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    “Florida Man” runs naked in public warning others of a bomb

    John T Greenwood, Volusia County (Florida) inmate 611807, Florida inmate C90435, born 1992, incarceration intake at age 30, scheduled for release on 12/26/2023

    Battery on LEO, Resisting Officer, Battery, False Police Report, Criminal Mischief (Florida term for being naked in public)

    First arrested at the Dayton Beach Airport completely naked except for his socks, for running around the airport and yelling that there was a bomb.  He tried to find his way to the tarmac but failed.  Police reports indicate that he was high at the the time.   

    Placed on probation which he did not satisfy.  After several arrests for non-compliance with probation terms, he was subsequently sent to prison for 18 months.


    Matthew Notebaert, Florida inmate W22712, born 1984, incarceration intake at age 33, discharged 06/25/2021 after serviing 3 years and 2 months

    Homicide, Negligent manslaughter involving a Vehicle

    The judge gave a stern admonishment as she sentenced him to five years in prison for a drunken wreck that killed his wife as they had sex, calling it one of the “most senseless, tragic acts” she had ever seen.

    The fatal crash occured  as the couple celebrated his wife’s first night out after giving birth to their second child.

    “This isn’t your first chance,” the judge said. “You’ve been to jail before, you’ve been on probation. … You failed your wife, you failed your children and you failed all your family that is here today.”

    Notebaert told the Judge that he missed his wife “more than words can express” and detailed the night that changed his life forever, saying the couple started drinking from a flask of whisky they snuck into a country music concert. Then, during their ride home after the show, the couple — with Matthew Notebaert behind the wheel — pulled over and started getting intimate.

    His wife was soon sitting on his lap, Notebaert said, and the next memory he had was waking up in the couple’s Chevrolet Equinox next to his wife’s body. Her head had crashed into the dashboard and windshield and she died at the scene, according to arrest reports.

    The couple’s SUV had been traveling at speeds of 55 mph in a 30-mph zone and missing three warning signs of a canal ahead. The Equinox crashed into the canal so hard that it was airborne for about 30 feet, crashing into the opposite bank of the canal.

    Neighbors, at the time of the crash, said it was hard to fathom how the couple missed the signs on the dead-end street just one block away from their Loxahatchee home.

    “As soon as you come down the street, you see the reflectors all the way down the street,” a neighbor told local media. “You know it’s a dead-end.”

    A toxicology report found Matthew Notebaert had a blood-alcohol level nearly twice the limit of impairment in Florida and also had marijuana in his system.

    Meanwhile, some relatives of his wife did not mince words on what they felt was the appropriate punishment for killing her and leaving two children without a mother.

    “You had a responsibility to get your wife home safely,” said the woman’s parents, who asked the Judge to give their son-in-law the “maximum allowable sentence.”

    Prosecutors, however, felt the 10-year minimum recommended sentence was too harsh and recommended a seven-year term. The Judge noted Notebaert’s previous criminal history, including charges of cocaine possession, burglary and grand theft, when handing down his sentence of five years, which was less than what prosecutors sought.


    Jeffrey Hazelwood, Georgia inmate 1002031745, born 1996, incarceration intake at age 20, Life without parole

    Murder, Possession of a Firearm while committing a crime, Sexual Battery, Identity Fraud

    Pleaded guilty, but mentally ill

    Murdered two teenagers behind a grocery store, execution style

    In high school, played LaCrosse and was described as a very promising athlete.  


    Gevin Prince, Georgia inmate 1001003527, born 1996, incarceration intake at age 17, sentenced to life

    Murder, Aggravated Assault 

    At the age of 15, assaulted grandmother, and murdered great grandmother, with a samurai sword in a dispute over a video game


    Bryan MacKenzie Redden, New York inmate 18A1016, born 1996, incarceration intake at age 23, earliest release date 08/08/2061

    Murder 1st degree, Murder 2nd degree, Grand Larceny

    Broke into a home and killed a young mother and her 4-year old daughter.

    Redden pleaded guilty.  He spoke in court telling the judge he is sorry and asking for forgiveness. Prosecutors say Redden was high on drugs and alcohol at the time of the killings, but the motive for his action is still unknown.  Redden’s friends told local media that he has no memory of the events.

    Sentence was upheld on appeal


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    Michael Brandan Smirnoff, Federal inmate 17641-002, born, 1992, incarceration intake at age 27, sentenced to 22 months, discharged from custody on 04/20/2021

    Use of excessive force by a Law Enforcement Officer

    Smirnoff, serving as a police investigator, encountered the victim after a vehicle pursuit. After officers pursued the victim for several minutes on a four-wheeler, the victim stepped off the four-wheeler, laid face down on the ground, and allowed several Tallassee (Alabama) police officers to handcuff him. While the victim was handcuffed and compliant, the investigator lifted him into the air and slammed him to the ground. The investigator then lifted the victim into the air and slammed him to the ground a second time. Moments later, before the investigator placed the victim into a patrol car, the investigator slammed the victim’s head into the side of the vehicle. Throughout the assault, the victim was handcuffed, compliant, and did not pose a threat.

