Truth & Justice #11


    This shit should be called FAKES & LIES

    It’s shit like THIS I DESPISE with the entirety of my being.

    Imagine being a writer so deeply into your own bullshit you feel like you can make a character slap one of the FOUNDING FATHERS of the DCU.

    These asshole writers Resent THE FUCK out of Dick. The First. The Eldest.

    Fuckin hyper male aggression here weaponized against Dick for being the most resented character to ever walk the DCU.

    Writers wish they could replace him with their “fav” self insert replacement. And why?

    Because he is a non-toxic Male and a leader, and coded for effeminate and not straight, and “other.” And always has been.

    And writers have been using other characters to make him a joke. And to bring him down a peg for existing as himself. As someone who threatens the status quo.

    Jason in canon was intimidated. He felt rightfully threatened by the person Bruce made him stand-in for.

    You. Bet. Your. Ass. He was Afraid.

    It wasn’t Dick himself who went out of his way to give this kid an inferiority complex. That was 💯 % Bruce.

    Dick was a threat because he was well into the peak of his abilities as a vigilante and one of the most respected figures in the cape and mask community.

    But yeah writers keep perpetuating this rotten joke because of your resentment of him. I know this is Dick is a hallucination. But THIS is how Creators feel about him.

    Always always using EVERY PETTY opportunity to slap his image and icon. Because they can’t stand him and all that he represents.

    Enjoy your fav replacement ex-Robin but also be critical of THIS symbolic shit right here. And how these characters are meant as a Fuck You to Dick Grayson’s existence whenever they’re used like this and that it’s unnecessary AF to do this.

    Dick only stopped being seen as intimidating or a force to be reckoned with when he’s OOC, and was repurposed for the Bat office as a floor mat.

    Just cause you’re coded for effeminate or non-aggressive 24/7 and not in people’s faces being a bully doesn’t mean you can’t be intimidating or have a presence about you that’s meant to be taken seriously and NOT FUCKED WITH.

    I’m reading tags and comments and it would be all you other Bat bro fans that see him as a Joke. Yeah. He was OOC by the time your parasite “fav” came around so yeah he was nerfed to prop your “fav” up so no wonder you sit on his bones and laugh at him.

    And that’s the Tea


    I get a lot of feelings from these scenes!  




    Yeah, Oak was the kid in the Celebi movie.


    Meaning that he also probably had more pokemon available when Ash first started his journey, but he deliberately tricked Ash into accepting a rowdy and untamed pikachu because that was Ash’s partner back during their adventure together.


    We stan

    Samuel Oak


    That means his verbal savagery toward Ash early on was friendship, which puts a whole different spin on it.


    *Ash rushes in, dead last among the kids of Pallet Town*: Professor Oak! Is it too late for me to get a Pokémon?!

    Samuel Oak, Anticipating this moment for decades and saving a very special Pikachu from the local breeding program for just this occasion and trying very hard not to laugh: Oh boy, we’ll see what we can do…


    Still love that movie


    Charities/organisations to avoid:

    PETA: They’d rather spend their money on publicity campaigns than on the animals in their care. PETA killed 73.8% of the animals in their care in 2015 (x)

    FCKH8: Is a for-profit company that exploits oppressed groups for money. They’re also wildly uninformed, and spread misogyny, cissexism and bi/panphobia, as well as stealing their posts/designs (x)

    Autism Speaks: They spend most of their money on researching a way to eliminate autism, heighten the stigma against autism and don’t have a single autistic person on their board (x)

    Please support other, better charities, and feel free to add any others you can think of to this.


    Susan G. Komen for the Cure: CEO makes insane amounts of money, they deny a lot of requests for wigs/help with treatment/etc., and have attempted to sue other charities that use the color pink as part of their anti-breast cancer campaign. ( x x x )


    The Salvation Army: They promote the hatred of LGBT+ people, work with fundamentalist Christian groups to support conservative politics and rip off and exploit workers. ( x x x )


    Wounded Warrior: They take money that should be spent on veterans and blow it on huge opulent parties for the company bigwigs. 26 million in 2014 alone wasted! ( x x x )


    ^ Important reminder to NOT waste any money donating to these groups


    Reblogging because of the added info about Wounded Warrior.


