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Middle of life submissive wife. A little motivational material and stuff to share with my other half. *Not sure why this is necessary but material shared here is relevant to my personal journey, your mileage may vary. MEN -DO NOT message me, I’m just not here for it.

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2021-08-27 01:27:05

    Phrases that turn me on but shouldn’t

    • “Excuse me?”
    • “Use your words babygirl.”
    • “Want to try that again?”
    • “Ask correctly.”
    • “Did I say stop?”
    • “Look at me, baby.”
    • “It feels good, doesn’t it?”

    How about things like:

    • “Watch your mouth.”
    • “What was that?”
    • “I wasn’t asking, little girl.”

    And, most of all, this one:

    4. “On your knees. Now.”

    A Good Wife...

    A Good Wife respects and supports her husband in all his endeavors.

    A Good Wife cooks, cleans, takes care of the children, and offers every night to have sex.

    A Good Wife sucks her huband's dick without being told.

    A Good Wife trusts her husband's authority and supports his leadership.

    A Good Wife takes her punishment and reminder spankings without complaining.

    A Good Wife will always be loyal, faithful, and serving to her husband and children until the day she dies.