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Man 20yo send me a dm if you want girl,trans

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2021-09-20 16:43:54

    Do I really need a reason to post Sabrina Lynn? I mean, not really. Not an up-front stated reason, really, because I think it's pretty obvious, non? That said, beyond the obvious reasons, the reasons I'm posting her today is because she seems to have gotten this cute short haircut and that's new, so why not? Also, she likes hanging out with other girls in bikinis and touching them in a slightly-more-than-friend way? I mean, look at the look on her face in that pic. She's basically looking right at me and saying something like "Am I doing this right? Should I advance to the next step?" Yes, Sabrina, you def are doing it right, and yes, the next step will be even more fun, I promise. My girl crush today is Sabrina Lynn.