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    Whenever the women of the village had a conflict they would pedal to a deserted section of dunes nearby: secluded from view, far enough away to keep the screams and shrieks and sobbing from prying ears, filled with soft grass. The girl in front delights in teasing mature women until they fight for her sole attention. Little does she know that today her victims will instead work together and teach the minx a lesson that she will never forget...


    Started the fic you recommended, can I ask what the Addams Family Curse is? I see it in a lot of fics but I can't find anything about it online for some reason

    So, I'm not sure if fandoms of any other piece of Addams Family media uses this, but for the fandoms of the Wednesday show, usually Wenclair (i dont read other ships 🫣), we sort of adopted the term Addams Family Curse. It's not something thats used in any of the official media (that I know of).

    Its just basically explaining that Wednesday falls in love like her dad. Very hard and very passionately. Usually its only Wednesday that calls it the family curse because shes always been against becoming like her parents.

    The girl just has big feelings and calls it a curse 😆


    The true headcanon, the only way


    It is The Way