    A good way to know if a nonprofit you’re donating to is allocating their money in the right way is to check out their Charity Navigator rating: http://www.charitynavigator.org


    Signal boosting, the bell ringers are out in force, and this info is too important.


    Charity season is coming up in not even two months, so I feel like this is important to share now before it’s too late. 


    Be careful during charity season


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    Xenoblade x MHA

    Dad for One Au

    All for One being an aegis level blade, and recruits other blades to rule world, but also wants to get his brother One for All back on his side. In the process has a son with his driver Inko.

    After an encounter with Yagi and his Aegis Level blade One for All defeat's him All for one returning him to his core crystal.

    After many years Izuku believing he has no potential to summon Blades stumble across All for One's Core Crystal and-


    anyways can we start recognizing adhd as an actual and serious disorder that

  • can affect on functioning in every day life so badly that it interferes with taking care of very basic human needs
  • is not 10 yrs old white boy exclusive disorder
  • is not a fake disorder created to benefit medicine companies
  • definitely should not be reduced to “kid who cant sit still and wont stop screaming” stereotypes because adhd has a whole fuckton of symptoms ranging from serious memory issues to fine motor control difficulties
  • lauramkaye

    ADHD is:

  • One of the most treatable “psychiatric” disorders (although it’s more accurately a neurodevelopmental disorder), with approximately 90% of patients able to find a treatment regimen that works well for them, given appropriate medical support. ADHD stimulant medications in particular (Ritalin and Adderall and their variations) are some of the most effective psychiatric medications in existence. 
  • Contrary to popular opinion, extremely under diagnosed overall, particularly in populations that are not young white boys (women, adults, people of color, etc.)
  • So there are a LOT of people out there who could be helped by getting a diagnosis and treatment but are not, in part because of the negative stereotypes around ADHD and ADHD medication that are prevalent in pop culture.
  • Able to coexist with a number of other conditions or traits that may change its presentation and/or impact, including mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression and various learning disabilities but also giftedness/high intelligence.
  • In fact, in adults diagnosed for the first time, it is extremely common to have comorbidities, in large part because ADHD can be so hard to cope with.
  • Sleep disorders are also frequently comorbid with ADHD. Additionally, being poorly-rested makes ADHD symptoms worse, which makes you more likely to sleep badly. It’s a hellish merry-go-round.
  • In some cases, “twice exceptional” people (gifted + ADHD) have extra trouble getting appropriate support, because some ADHD symptoms can be masked by intelligence (for instance, if a child is bright enough to do their homework in the ten minutes between classes and master the test material by cramming the night before, they may never see the poor academic performance that might lead to testing), and because the symptoms of ADHD may also mask their giftedness - so they end up stuck in classes that are too easy for them, and therefore boring, which makes the ADHD symptoms worse. Also, people who know they are intelligent but have untreated ADHD can be really prone to some of the other psychological comorbidities, especially as they become adults, because they know what to do and how to do it and that they SHOULD do it, and they WANT to do it, but they still can’t make themselves actually do it, so they start to beat themselves up, thinking “I’m too smart to constantly be this stupid, I must just be really lazy, maybe I really DON’T care, maybe I’m just a terrible person.” Ask me how I know.
  • Can also have less-common symptoms associated with it. I actually had my hearing tested before my diagnosis because I had so much trouble following conversations if there was background noise. My hearing is fine: my issue is auditory processing. My brain just can’t focus on conversations if too much else is going on. (This also applies to following dialogue on television if there is a lot of background noise/music. I use the captions a lot.
  • In some cases, extremely disabling. Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, a disability is “a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activity.” A sampling of major life activities that might be substantially limited by untreated ADHD includes:
  • Managing finances (largely through impulsive spending, frequent lost items that need replacing, forgetting to pay bills, forgetting to do routine maintenance and having issues like larger repairs needed)
  • Basic self-care (remembering to take meds, go to doctor appointments, eat and drink at appropriate times, go to bed at appropriate times)
  • Employment (difficulty being on time for work or work activities, difficulty meeting deadlines, propensity to make “careless errors”, difficulty with emotional regulation)
  • Interpersonal relationships (memory problems so you never remember important dates, time issues meaning you’re late meeting them, forgetting commitments, easily distracted during conversations, impulsivity leading to interruptions/saying or doing stuff you didn’t think through, difficulty responding appropriately to social cues (through distraction/impulsivity), difficulty with emotional regulation)
  • Maintaining a clean and sanitary home (forgets steps in household chores, distracted away from finishing them, loses key equipment, impulsive purchases clutter up the home, loses interest in projects and leaves them out half-done)
  • If untreated, linked to higher rates of all manner of negative outcomes when compared to similar neurotypical populations, including: 
  • unemployment
  • divorce
  • substance abuse
  • injury or death in accidents, especially car accidents 
  • arrest
  • None of this is because people with ADHD as a group are, like, bad or lazy or evil or irresponsible or don’t care. People with ADHD are just people, and exist on the same range of good, bad, and in-between that all people do. However, the parts of our brains that are meant to help us regulate our emotions, plan for the future, remember to do important things, and not act on every impulse that crosses our minds just don’t work properly. A lot of us might lean in to an airhead, spacy artistic type, class clown, or similar persona to mask our deep shame over not being able to “just” do all these basic things that other people seem to do with no trouble at all. 

