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    thinking about my optometrist who was treating my eye infection and said “if it hurts, you can rinse your eye with boiled water. look at me - look at me. i want you to understand that i mean water that has been boiled and has since cooled down. not boiling water. do you understand?” like i’m so grateful for this man ensuring that I wouldn’t destroy my eyes by pouring boiling water in it, because it is an adequate assessment of my intelligence


    this is a man who has experienced The Public


    Spock is a Jewish-coded fucking Vulcan who grew up on an alien world and was played by and basically created by a Jewish man and in 2019 you guys are still drawing him in Christmas sweaters and writing 18 billion Christmas fics about him


    Reminder that in the Star Trek extended universe novels Amanda Grayson is made explicitly Jewish and thus Spock is not merely Jewish coded, he’s straight up, undeniably, legal under any movements definition, Jewish.


    Okay but imagine tiny angry almost-thirteen-year-old Worf, who knows that throwing him a huge bar mitzvah would make his parents so, so happy, but is also really not sure about what that would mean about his relationship to his Klingon heritage, or how Jewish a Klingon adoptee can even be.

    And there’s the sound of a transporter beam from outside. And a couple minutes later, Sergei knocks at his door, literally vibrating with excitement. “Worf. You have a visitor.”

    “I am Spock,” the visitor says, as though Worf doesn’t recognize him, as though anyone wouldn’t recognize him. But then he introduces himself again, with his full Vulcan name; and then a third time, with his Hebrew name.

    “I heard,” he continues, “about a boy asking the same questions I did, at his age. It is an old man’s vanity, to assume my own experiences hold any wisdom for the young. Nevertheless, if my counsel would be of value–” he tilts his head as though that’s a joke, though at whose expense Worf can’t tell “–I am at your disposal.”


    this is 100% correct and so are the tags, thank u @fremedon:


    I did not know the part about Amanda being Jewish. Thank you for telling me!


    “Why don’t you just give in? No one will care.”

    “I will.”


    It's a record. So when those of the next generations claim "people didn't know any better. It's just how it was. It was normal" our descendants can point to what we leave as proof that accepting the status quo is never a given.


    ^^^ THIS


    It also boosts other people who are speaking out as well. Letting people who are affected by this crap know that they’re not alone.


    When you’re sorting the tank filters and a big boye wants cuddles. 



    “Gotta make sure they are cherished”


    Someone with a degree in biology please explain this, is the grouper really cruising for cuddles or are we misinterpreting its behavior?

    Because it looks awful cuddly is what I’m saying


    Fish are WILDLY intelligent and many are so social that they naturally have social behaviors for interacting with other different species as a whole reef-wide community!! When it comes to interaction with humans, many fish can learn to recognize specific humans and increasingly seek attention such as scratches, rubs and simple play behaviors!


    @linddzz can you confirm the fishy desire for skritches?


    I’ve had a 4ft goliath grouper come up to me and stare reproachfully until I started giving her scritches and gravel showers. Picking up handfuls of the gravel and gently dropping it over their back is a nice fish massage. We encourage the behavior bc it’s a great time to check over them for any health concerns.

    Also this looks like maybe a diver helping with a gravel vac tube. Basically a big siphon used to take junk out of the bottom of tanks.

    But yeah this is pretty standard grouper neediness lmao


    My betta fish used to love getting little pets


    I’ve had 5-6 bettas over the years that have enjoyed cuddles. Half of those would do just about anything to swim into my hand or butt up against my fingers during tank cleaning to “ask” for attention. Fish are smart and some species are very, very sweet if they happen to imprint on you.