Training schedule week 2

    Since the first schedule was a success and got asked for more training schedules I’ve decided to create another one.

    This is a 1 week program you wont be allowed to cum after the week is up you may cum depending on how well you followed the program.

    First task

    The first thing you will do is shave your private parts. Make sure you are smooth and ready to be fucked.

    Second task

    This week is all about understanding what you are that’s why you will wear a collar or a belt. You will have to do this at least 3-5 times you can do this while you scroll through tumblr and edge.

    Third task

    Learning your slave poses when your dom asks you to do a pose and you don’t know how it makes him look bad. So everyday you will do every single pose on this chart

    Fourth task

    Since you won’t be allowed to cum I know you will be desperate so you will ride your pillow 3-5 times in this week.

    Fifth task

    Wear your butt plug for 14 hours in a weeks time you can spread the time how you want. 2 hours each day or 6 hours at once and do the remaining 8 on other days.

    After completing all of this you will be allowed to cum you have 1 week period to do so.

    Enjoy make sure to do the first week program before doing this one