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2021-04-22 14:41:02

    having online friends is just “i made food does anyone want some” “i’m gonna fight ur dad” “remember that time you made a typo a year ago that we Still remind you of daily” “i know your deepest trauma but not your last name” “here are the random plants i associate you with” “good morning at 9pm” “goodnight at 7am” “my dog says hi” “LMAO NERD. keep talking about obscure anime tho i’m interested” “hey i know you’re asleep right now but this meme made me think of you” “if we were irls we’d Totally be dating by now” “one day when we live together….” “dude i bet i can jump higher than you let’s have a contest Right Now” “i don’t know what this weird school rivalry you have is but i support you!!!!!!” “getting in the car Right Now to give you a hug” “if i eat lunch while you eat dinner it’s basically like we’re eating together” “i am holding your hand as we speak” “i am kissing you on the forehead right now” “here let me braid your hair for you” “i love you” “i love you” “i love you”