I will say this. As the father of two daughters, it makes sense to apply some common sense.

President Obama’s response to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, overruling FDA’s decision to allow any person capable of reproduction, regardless of age, access to PlanB over the counter. 

I’m ENRAGED at this today. 

And for President Obama to claim that this decision, which goes against what scientists and the FDA have said AND what reproductive rights advocates have been fighting for for years, is “common sense” is so incredibly condescending and dismissive of the realities of life, and SCIENCE.

And to claim this “common sense” because he is the father of two daughters…I have no words.

This mother, this parent of a young child, does not agree with you about this. My “common sense” says your “common sense” is wrong and will hurt children in the end. 

(via keepyourboehneroutofmyuterus)

As messed up up as that statement is, I'm far more disappointed in Kathleen Sebelius for overruling the decision in the first fucking place.