Spanking & Discipline
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    The Punishment Room - Part Twelve

    One by one  the girls in the quadrangle climbed up onto friends shoulders, they pulled themselves up drainpipes, anywhere to get a good view of the brats punishment. They could hear the fuss and commotion through the open window, but they needed to see!

    And what a sight met their eyes.

    The two girls were hanging onto the desks for grim death as the headmistress and the Head of Discipline quickened the tempo of their bare bottom spankings. 

    They both squealed and cried, kicked and bucked up and down on the desks like young fillies on a gallop.

    “I’m sorry Ill never be naughty again!”

    “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww stop, stop, please stop my cheeks are on fire!”

    It was what they wanted to see, the two girls Amber and Charlotte were taking it badly!

    “Stay still damn you or we’ll continue this in the quadrangle, as some prefects hold you over the garden benches!”

    This threat delighted the onlookers!

    But it made the girls hold even tighter.

    Whack, crack, smack, spank, thwack…. the plimsolls were in full fast flow, striking the now glowing red buttocks almost every three or four seconds, and the spankings showed no signs of relenting!

    The girls outside shouted in glee…”You deserve this you bitches!”…. ”Make sure the don’t sit down for a week!” …… “Thrash them! Thrash them!”

    This was certainly going to be a day the whole school would remember for ever!