My blogs at newTumbl

    Because Tumblr forbids most NSFW-Content, i started blogs at:

    Some features (many will be added in future):

  • queues with no limit (not 300 as on Tumblr)
  • up to 10 public blogs with one account
  • able to follow and like with all blogs
  • rating system from f-family to x and w
  • search options, e.g ability to reblog posts from a blog from a specific month
  • the newTumbl main architect is reachable through asks, he has a blog too and answers questions, posts detailed site news, reads feedback
  • many blogs from here are there, e.g. sftlv, nudistguysonly, bart-und-smart (was beard-and-smart on Tumblr)…
  • many more i forgot
  • This is an overview of my blogs, because they are x-rated, they can be viewed with an x-rated-account only: