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    Always loved hucow-based captions. When Tumblr instigated the big nipple ban I kinda moved away from them, along with most of my other caption types. It just tends to be easier to post pics of AB girls! Hopefully this one made it past the nipple-bot. Also hopefully there's so of you that enjoyed this. Let me know in the comments!

    Well kenneth now katie likes to be dressed as a little baby girl it's time to show her as a adullt baby girl to every one kenneth might as well get used to everyone seeing her as a little baby girl now she's wearing a baby dress with a nappy little baby frilly knickers to go over her nappy white ankle socks with little gir brown t bar shoes it's no nice to see katie playing with her dolly's

    Ein fiktiver Sonntag 22.08.2021

    Ein fiktiver Sonntag 22.08.2021

    Dies ist nur Fiktion, vielleicht eine Wunschvorstellung für einen Sonntag. Bilder die hier abgebildet sind, sind älter aber von mir. Was an diesem Sonntag passiert ist mit schon passiert aber noch nie an einem Tag. Aber manches ist auch Neu und noch nicht passiert. Mommy kommt in mein Zimmer es kurz nach 8 Uhr am Sonntag, ich hatte schon geweint weil die Windel voll ist, richtig voll und Ich…

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    Too hot 4 Tumblr

    I just posted a load of captions I found to my other site, they won’t get past the tumblr filters.

    The website name starts with femmifed. then a dot.

    But I can’t put the whole address because
    Dumb tumblr bans blogs that even mention it
    So you’ll just have to guess the rest of the URL
    Maybe you’ll get it right, good
    Luck with that and I 
    Really hope you like the captions if you find them

    Oh and .com on the end. Message me there if you get there, I wanna know how many people make it! :)