watched, and maybe even shared, or grouped up on them later on…” She let that hang in the air. I didn’t know if it was meant to be accusatory, but she said it like… like it was hot. Even for her.

    “So,” she continued. “We can’t just stand here, now can we?” She let it hang for a second. “You made this mess, now you have to clean it up”, she added. My head was reeling. She was right of course. Inside everything was starting to move away from “hey mom” and more toward “suck it mom”, already.

    As I realized how impossible it would be for me to explain, you know, not… doing it with her, mom echoed my thoughts aloud; albeit a bit more boldly.

    “It would take one hell of an explanation for you tell them why you didn’t slide some hard young dick into me, now wouldn’t it?” She asked, again, in that very matter of fact, mom tone. A question, but a leading question. The inside of my head felt like it was on fire. I was more turned on than I ever had been before. The things she was saying, and the words that she was picking to say them… But she just kept looking at me, and I realized I needed to reply. I started with “yes”, but after she raised an eyebrow at me, I instinctively followed it with “yes mom”.

    “Alright then,” she said, smiling once again now that something had apparently been decided. And she turned around, and did a little dance for me. She ran her hands through her hair, and then down her body. She dropped her ass down to the pavement and then wiggled it, teasingly, before bringing it back up slowly and sensually. I was lost in it. She was showing off her, what, I don’t know, her stripper skills? When she saw my expression, she just laughed, sauntered up to the rail of the balcony with a sexy little sway of her hips and said; “Well then, I guess we had better give everyone a good show then”. And again, she crooked her finger at me with a smile, beckoning me closer.

    Then she reached back and pulled aside her panties exposing her glistening wet mound to me, and I think I may have audibly gulped. “Come on honey… Remember, we are playing whore and client here. It’s my job to offer you a shot at your mother’s pussy, and it’s your job to shove some thick young dick into it”.

    So I did.


    I walked up behind her, took my cock out, and, right there on the balcony, where anyone could have seen, I slid my hard cock into my mother’s waiting and very wet pussy. And the best part? She moaned for it. She crooned, and she whimpered, and then she asked for more.

    Despite the occasionally hot, but messed-up uttering’s of “that’s my good boy”, or “oh my god Andrew you’ve gotten so big”, or “keep giving it to mommy baby”; and other phrases that took on new, dark and twisted double meanings; my confidence was actually building fast. I bent mom over, she grabbed onto the railing, and I took her from behind hard. We switched positions once or twice because balancing was a bit awkward, but nothing could have made it any less hot. And just when I was about to cum, mom must have sensed it, because she urged me to stop for a second.

    My disappointment was short-lived however, because the moment I stepped back from her, she turned towards me, looked me in the eyes, and slowly dropped to her knees. Then, in that sweet “mom voice” that I have heard a million times, she casually asked me: “would you like to see what your mommy’s pretty face looks like when there is a big cock shoving at it from the inside?”. I think I said something along the lines of “OhMyGodYesMom!” in a rapid stammer, and she just smiled at me knowingly, and brought her lips up to the head of my cock. She must have spent at least another 10 minutes giving me the slowest, most loving blowjob I have ever received. Yet it was also the hottest and nastiest, because I was watching my mother’s lips slide up and down a hard cock. I saw her throat bulge out, stretched by her own son’s big dick as she took me to the root. And, as promised, I saw what her very pretty face looked like when the head of a swollen cock forced her cheek to bulge outward, obscenely. Halfway through all this, she reached down and started rubbing her clit while she was going down at me, and when she was ready to cum she just looked up and me and begged me to “cum on mommy’s face”. She moaned and screamed and lost herself to orgasm, and while she was doing that I was shooting rope after rope of cum on her. The effect was one where my cum on her appeared to be making her cum.


    After awhile, when we had both recovered and she had cleaned off her face and tits; we actually sat down, and it seemed like we were about to have an oddly normal conversation. But then mom reminded me that I didn’t pay for an hour, I paid for the day. And that I didn’t pay for her, but all four of us, had paid for all four girls… She let that sink in for a bit, and then she gave me some real talk about what her “experiences with boys my age” told her I should expect from the rest of the afternoon. And, god help me, every single depraved prediction she made came true.

