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2022-09-30 17:01:16

    I don't know what makes some of you think that Cheritz would announce taking down mysme in another objectively worse and less popular game than mysme itself but pls literally go outside, touch some grass.

    Reconnect with the real world please and thank you, you seem to need it.

    It would be very unprofessional and bad business practice to do so.

    Content wise: they did say after rays after ending that it did mark "the end" of mysmes. But that they will continue supporting the game as long as people show interest in it.

    So in essence: we will likely not receive any more in game content (except cgs as we have in the last year) but they will not close the servers or take down Mystic Messenger anytime soon.

    Also...it would be pretty stupid tbqh, if they just took down their biggest cash cow in favour of The Ssum which is very unpopular in their pre-established player base.

    I get how the whole "listening to music as a dick-measuring contest for who can listen to the most obscure band" thing can get grating sometimes but I don't think people realize just how vital that phenomenon is for new up and coming bands to get a foot in the door. it's understandable to be annoyed by hipsterism but unless you want all music to be industry plants and former child stars you're just going to have to accept it as part of the social ecosystem.

    there are like five rules to life and those rules are

    1. eat 3 meals a day & keep a snack on u

    2. always have a non alcoholic drink with you

    3. never trust anything you think about your life after 8-9pm

    4. do a little something for urself every day

    5. interact with a Beast at least once a day (human, feline, canine, lizard, bird, etc)

    and the secret 6th rule:

    6. if you can't do all of those rules, just do the ones you can