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2022-09-24 16:48:28

    The smallest camera in the world!👇

    OmniVision introduced the OV6948 camera, which can barely be seen at the tip of a human finger. The device has already entered the Guinness Book of Records. The sensor is capable of receiving an image of 40,000 pixels with a size of 1.75 microns. The viewing angle of the lens is 120°.

    And people think we are crazy when we tell them there is nano computers in the vaccines.

    The technology is much further advanced than they share with the people.🤔


    The no Bill over 10 page & no legalese Bill!



    this is why they don’t want her proposal to pass 

    the dems are trying to give voting rights to non citizens …why don’t we just hand out ballots to the CCP? 

    The most courageous man in America, today: