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    How fun….

    I’m starting to believe this stuff that claims to be on behalf of women is an attack on women.


    Minnie’s had like a million park outfits and women have worn pants for forever now so this really isn’t a big deal or “progressive” at all. I think they could have designed a better pantsuit though. The outfit is just ugly, I hate that dark blue color.


    Literally no color contrast, no unique silhouette. Just a dark blue blob.

    They covering up a scandal?


    It's ugly as fuck so that lines up.


    “Sex offenders are disproportionately targeted and are a marginalized and vulnerable group :-(“

    Okay??? Good??? You could feed them to dogs and I literally would not care babe


    Nobody likes to hear it, but "sex offender" is NOT synonymous with "pedophile" or "rapist," and covers a lot of crimes that many people wouldn't even consider actual "sex crimes" in the same category. The only reason we use the term "sex offender" is because of the sex offender registry, and the incredibly successful propaganda campaign that has convinced the masses that making a separate list of people based on an arbitrarily defined crimes is a good and beneficial thing to society. Because normal, decent people rightly abhor rape and pedophilia, and they have become convinced that "sex offender" always and necessarily refers to people who do or have done these egregious acts, you now have ubiquitous support for an arbitrary government registry and for treating anyone who receives the label "sex offender" as subhuman scum.


    As an example of how vague and unfair this term is, in Virginia it is illegal to pee outside and will get you labelled a sex offender if you get caught and charged with indecent exposure, even if you were in the woods. I would not be surprised if many homeless people were charged for this very thing.

    Hence, "sex offenders" include not only people who've committed actual sex crimes but who've done any sex-based activity that is illegal according to state law.

    That changes things when you look at a so-called "sex offender map," doesn't it?


    The Wisconsin Assembly has voted in the affirmative to pass a privileged resolution to withdraw the state’s 10 electors who were slated to have cast their votes for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

    The announcement of the privileged resolution, as well as the present members who voted unanimously to pass it, can be viewed below.

    The privileged resolution to withdraw the Biden electors will now proceed to the Wisconsin Rules Committee in the Wisconsin Assembly and to the Wisconsin Senate. The legislation was introduced by Rep. Timothy Ramthun.

    Assembly rules committee members: Representative Steineke (Chair), Representative Vos, Representative August, Representative Petersen, Representative Vorpagel, Representative Kuglitsch, Representative Tittl, Representative Plumer, Representative Dittrich, Representative Neubauer, Representative Hesselbein, Representative Spreitzer, Representative Subeck, Representative Pope and Representative Baldeh.

    On Friday, State Rep. Ramthun published a guide to his “Resolution to Reclaim” explaining why he believed the state’s elections should be drastically reformed and why the Biden electors should be reclaimed.Advertisements

    “This resolution lists a series of evidentiary events that all associate to the fraudulent nature surrounding the 2020 General Election in Wisconsin, and offers solutions to the issues it addresses,” it says.

  • These events lead to justification of the action to reclaim Wisconsin’s 10 electoral ballots.
  • We then compile a list of legal and expert interpretations that validate this action is both justifiable and constitutional.
  • It is within the legislatures power to do so, and it falls upon the legislature to resolve the matter.
  • Ramthun also cited as grievances the “Zuckerberg” drop boxes, the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s rulings, the rush to certify votes, “statistically impossible” results, errors in the Wisconsin voter database, canvas irregularities, deleting log file data, and lab audit results.

    Keep reading


    Important clarification: they did not pass the resolution. They referred it to a committee.


    Still not over this.


    1. Biden isn't a progressive, neither are his supporters.

    2. Do you think quality is so rare among ethnic minority women that it takes a political stunt to elect them to high offices? If not, why hasn't it happened to this one yet?


    1. Most people who say they're progressive actually arent.

    2. You clearly (perhaps intentionally) misunderstood. He did not choose the best candidate because he limited himself to only women who arent white. This is no different than only choosing from white males. He did it for favorability, rather than for what was best for the country.

    Equality is choosing the best candidate, without favoring or rejecting people based on things like race and sex. "Progressive" thinking is that discrimination is fine, as long as it benefits their preferred groups.

    Had he instead chosen to not discriminate in deciding on who gets the position, he would have just been called out merely for choosing a bad running mate (Harris has a huge record of being against the groups she claims to does Biden).