    “Mr. Smirnoff not only violated the victim’s constitutional rights by assaulting him repeatedly, he committed a crime that dishonored the whole law enforcement community,” said the U.S. Attorney. “A significant sentence of imprisonment was therefore appropriate in this case, not only to punish Mr. Smirnoff for his actions, but also to deter others from committing acts that lead to distrust between law enforcement and the public.”

    “The overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers today are honest hardworking individuals,” said the Special Agent in Charge. “However, the FBI will not tolerate the abuse of the public trust in this manner. Law enforcement is held to a higher standard, and in this unfortunate incident, that standard was not met.”

    “This defendant abused his power as a police investigator by assaulting a restrained person in his custody. Officers who willfully use excessive force not only violate the Constitution, they erode the public trust in law enforcement,” said the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. “The Civil Rights Division is committed to protecting victims of these abuses and upholding the Constitution and laws that protect us all.”

    Resources from the internet, indicate that Mr. Smirnoff was married six months after his release in October 2021.


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    Neil Allen Alway, Washington inmate 392597, born 1978, incarceration intake at age 43, scheduled for discharge in 2087

    Murder, Robbery

    Neil Allen Alway, 43, was sentenced to 850 months in prison for first-degree murder, two counts of first-degree kidnapping, and two counts of first-degree robbery in 2021. He was found guilty by a jury for the death of Raymond C. Brandon, who was 34 when he was killed. Brandon’s body was discovered in a shed a week after his death.

    Alway was the only one of the five defendants in Brandon’s murder to go to trial. Earlier in the week, three other defendants —Traci Lynn Mendez, 45, John Michael West, 47, and Ashley Lorine Wideman, 27 — received their sentences. The fifth defendant, Ashley Lorraine Barry, 35, was sentenced Aug. 26, 2019.

    On May 3, Mendez and West both received about 18 years for second-degree murder charges, and Wideman was sentenced on second-degree rendering criminal assistance and unlawful imprisonment, receiving two months probation. Barry had received about 13 years for first-degree manslaughter.

    As part of their plea deals, Mendez, West, and Wideman agreed to testify against Alway in his trial.

    The last sentences came more than four years after Brandon was killed. According to court documents, Brandon and his girlfriend, Allison Fields, had arrived at Mendez’s house April 20, 2017, which they had been visiting for a few weeks.

    On that visit, Alway pointed a gun at the two, told them to undress, and took Brandon outside with West, according to court documents. After Alway and West beat Brandon, Alway shot Brandon with the gun in the chest, killing him.

    Alway wanted to settle a debt with Brandon, according to court documents, and was planning to take the Subaru Forester Brandon and Fields came in as repayment.

    Following the shooting, Alway, West, Barry, Wideman, and Fields were driven from the property by Mendez to a farm in her SUV, court documents stated, after Barry broke the window of the Subaru and tried unsuccessfully to start it. Alway wanted to replace the broken window and agreed to drive Fields to her father’s house after she said there was a replacement there.

    When Fields’ father appeared, she ran to him and the group fled, court documents stated, keeping the Subaru.

    Alway and Barry were arrested April 25, 2017 on unrelated charges. Brandon’s body was discovered two days later in a shed on Mendez’s property. West and Wideman were arrested May 8, 2017, and Mendez was arrested in August of that year.

    Alway is likely to appeal the verdict. On sentencing documents, he signed “not guilty” for the defendant’s signature.



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    Alexander Kozak, Iowa inmate 6820105, born 1993, incarceration intake at age 23; sentenced to life without parole. 


    Kozak worked at the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, Iowa. He engaged in a verbal and electronic, semi-romantic relationship with a woman who worked at the mall, Andrea Farrington. When Farrington broke off the relationship, Kozak retrieved his gun, went to the mall, and shot her. Farrington died despite the heroic resuscitation efforts of a former combat medic, two nurses, and a landscaper, among others. 

    The State charged Kozak with first-degree murder. A jury found him guilty as charged. On appeal, Kozak contended: (1) the State engaged in prosecutorial misconduct in cross-examining his expert about Kozak’s mental state; (2) the district court abused its discretion in allowing evidence of certain admissions he made to law enforcement officers; (3) the State improperly referenced his decision not to testify; and (4) the trial was infected with cumulative error.

    The appeal was unsuccessful and the appellate court affirmed his conviction.




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    “I am not certain that I agree with that characterization of these events.”

    (Hypothetical quote)

    John Santoro, New York Inmate 13B0622, born 1987; incarceration intake at age 26; and before that 09B2517, and before that 05B2634; scheduled for parole hearing 12/2026; conditional release 04/15/2027, final release 06/07/2029

    Rape, Escape from local Jail, Criminal Contempt (this time around); history of Contempt and Robbery

    Escaped from a recreational yard at the Oneida County Jail in October 2012, and was reprehended within minutes.  The ‘stunt’ racked up a new felony charge.

    He has launch many unsuccessful appeals of this conviction and confinement.  




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    Kevin Robert Murphy, Okaloosa County Jail inmate 69915, Florida DOC G30902; born 1992, jail intake at age 28, jail intake 02/09/2021, released from jail 01/28/2022; on probation through 01/26/2025 

    Battery, Arson, Possession

    A Florida man was convicted of arson, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was sentenced to one year in the county jail, with credit for time served.

