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    Republicans in 2016: It doesn’t matter how awful Trump is, Hillary used her personal e-mail account for government matters!

    Ivanka: (Uses her personal e-mail for government matters)

    Republicans in 2018: oh, that kind of thing doesn’t matter

    Me: (Stares at the camera like I was on The Office)


    Year 2378: (current president) “Ok i am now open for questions”

    Some republican “what about hillarys emails?”


    Fun fact: When Hillary used a personal email, this rule about emails hadn’t even been implemented yet. When Hillary did that, it was completely legal at the time. With Ivanka, it was at a time that it was highly illegal. And she claims she “didn’t know the rules,” even though her dads whole campaign basically ran on the email scandal


    Btw you can be intensely critical of the Democratic party and recognize that it is full of aged out of touch moderates who are refusing to meet the urgency of the moment,

    and also recognize that voting for Democrats is extremely important because it allows things like the confirmation of Justices and prevents the literal fascist party from gaining more power and that harm reduction is an important end in itself

    These things can coexist

    Politics is a long game. Being disappointed and angry today does not obviate your responsibility to participate


    All of this. Use the bus analogy: you don't expect the bus to take you directly to your destination, you take the bus that gets you closest to your destination. Purity in politics is how we got Bush in 2000 and it's how we got Trump in 2016. Democrats suck. They suck HARD. But they aren't Fascists, and they are the only viable alternative. The ship we are on is on fire, sinking, and heading directly toward the biggest iceberg in history. Before we argue about what's on the dinner menu or how big our quarters are, we have to save the ship, or none of the other stuff will matter. Vote for these assholes who suck, and then spend your time and your money supporting actual organizations on the ground who do the real work that protects and cares for people this useless government is leaving behind. And when they ask you for money, don't give it to them. Tell them you're giving it to organizations who do the work these idiots make speeches about, and when they do more than make speeches, we'll talk. But sitting out and having a tantrum because the best Democrat isn't as good as the true progressive we really want is self defeating, selfish, and hurts the vulnerable people who are constantly under attack from Republicans.


    Okay but these fucking dudes are trying hard to reach an audience and I respect the fuck out of them for it. 12/10 sanitation department of New York City.


    I was prepared to cringe but I think this was good


    These guys at NYC Sanitation are paid 150k a year and retire on 125k a year pensions til they die......


    And they should. God bless them


    Salary of public sanitation workers should be more than the salary of any politician


    They don’t get those figures until they old af and in certain positions but also like bruh of any job to pay peolle nsane mkney this is a flex


    Sanitation is one of the most dangerous jobs out there, and one of the core reasons we have eliminated or diminished many illnesses. Sanitation workers deserve their weight in gold.


    Doctors cure individuals of diseases

    Sanitation workers protect *entire cities* from diseases

    If you genuinely believe that sanitation workers don't deserve to be well paid, you might need to take a good hard look at your internalized classism


    I keep seeing these like "of course they did the Miranda ruling literally a day before, this is not a coincidence" posts and look I don't know if they had a reason for releasing the rulings in that order, but the reason they were both released this week is they were both decided in the same session. I realize this is boring. But the real reason we're getting a bunch of bad fucking decisions at once is Republicans hijacked the Supreme Court.


    While we're on this topic, I keep saying people say "we lost Miranda Rights" and that's not true. We still have Miranda rights. We lost cops being required to inform you of those rights. Specifically, we lost being able to sue cops for not informing us of our Miranda rights during an arrest. You still 100% HAVE your Miranda rights.

    (For those who are going "what are my Miranda rights?" “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you")

    By the way with the supreme court reopening Lawrence and considering making anything other than cishet vanilla sex illegal, the "kink at pride" debate needs to die, right fucking now. We're about to see firsthand why kink and queer rights are so closely tied together and what we need is to stand in unity. This also means queer discourse needs to die, right now.

    Listen, everyone. You have pride because of leather daddies and Trans Women of Color. You have pride because of the same people you're ashamed to accept into the community.

    We're all about to become targets, and we can't win separated. And we especially need to protect our most vulnerable, we need to protect the members of our community that will get targeted the most.

    Discourse needs to end. The United States' fascism and hate is getting worse, and anyone that knows their world history knows things might get really bad here soon, and it's more important than ever that we can stand together. If we get caught up on labels or "is this person really LGBT" or anything like that, the people that hate us all for existing will divide and conquer and we will all lose.

    On this day in 2013 Wendy Davis filibustered the Texas Senate, stopping abortion restrictions from being placed on Texans.

    I got home from work that night and learned that she was still filibustering and that Senate Republicans were doing their best to stop her. I got in my car and drove the five or so miles between me and the Capitol.

    This is what greeted me.

    I don’t know how many people were there, but I was so encouraged to know she wasn’t alone. That I wasn’t alone either. She was almost at the end, I want to say thirty minutes to midnight when they declared her filibuster over and the vote would commence. I probably forgot exactly what they did to end it, maybe she took a sip of water or something.

    So for the last half hour we screamed. That is a very long time to scream at the top of your lungs. We screamed so loud they couldn’t take the vote. We screamed for our lives. By the time we quieted down it was 12:01 and the vote failed.

    That was nine years ago today. Today of all days I think of that night, about what we can do together. It brings me some comfort. I hope it brings some for you too.