    3. Me stating that he shouldnt have picked her based on her sex and race (and thus inherently excluded others for those same traits) does not mean that i think only white men could possibly be best for the job. My criticism is that he inherently limited the pool of candidates, not based on ability (or lack of it), but for traits they were born with. Which means he very well could have passed up the best person for the job, in order to seem "progressive".

    It was pandering, and unfortunately, it worked.


    There have been 115 Supreme Court justices, elected over 232 years. Has not a single minority woman who was worthy of that position lived over the course of that entire duration?


    And over 70% of the NBA is black.

    And a majority of teachers are women.

    And Asian Americans are disproportionately represented in Tech and Science.

    You've confirmed that youre intentionally misunderstanding. What matters is equal opportunity, not equal outcome. Women, of every race, have the *equal opportunity* to run for office. We cant know about the opinions of the people who vote for or appoint them, but if the issue is them being discriminated against, then advocate for the process to have less (as little as possible) or no discrimination.

    What youre saying is that we should fight sexism and racism with...sexism and racism.

    Imagine if we said "no more recruiting blacks in the NBA. We need more representation!" That would be passing up possible superstars based purely on their race. That's racism, even if it might increase diversity ("progressive").

    Im advocating for equal opportunity for all, not just some. While youre advocating for discrimination that benefits groups that you like.

    Let's be very clear om what this conversation is.


    "it's for the greater good that we shaft qualified people for skin color, so we can level the playing field and make up for slavery"

    is just a fancy way of saying "I'm a fuckin' racist".


    I’ve never seen a Tik tok that made me want to bash my head against the wall but here it is


    Considering the quality of California and New york they should have less electoral votes.


    Gotdamn does she look smug as shit


    Dumb elitist intellectuals getting absolute power is how you got famines in Soviet Union


    and heartless genocides/displacements of ethnic minorities and economic undesiraebles 


    “That’s where the people are”

    It’s not where the people who grow your food are, you stupid urbanite swine.


    “That’s where the people are”


    Even if we got rid of the electoral college, this smug idiot forgot the fact that Texas has 4 of the top 20 biggest metropolitan areas in the country (namely, DFW, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin). Plus it's fucking huge.

    But for whatever reason, fuck Texas. Fuck Illinois even though Chicago is the third most populous city in the US. Only NYC and LA matter.


    They're arguing against pro-EC people that are claiming that NYC and LA would control elections if there was no EC. Like that's your side of this argument saying that shit.

    The point is that in a real democracy, wherever the people are is where the votes will come from.


    Which is exactly why our country was specifically set up not to be a democracy. We're a constitutional republic, and the way our republic is set up is that we use an electoral college so power is spread out across the entire country, not concentrated in a few very populated cities or states.


    i will chuckle at "fertilization outside of the womb" because fertilization ALWAYS occurs outside of the womb, then after a few days the baby travels down the fallopian tubes and then implants in the womb, anywhere else is an ectopic pregnancy. its the implanting on another organ or in the tubes that'll straight up kill you. really hope that isn't the actual language of the bill or its gonna get torn to shreds


    I don’t think that’s the language at all because In that bill that aren’t charging the person who gets the abortion only the people doing the procedure and I believe insurance companies or hospitals who cover abortion.


    To make it worse, the stepfather should have been in jail as he had an active warrant out for his arrest for “continuous sexual abuse of a child.”


    Free them


    Why the hell were they charged with capital murder?? That makes no sense. Apparently there was a warrant out for this guy’s arrest for years. I wonder what connections he might have had at the local PD or court system 🤔


    Some of y’all really shouldn’t be online and should instead go outside and interact with people.


    Quit telling people to go outside... I’m out here


    Then this doesn’t apply to you ❤️


    No I mean if they go outside then I’ll have to deal with them.


    Some of ya’ll really should stay online and never go outside and interact with people because you are vile, despicable beasts and we don’t want to encounter you


    Rip 🪦


    Like visiting y'all's graves.


    Sometimes I can still hear them type N

    So apparently Canada is having a bit of a constitutional crisis right now. Their Charter of Rights and Freedoms was enacted in 1982, which means as a matter of fact that one of the men who helped draft it, essentially a Canadian founding father, who was famously the Premiere (governor) of Newfoundland, is still living, and is now suing the Canadian federal government for violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This creates an amazing paradox because (similar to in the US) the courts are required to interpret the Charter as much as they can by what they know about the intentions of its drafters. A comparable scenario in the US would be if James Madison came back from the dead and sued the federal government