Things That Turn Me On...
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    And then she moans- something you’ve never heard when you were making love with her. You realize she’s more turned on just from being felt up by him than she ever was with you. As if she could hear your thoughts, she moans louder and then glances at you saying “mmmm…so good….so much…better…mmmm….please…” then turning back to him, kissing him she says “mmmm, baby…please…let’s go upstairs….”.

    “No,” he answers firmly, with a wicked smile, “I’m gonna take you right here”, then he turns kisses her before pushing her face down onto the kitchen counter. “Oooh!” she squeaks in high pitched expression of surprise as he enters her from behind, she looks up at you as he savages her. “You like it baby?” he asks, now moving in rhythm with hers. She moans out an “mmmmyessss” and he asks “better than your husband?” She looks directly at you and say “oh god, yes, so much better…” she replies. “Who’s your man now, baby?” he asks, “you are,” she answers, “I’m yours now… he’s…he’s not… not fit to even kiss your feet.” This man was taking your wife tight in front of you, they were insulting you as they did, and the entire scene has made you hard, despite the humiliation. Then he looks at you, winks condescendingly and says “well, wimp? You heard my her- crawl on over here and kiss my damned feet.” he commands.

    The next thing you know you’re in your hands and knees, crawling to them, and you’re beneath them, kissing the feet of the man who is taking your wife and making you a cuckold. This seems to go on for a long time until their pace increases and your wife lets out a scream- an actual scream! He pulls out of her, dripping on your back, the back of your head and onto the floor. She turns around and they kiss tenderly. “You can stop now, bitch,” he says looking down at you, “go get me a beer.” he orders, the resumes kissing your wife. Of course you obey, knowing your place, despite the way your head is spinning.

    Surrender Her, Friend

    Surrender her to me, cuckold. You know it’s the right thing to do. She is far too much for you to handle. In your 10 years of marriage, you haven’t ever been able to deliver the satisfaction that she craves, that she deserves as a sexy woman.

    You feel guilty about not being able to please her. You shy away from intimacy with her because of your inadequacy. You are nervous that you won’t be hard enough, that you won’t last long enough, that you will miserably fail, once again, at your primary job as a husband.

    I could easily seduce her and lure her away from you; but I won’t, friend. I want you to willingly surrender her to me. Admit your inferiority, and I will relieve you of your guilt and your responsibility.

    Surrender, cuckold. You know you need this to happen.