    When we went in, my friends wanted me to watch them fuck their moms. So mom and I sat on the couch, and enjoyed a very arousing show. Then they wanted to share their moms, and with several beautiful women to choose from, and a nod from mom telling me it was ok, I was all too happy to comply. But, then they wanted to share my mom…

    When they said it, she just smiled at me and mouthed, “told ya”. Then she was up moving towards my bag, beside the bed. She dug in my school bag for a moment, and when her hands came out of it, she was holding the video camera that she got me for Christmas that year.


    “I don’t usually allow this…” she began.“ But since you ARE my son…” and then she give me a wicked grin, and licked her lips while waggling the camera in the air suggestively. “Would you like a video of your Whore Mother”, and she was sure to hit each word in a way that made my cock even harder, “as she does her Whore’s duty, and ‘services’ four men at once?” As she said it the guys all cheered, and she yelled over them, “Just don’t tell your father!”, and at that, everyone, even the other escorts, laughed.

    The laughing and joking mood was quickly replaced by the reality of a beautiful, talented, and willing woman in a room full of Horny young men. Soon the joke was forgotten, and some of the most memorable and depraved things I have ever seen were recorded by my mom as almost a half dozen guys fucked her in every conceivable position. The best/worst part of it, may have been the performance aspect. Because she was supposed to be “playing my mom”, she was able to use the ruse to say tortuously hot things to me the whole time.


    So as things devolved, and the camera ran, she would actually say things like, “oh my god honey look, you can actually watch your friends cock slipping in and out of your mother’s pussy”. Or, “do you want to watch your mother suck of two of your friends at once now?”. And while two of them had her double penetrated she looked between me and a third friend and said, “I think you need to come over here and feed that to me, so my son can see what his mommy looks like after you college boys have made her air tight.” Which of course he played along with.

    So next thing I know, Issac’s dick is spreading my mom’s pussy lips, Danny is balls deep in her asshole, and then both my mom and Mitch are looking over at me when Mitch says, “Yeah Andrew, watch this.” He said with a grin. “I think you need to take a close look as I stuff your mom’s face full of my cock, and the three of us make good ol’ Mrs. MacNeil here, Air-Tight”.

    … It just went on and on like that. She would goad me, and the guys would play along, talking about how hard they were fucking my mom, and how they just came on my mom’s tits…  and no one was ever the wiser. Not even when I came for the fifth time that day.

    But after I watched them gangbang my mommy, and we got it all on tape. My favorite parent turned towards me alone again. She had cum leaking out of her ass, and out of her pussy, and running down her chin, and her thighs, and her tits as she came up to me. She looked exhausted and sweaty, but she still had that sexy sway to her walk, and the look on her face was one of contentment, satiation, and sexual satisfaction. When she got to me she leaned forward and  handed me the camera with a look that said clearly that she knew full well what I would be doing with that footage later on. But before she turned to get cleaned up, she whispered into my ear. “Seriously though slugger, don’t tell dad, OK.” Then she ran her hand across her chin, and licked some of my friends cum off of her wedding ring, before shooting me a wink, and heading off to clean up. As she did, I could hear new moans… the guys were already starting on the next “mom”, but I was totally spent.

    Still, even after all of that, my mind was still reeling. Was it weird that I still called her mom instead of Nancy, even though I’d fucked her? Hell, I’d taken part in a gangbang where she was the center piece. Would I ever be able to hear her voice again without remembering that I’d heard her say, “That it’s Andy, fuck mommy’s tight little cunt just like that”? What about when I went home for the Holidays? What about in 2 or 3 months when we saved up for this again? What about the next family vacation, when mom and I were in the backseat so dad could have the cooler within reach… Something told me that nothing about my life was ever going to be the same again. And it was kinda hot.


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