    Additionally, even accessing ADHD treatment can be extremely challenging, because stimulant medications are controlled substances and there are so many false and damaging perceptions about the condition and medications out there. And even when you have a well-established diagnosis and are well controlled on a medication you’ve taken for years, you are never far away from potential disruptions to your treatment. I personally am a white professional with good health insurance and was able to get diagnosed and medication prescribed - which in itself is often really difficult - but even from that position of privilege I have experienced multiple gaps in my treatment for reasons like:

  • My pharmacy lost a prescription and had to get a new one. (My medication cannot be refilled; each month has to be a brand new prescription.)
  • My pharmacy was out of stock of my medication (I can’t transfer that prescription to a different pharmacy, and even if I had a paper prescription, you can’t call a pharmacy and be told the medication is in stock, you have to physically go there and ask.)
  • I forgot to make a doctor appointment in time (I have to have a doctor visit every three months to continue to get the prescription.)
  • I forgot to fill the prescription (since I, you know, HAVE ADHD, and you can’t set them up to auto-renew like you can other meds.)
  • My prescription is really expensive and there aren’t many savings options because it’s a controlled medication. (Even with savings I pay over $100 out of pocket for my ADHD meds every month. If the manufacturer isn’t offering a coupon that month it’s close to $300.)
  • Again, this is a LEGAL medication that I am LEGALLY prescribed by my supportive doctor with consultation from my supportive psychologist, for my actual disabling medical condition, and which all parties involved agree is extremely effective in helping me manage said condition. I’m in about the best situation you can be in short of being a millionaire who doesn’t have to worry about things like preapprovals or copays or taking sick time from work. 

    I’ve also heard from others who have had to change doctors due to moving, job or insurance changes, etc., only to get issues like:

  • medical practices that flatly refuse to prescribe any controlled medications at all.
  • medical practices that don’t deal with ADHD specifically at all.
  • doctors that “don’t believe in” medicating adults/women/people with good jobs/people with good grades/anyone for ADHD.
  • doctors that won’t accept existing diagnoses or treatment plans.
  • ADHD is a treatable and manageable condition, but it isn’t a joke, it isn’t “made up,” we aren’t “all a little ADHD these days anyway”. It’s a complex and wide-ranging condition that can impact nearly every part of your life in serious and possibly very damaging ways.


    Hold on I need to schedule an appointment


    I have delt with ADHD since I was in the force grade I understand