May The Fat Be With You

Always. 23, he/him. SW: 128 CW:160 GW: chonk Insta: obi-1cannoli DMs open!

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2021-07-30 21:19:55

    Are there any physical aspects of gaining you don’t like? For example I dislike the stretch marks I have but I love the size of my gut

    So far I don’t have anything that I don’t like!

    I’ve only gained like 35lbs so far so I haven’t really had any serious limitations or changes to my daily life yet, but at the moment I’m happy with all of it :)



    BBWs, BHMs, gainers, stuffers, admirers, encouragers, basically everybody in the feedism community, reblog this so I can follow you!

    I need new blogs to follow 😍 and maybe check out my blog too! I hate how tumblr has nuked community interaction.


    Yeah it really sucks how it feels hard to build an actual community on here sometimes :(


    Eeek how can you not like hotdogs you sinner.

    The punishment is extra milkshake on yoyr next stuffing (pretty pls👉👈)

    Lol well I’m like 95% vegetarian, I just eat chicken occasionally as a protein source if I haven’t had enough from other food recently.

    And I can definitely make the extra milkshake happen


    Well thanks for the response! Do you think you could eat 2 large pizzas? How many donuts could you eat (think like your average glazed donut)? How about hot dogs? What's the most you've ever eaten?

    2 is very much out of my range right now XD I can eat one by myself for sure, but 2 is like a LOT of pizza. Someday I’m sure, but I’m still pretty early in my gaining journey! :)

    And I’ve had a dozen donuts before, and that’s pretty much my limit right now.

    Not sure about hot dogs, I don’t really like them :/


    I wanted to say thank you for letting us watch you get bigger. I appreciate how big you are getting and i can't wait to see you get even bigger. I start a new job soon and when I do I'd love to send you money for a large pizza. Thank you again. Maybe if you don't mind I could ask you some questions about how much you can eat.

    Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m excited to get bigger too :)

    And yeah if you ever wanna send anything my way just DM me, it’s always incredibly appreciated because gaining is expensive as fuck sometimes. Also feel free to shoot any questions at me! :)