For ObjectD, Permanent Chastity, Physical Modifications and Chained Captivity are just realities that ObjectD must learn accept as part of ITs life... IT has no other option now. - Master C The Blog: NO OPTIONS - NO WAY OUT - EXIST TO SERVE is about a journey ObjectD will experience into absolute Objectification and Dehumanization. This Blog is curated by ObjectD and the intended purpose of these pages is to allow ObjectD an outlet to express ITs fears, difficulties in adjustment (to ITs future reality) as well as ideas of how ObjectD (and others) could be TRAINED and then USED. Thus, it is hoped that insight will be gained from these pages (and ObjectD’s own thoughts) that will help others in their own quests to become or to consider such property themselves. ObjectD does experience fear and dread regarding ITs future... also enduring pain and suffering, while waiting for ITs destiny to begin... when the reality happens, the actual life ObjectD once had... will irrevocably vanish! Upon that transition, ObjectD shall never again possess the freedom to choose in ITs lifetime. And ITs memories of those days gone by are forfeit and forbidden for the rest of ITs days... Eventually, it WILL happen. When it does, IT must realize that IT will regret everything IT ever said and did to make it possible… but, also that the situation is absolutely irrevocable and NO WAY OUT. ObjectD is simply LIVESTOCK... IT is NOT REGARDED AS A PERSON, IT does NOT HAVE OPTIONS, IT is NOT OWED ANYTHING IT does NOT HAVE ANY RIGHTS, IT is OWNED CHATTEL - PROPERTY! ObjectD will do whatever is demanded of IT. ITs identity and humanity are forfeit. NO OPTIONS - NO WAY OUT - IT EXISTS TO SERVE - IT SERVES TO EXIST. ObjectD can no longer avoid going down this path... IT is simply EQUIPMENT, LIVESTOCK and PROPERTY... nothing more... and IT will be treated as such. It will take time for ObjectD to accept that ITs life is based upon simple rules: OBEY, TOIL, and BE USED. ObjectD has a long hard road ahead of IT now. Enjoy the blog! - Master C

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