Ashley. Writer. Black. Brooklyn via Los Angeles. Very into HP, punk, justice, and ugly vintage clothes. Hates mint chocolate. Only here sometimes tbh talk to me on Twitter or IG tho 💅🏾

Last update
2021-04-03 02:15:40

    We bought champagne in 2016 in the hopes that we would celebrate Trump’s election loss. Obviously that didn’t happen lol 🙃 We kept the bottle and vowed to open it only when Trump is voted out of office. Well, we were able to finally open it today lol 🍾🤘🏾 🥂 I’m under no delusions that a Biden/Harris administration will solve all our problems. Many injustices will continue under their leadership, and we have to organize against them, period. That said, I’m allowing myself to celebrate Trump’s demise today with the rest of NYC. THE STREETS ARE LIT 💖

    I’m not really on tumblr much these days and only really only post big updates here now for posterity’s sake, but I want to reiterate that I’m on Twitter and Instagram with the same username (@offbeatorbit) and am always around to say hay. These days I’m busy writing all day long for work at Jezebel and when I’m not doing that I’m trying to finish my Accidental Virgin book proposal and when I’m not doing THAT I’m just buying fucking home goods in an attempt to stay sane in the covid-19 era.

    Otherwise, Rob finished treatment and is going to law school in fall. I somehow still have a job that lets me write almost anything I want as long as the pitch is good (I wrote about Edward Cullen being a draft dodger a couple months back......... incredible lol) and I’m... hanging in there after a deeply traumatic year? Anyway that is my update. My guy is good, my parents are good, I’m good and just way too online and still reading fanfic. This has been an update! Hope you are all doing well too!

    (And thank you Samantha Pleet for gifting me outfits like this one for stuntin on Instagram :’) )