    The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office (OCSO) says they responded to reports of a loud boom and found a Chevy Silverado truck fully engulfed in flames.

    When talking with Kevin Murphy, OCSO says he told deputies he poured gas onto and into the truck and set it on fire. He added he started the fire "to give us [sherriff's office] something to do" and to give himself an extra Christmas present. While being arrested, deputies found methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in Murphy's possession.

    No injuries were reported, but a nearby vehicle and building suffered minor damage, OCSO says. The Fire Department quickly arrived and put out the fire.


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    Jacob Daniel Price, Okaloosa County Jail Inmate 68698, born 1990

    Arrested and taken into custody, 11/13/2019, remains in custody as of 06/10/2022

    Indicted for Homcide, 2 counts, Animal Euthanasia 2 Counts

    A former Marine has been charged with murdering his parents after he turned himself into police and confessed to killing them both, along with two family dogs in Florida.

    Jacob Daniel Price, walked into the Crestview Police Department wearing a bloody shirt in the early hours of the morning of November 13, 2019, insisting he had a confession to make.

    Price arrived at the station shortly after 4am, telling officers he’d shot his mother and father – as well as his family’s two dogs – as they slept in their beds at their Crestview home.

    When deputies arrived at 6269 Equine Drive they found 51-year-old Jolene Price and 56-year-old Robert Price deceased in the master bedroom of the home with what appeared to be fatal gunshot wounds to their heads.

    Price had been living at the home with his parents at the time of the incident, a spokesperson for the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

    Two deceased dogs were also found inside the premises. One dog was found in the bed with the Price’s parents and the other was found dead on the dining room floor.

    Both of them had been killed by gunfire, police said.

    Two German Shepherds were also found inside the home but were unharmed.

    They were handed over to Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and a family member has reportedly come forward offering to take the dogs in.

    Price has been charged with two counts of premeditated murder and two counts of aggravated animal cruelty.  

    Price appeared before a judge where he was ordered to be held in the Okaloosa County Jail without bond.

    Assistant State Attorney Bill Bishop told reporters his office are yet to discuss whether they'll be seeking the death penalty or not, citing unspecified 'aggravating and possible mitigating circumstances.'

    Price served as a field operator in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2009 until 2013, and was deployed abroad twice from 2010 to 2011 under Operation Enduring Freedom, the government's official name for the war on terror in response to the September 11 attacks.

    He received several commendations during his time  serving, including the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the National Defense Service Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and several more per media reports.

    A spokesperson for the Marine Corps said that Price left the service at the rank of private which is indicative that ‘the character of his service was incongruent with Marine Corps’ expectations and standards.’

    According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office and the Crestview Police Department, the arrest was Price’s first in Okaloosa County.


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    Chandler Halderson, Wisconsin inmate 708271, born 1998, incarceration intake at age 24, sentenced to life without possibility of parole

    Murder, Abuse of Corpse

    Halderson was convicted on two counts each of first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, hiding a corpse and falsifying information about a missing person. A first-degree intentional homicide conviction carries a mandatory life sentence. 

    Investigators said Halderson killed his parents after his father discovered he had been lying about attending Madison Area Technical College. It was one in a web of lies he told about work, school and being on a police scuba dive team, according to prosecutors.


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    Johnny R Kirk, Florida inmate P60769, born 1998; incarceration intake at age 18, for 6 months, 2nd incarceration intake 6 months after first discharge for a term of 18 months; released on 06/20/2020; killed in police shootout 07/12/2021

    Burglary, Possession of Methamphetamine

    Initially wanted for allegedly kidnapping two 16-year-old girls and murdering an 80-year-old man during a carjacking, was killed following a brief but brutal shootout with police.

    According to reports, deputies with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office shot and killed Johnny Ray Kirk, 22, at approximately 2:45 a.m. in the morning.

    Escambia County Sheriff said that Kirk and another man named Michael Allen Lawson were riding as passengers in a white Ford Escape being driven by an unidentified female when deputies ordered the vehicle to pull over. Immediately after the vehicle stopped, Kirk “jumped out” and began “firing as fast as he possibly could, trying to kill as many people as he could,” the Sheriff said.

    “I think what you have here is an individual who did not care about life. He did not care what his victims were like. He did not care that they were 16-year-olds.  The Sheriff told reporters during a press conference. “He decided to commit the senseless act of murdering an 80-year-old man and stealing his truck as his next venture.”

    Kirk was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. Multiple outlets reported that he fired at least 10 rounds at officers before he was hit twice by deputies.

    Police Cam Video of the shootout can be found at:



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    Blake Sienko, Florida inmate P46560, born 1991, incarceration intake (this time around) at age 29; scheduled for release on 10/24/2022

    Known locally as a one of Okaloosa County’s “Crestview Front Porch Pirates”; along with his brother Brent Sienko, and friend Zane Hall. 

    Burglary, Grand Theft, Obstruction of a Crime Investigation, Possession of Heroin, Contraband in a County Detention Facility