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    blease what does the boyhood post mean

    boyhood was an Oscar bait 2014 movie. it took over a decade to film, so we watch the characters age in “real time” as the film progresses. the idea w this was that in watching actors actually age throughout the movie, some intrinsic truth about growing up would be revealed in their performances without their conscious effort. despite its positive critical reception the movie was basically a wonderbread flop at the oscars and lost best picture to Birdman. the cw’s supernatural, originally expected to run 5 years, ran for 15 due to popular demand, and in those 15 years followed its protagonists from their twenties into middle age, revealing, indeed, a number of intrinsic truths about aging, love, and death, giving Oscar bait 2014 flop boyhood a run for its money. on -- and I cannot stress this enough -- accident 


    guy i work with at the y played me the new cardi b song like isnt she freaky i was like no shes just talking abt pussy n sucking dick its not that off n he was like you must be into some shit then n i was like idk man its whatever n he got quiet n then out of NO where said "you definitely get hit with loaves of bread"


    this is still the funniest thing anyones ever said to me


    on friday january 8th 2021 mohamud hassan was arrested by police when an elderly neighbour claimed he was making a commotion in his home in wales, cardiff. mohamud was released without charge the next morning but arrived home severely injured. his clothes were covered in blood, there was severe bleeding from his mouth and he had bruising covering his face. mohamud said that he was tasered twice and brutally kicked in the head. when his body was examined there were also believed to be bite marks covering his body and he had a dislocated knee. when he was told to get medical attention, he proceeded to tell everyone he was too tired and would after he got some rest. however, in his sleep, he grew unresponsive when his friend/housemate tried waking him up. his friend/housemate called an ambulance and proceeded to perform cpr on mohamud. at 10:30 pm police came flooding in and taped off the residency trying to state it was a crime scene, disallowing mohamud’s family to see their son who was lying on the kitchen floor until 6:45 am.

    i am BEGGING you to spread the word that black lives STILL matter and it was not a trend. the uk IS NOT innocent. the arrest rate for black men is rising in the uk along with the death rate. we need to call out inequality and make this FAIR.

    there is a link is below to support mohamud hassan’s family for legal fees and a funeral. you don’t need to donate but i damn well EXPECT you to spread that black. lives. matter.

    click here to support the justice for mohamud hassan.