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    Branding, graphic and communication code for a catalan wines promotion project for the domestic and international audience. A project that aims to improve the consumption and the presence of the local wines at catalan cellars and restaurants. The brand with 12 different variations (as many as wine designations of origin in Catalonia) and the synthetic graphical combine land, terroir and climate of the different D.O. through a graphical code different from the typical wine code. Within the project we worked on the brand extension for communication to the point of sale (restaurants and wineries), magazines with opinion leaders quotes about catalan wines and the different support and merchandising materials.


    Watch as Quentin Jauregui of the junior team changes his bike midway during the race. It happens so fast it’s hard to spot.

    Note the team coach Bernard Bourreau in blue on the left picks up the faulty bike whilst another on the right hands up a new one.

    Jauregui is a cyclo-cross specialist and it shows.

    Video by Jacky Durand