709 S Creek

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    There was a dance studio, beauty shop, barber shop, candy store, radio/TV repair shop in here. Further up was Rieder’s and later Milgram’s grocery stores. Thousands of birthday and holiday dinners and other special occasions had their food bought here. The smell of fresh-cut Christmas trees, the needles getting scrunched into the snow on the sidewalk by shoppers gearing up for holday meals. The failing of a neighborhood strip mall is no small matter.

    Backside of Loma Vista Shopping Center, built in the mid-fifties to cater to the sprawling suburbs. It featured a grocery store, a dime store, a hardware store, a drug store, a barber shop, a beauty shop, an S&H Stamp redemption store, a small TV and radio repair shop, a small cafe, a department store, a bowling alley, a doctor’s office, a real estate office, a dentist’s office, an insurance agent.