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    Lily Evans is from Cokeworth, a town in the English midlands, so you can bet she had a real strong working class accent. That, coupled with her refusing to give up muggle slang to assimilate, means that James (posh pureblood pillock that he is) finds Lily incomprehensible for the entire first year.


    I’m screaming. Absolutely.

    We bought champagne in 2016 in the hopes that we would celebrate Trump’s election loss. Obviously that didn’t happen lol 🙃 We kept the bottle and vowed to open it only when Trump is voted out of office. Well, we were able to finally open it today lol 🍾🤘🏾 🥂 I’m under no delusions that a Biden/Harris administration will solve all our problems. Many injustices will continue under their leadership, and we have to organize against them, period. That said, I’m allowing myself to celebrate Trump’s demise today with the rest of NYC. THE STREETS ARE LIT 💖