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    The older i get the more i realize

    • Friendship is not something that is common. Genuine Friendship is rare
    • Your mother should be appreciated
    • Everybody wants something and never ask themselves what they bring to the table
    • The energy you give the world is the energy you receive
    • Time alone is not a bad thing
    • Love is a gift and is not something you can demand or force
    • Being comfortable should be your main priority

    Marc’s 575 sq. ft. loft apt. in Mexico City has wonderful floor-to-ceiling windows.

    Built in 2019, the architects merged classic Mexico City design themes like floor-to-ceiling glass walls with a modern industrial interior. The furniture has been slowly collected over the past two years, largely from vintage dealers and local makers.

    Marc describes his style as Modern + Industrial + Mid-Century + Green.

    The most recent piece he bought was this custom-made charcoal-colored terrazzo table from a local Mexico City design shop. To complement the table, he bought a four-piece set of Cesca chairs from a vintage furniture shop.

    Marc’s decorating advice is take your time; there’s no fire.

    Marc explains, “Mexico City has a thriving design community — from textiles and ceramics to woodwork and stone carvings (and everything in between) — making it an inspiring and limitless place to design your home.”  It was only upon his move to Mexico City in 2019 from Washington DC that he began to take a deeper interest in his space.

    His favorite part of the loft is the indoor-outdoor living space. Mexico City has good weather year round, so he can fully retract the the balcony doors on most days. Plus, it allows his dog to be outside whenever he wants.


    haven’t seen anyone post about this yet but my family friend was murdered last week - she was a 24 year old trans woman.

    her name was Natalia Smüt Lopez - she was a drag performer and a force to be reckoned with on the bay area scene.

    she has left behind a family struggling to pay for funeral costs and many expenses.

    ways you can help:

    gofundme organized by her family

    donate directly to her sister:

    cash app: $ne55a7

    venmo: Vanessa-Singh-7

    please share if you can’t donate!!