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    they should make a wii fit for getting jacked


    Wii fuck


    funny how everyone thinks something like this is low hanging fruit when inn reality it’s high flying meat


    Wii shit


    Dude don’t say that.


    Wii sleep. But a good night’s sleep where you actually feel rested when you wake up.


    medications don’t work the same for everyone.

    therapy doesn’t work the same for everyone.

    self care doesn’t look the same for everyone.

    mental illness doesn’t look the same for everyone.

    recovery is a personal process and shouldn’t be compared to anyone else’s. we are all healing from different things. just because someone else says, “my life has been bad too, and i got over it”, that in no way means you’ve tried less. you will grow at your own pace.

    California/west-coast friends: It looks like the table is set for another incredibly bad fire season. While the lightning storm from last year was a rare event, things are drier and more primed than before. Now would be a really good time to stock up on air filtration. Start inspecting your home for any areas you might want to seal up or block off. Even if it's just temporary, painters tape around an old window will help. Shove an old towel underneath an outward-facing door that's got a gap at the bottom. And, well... masks with filtration. Ironically we may have ditched those because they weren't good with preventing covid transmission, but as we're getting vaxxed up, you might want to reexamine your stock and see what you have. We're still forming habits around this new normal. Let's try and help each other figure it out, eh? <3


    There’s a post going around with the sentiment of like ‘you can tell when a gay character is written by a gay person bc the stereotypes are the right ones” and people keep adding what the ‘right’ gay stereotypes are with things like ‘always getting iced coffee’ or ‘having enamel pins’ and honestly….


    Honestly, on a more serious note, the number of times in the past few years someone who was assumed to be straight wrote a gay storyline and loads of people kept talking about how they wrote their gay characters in a straight way because they were straight only for the author to end up publicly coming out due to all the pressure should probably lead at least some people to reevaluate whether their ‘straightdar for authors based on how they write gay people’ is truly always accurate lmao.


    also it’s weird how commodified this supposed representation is. being lgbt becomes a list of things you buy. enamel pins, iced coffee, certain music. it’s a consumer identity and not a means of relating to other humans. :(

    not to sound too adbusters, nor to imply that somehow being lgbt is a capitalist conspiracy (surprise: every identity can be commodified! we’re not special!). i love my stupid pins and my rainbow booty shorts and my ‘BE GAY DO CRIME’ shirt. but in the end this isn’t representation, it’s a grocery list. it does not threaten the status quo, and i think it would be a lot sexier if we were ungovernable U___U