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    Cottage please and thank you

    Hey, thanks for your ask!😊

    Cottage: what’s your ideal weekend escape?

    I’m more of a countryside girl than a beach girl so a nice weekend in the country would suit me down to the ground. Somewhere in nature, surrounded by greenery and scenery, with maybe a lake or river nearby. Somewhere relaxing, somewhere I could go for some nice, leisurely walks. That sounds pretty good to me.

    Thanks again for your ask.❤️


    Feather and horizon for the summer asks? ☀️☀️

    Hey! Thanks for your ask.😊

    Feather: what’s your favourite animal?

    Ooh, hard one! So many to choose from. I have a special place in my heart for bears, raccoons, cats and elephants, though.

    Horizon: anything in the upcoming future you’re looking forward to?

    I’m actually going to a concert on Friday night! I’m going to see an Irish band called The Frames. I’ve also got tickets for a solo show by the lead singer of The Frames, Glen Hansard, in December.

    I’m also going to see Josh Ritter in October, once in Belfast and twice in Dublin. I’ve booked myself a nice little mini-break in a nice little hotel for the Dublin shows and I can’t wait!

    The Monet Immersive Experience is also coming to Belfast this summer and I’m hoping to go to that. I went to the Van Gogh one when it came here last December and it was wonderful.

    I promised myself I was going to do more things this year than just go to work, go home, go to work, go home, rinse and repeat, etc, etc, and so far I’ve stuck to it!

    Thanks again for your ask!❤️

    🍍🌴☀️Summer Asks☀️🌴🍍

    Afterglow: any big regrets?

    Aphrodite: have you ever been in love? are you currently in love?

    Alcove: do you like going to the beach or do you prefer the pool?

    BBQ: do you have big get togethers over summer?

    Bubble Tea: do you like bubble tea? what’s your go-to order?

    Camping: are you ever been camping? do you like going?

    Collegiate: are you going to school right now? what are you studying?

    Cottage: what’s your ideal weekend escape?

    Date Night: do you like anyone right now? do they know?

    Desert: do you like desert terrain?

    Dream: what’s your summer goal?

    Drive: do you like going on late night drives?

    Earth: do you ever like to unplug and disconnect for a while? 

    Feather: what’s your favorite animal?

    Fish: do you like fish and sea life? any favorites?

    Garden: do you like gardening? what’s your favorite thing to grow?

    Habitual: any summer hobbies?

    Hades: do you like the hot temperatures?

    Heat: ideal summer weather?

    Hoist the Colors: do you like being on the open ocean?

    Horizon: anyting in the upcoming future you’re looking forward to?

    Hydrated: have you drank enough water today?

    Iconic: do you have any summer traditions or something you do every summer?

    Jam: what’s your favorite type of ice cream or sweet treat?

    Keeper: do you have a significant other?

    Lemon: where would you rather go - the Italian countryside or Greek sea?

    Love Letter: quiet night in or night out?

    Menu: what’s one summer type dish you like?

    Nada: this is not a question, just something to remind you that you are loved!

    Nooner: do you like to sleep in during summer break?

    Opportunist: what do you like to do to take advantage of the nice weather?

    Pirate: do you like pirates? 

    Pool: do you like swimming?

    Pottery: do you like crafting?

    Pride: are you part of the lgbtq+ community?

    Quiet: how you relax after a long day?

    Rhapsody: do you like going to concerts? what’s the last concert you went to?

    S’mores: do you like campfires and making s’mores?

    Series: anything you’re planning on binge-watching this summer?

    Strawberries: favorite fruit?

    Swimsuit: what’s your go to style of swimsuit?

    Tea: you like gossip? or to keep to yourself?

    Unicorn: what’s your favorite mythical creature?

    Unreal: what’s something you’d never thought you would accomplish but you did?

    Vacation: do you have any vacation plans this summer?

    Volunteer: do you like to volunteer or do charity work?

    Weekend: describe your ideal weekend.

    Wonder: what’s something you love about summer?

    Younger: do you listen to your inner child?

    Zoo: do you collect anything?

    ZZZ: what’s your go-to sleeping position?

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